Tide is Turning: UNlawful Detainer Action turns Into Battle over Wrongful Foreclosure

Released /November 19, 2008 Congrat’s to client Stella O. and borrowerhotline.com “EXPERT” to counsel in the above matter of occupancy. [Unlawful Detainer] .

A hearing scheduled today was in response to a lender foreclosure and recorded trustee’s sale.

Arguments before the court included a motion to dismiss and grounds for establishing an unlawful conveyance of the subject property. The challenge to the unlawful conveyance and standing assumed arguments the Plaintiff was in fact, not the holder in due course.

The Defendents motion was considered prior to the court’s determining to set the entire matter over for trial later this month in Superior Court of Contra Costa County. The case includes a counter claim for unlawful foreclosure by parties under [Civil Procedure section 1162] brought against Plaintiff, AURORA Loan Services. Arguments challenging the occupancy were to be heard at today’s hearing under the claims of an a voidable lien and unlawful conveyance.

The entire matter was set for trial . “…for the most part, this is unheard of in a UD hearing, but hopefully a sign of things to come” according to Maher Soliman, “Expert” speaking on behalf of the defendant and attorney Mark Terbeek. 11.19.2008 /Special thanks to Counsel, MTerbeek, B Michelson, Edwin Heath and Special Thank you to Livinglies.wordpress.com & Neil F. Garfield

“The real glory is- not in winning, but being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That’s the essence of it all” / V.Lombardi) M. Soliman Nationwide Loan Services.

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