Mystery Diagnosis and Medical Predators

Looking at the medical establishment, it is apparent that we are  under the worst form of tyranny and we have been forced to surrender our rights, coerced by an economic strategy that says literally says “pay or die.” On the issue of chelation all of the chelating agents are nutrients. So called “alternative therapies” are actually mainstream starting with the hypocratic oath of “first do no harm.” This is important because of the effectiveness of rejected therapies and why the insurance industry and medical establishment is against it on economic grounds — reduced drug therapies, reduced revenue, reduced premiums, reduced perception for need for medical coverage other than catastrophic, you know the way it used to be.

In Arizona my wife and I get Chelation and IV therapy all the time, that it is sometimes covered by insurance, and it is relatively inexpensive compared even to just paying the co-pay on prescription drugs. In Florida and other states, the medical establishment has been successful, just like big tobacco, at stonewalling for the benefit of their business survival and enormous profits. There is now a movement in several states mandating insurance coverage which the medical establishment is fighting tooth and nail because of reduced doctor visits, reduced, surgeries, reduced hospital stays, reduced RX drug consumption, reduced expenses generally, reduced premiums, reduced revenue for everyone who has a stake in keeping the system the way it is. 

The average person my age is prescribed anywhere from 6-9 medications per day for heart (Aspirin, Plavix, Altace, Lipitor, Toprol, lungs (breathing) (steroids, inhalers) , diabetes (Medforman, glucose support insulin) , pain (anti-inflammatory, oxycontin, Vicidin), circulation, anxiety Prozac, Zanax), up from half that just 15 years ago, which was double the number from 15 years before that. 

Using fear and intimidation, together with controlling the information that escapes into the public domain, we are now subject to the ultimate life and death authority of nameless people who are the source of a constant flow of marketing information, samples and suggested drug protocols to physicians and hospitals who want their insurance payments, who are afraid of liability, and who are just plain too lazy to do their own thinking. 

The side effects including interaction of the smorgasbord of drugs keeps lengthening the tiny print which no senior can read, include destruction of muscle tissue, including the heart and lungs, kidney and liver damage, anal leakage, stroke, seizure and death. Those of us who use IV vitamins and nutrients for chelation and supplement have reduced and eliminated most of those drugs, our blood tests and other lab results or better than those people who have not been diagnosed with disease, and are far more active in our daily lives.

The point is that this issue is laden with political intrigue, back-room strategies, and economic perversity at the expense of the health of the consumers/patients in Florida and the rest of the nation. 

Benjamin Rush, one of the founders of this country campaigned tirelessly nearly 200 years ago for an amendment to our constitution that would include the right to health care. It was his belief and the many who agreed with him, that the medical establishment would establish itself as a source of tyranny worse than the British Crown from which they fought to break loose, some losing their own lives and the lives of their sons, fathers, brothers and other family members. 

So let us keep in mind that this is not just another issue, and the absurdity of the situation in these cases is that they result in administrative complaints against good, conscientious practicing physicians even though in like circumstances they would not have been filed against physician, who was not outspoken about the limits placed upon the scope of by the agencies in the pocket of Big Pharma, Medical and Insurance despite clear legislative and popular intent to the contrary. 

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