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OPPPSSSS – website oddly down? offline ? Hmmmmm. Interesting coincidence

ian – w ‘anyone’ can file a notice of default – blank form on TD Services website:

‘Foreclosure’s Notice of Default’ Foreclosure request screen oddly enough just opens to anyone?

https : // www . tdsf . com / rqsnod . htm

TD Services dba TD Escrow Services,

TD is a partner in a number of networks and a PREMIER provider for several industry providers including MERS.

Look at cover pages provided in Discovery for “TD ”

All dirty deeds done by the non-judicial state ‘TRUSTEES’ and Sub-stitutue ‘TRUSTEES’ and judicial states robo-firms.

You are about to launch T.D. Service Company’s on-line request to prepare a notice of default.

To initiate a foreclosure proceeding, please complete the request form on the following page. You must then forward copies of the applicable documents (as selected on the form) to our office. If you have any questions please contact our office at (800) 843-0260 and ask for a foreclosure specialist.

By clicking the button below you agree to the following:
I accept sole responsibility for the information provided to T.D. Service Company via this on-line form for the purpose of preparing foreclosure documents. I understand that this web application is proprietary to T.D. Service Company and is used solely for the purpose of initiating foreclosure proceedings. I have also read and understood T.D. Service Company’s privacy policy regarding on-line transactions.

Chart of Document Services Outsource Work Flow, click on image, and save document using internet browser, file, save, TD_Doc_Outsource.jpg
Paste URL and view documents

Web-based Lookups, Electronic Reporting screen can be saved as a document “WEB-STAR” Lien Release Search. Click on the image and browser select ‘File’ save as TD_WEBSTAR_Lien_Release.jpg

You’ll find in related documents and discovery, ‘Service#’ and ‘Loan#’ and Borrower Name, State, Payoff Date, Property Address. The Nancy Drew investigators will be looking at the screen image integration

Data inside ‘input screens’ are saved inside databases and those databases used to create checks, wire transfers, falsified DOT’s, DOS,’s, Assignments, Liens, Allonges, Notes, etc

TD preferred provider of MERS, a transaction partner with LPS, and can accept data for many of TD services INCLUDING LIEN RELEASE, ASSIGNMENT, FORECLOSURE, AND MANY OTHER TRANSACTIONS.

TD ‘can send’ data ‘back to TD clients in wide variety of formats including:
XML, hard-copy, txt, csv (spreadsheet default format to import and export data, and others.
web services,
many othe rmethods.
Reports & Billing on-line applications.
On-line applications can interface (integrate) with customers’ in-house systems.

TD partner IBM Business Recocvery Services (BRS).
TD provides hot site aound nation mirror equipment duplicate TD’s operating environment and config.
TD Data Security, as required by HUD, TD fully complaint with Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (Financial Moderenzation Act) regarding ‘privacy’ of sensitive data. Consumers don’t realize when they sign credit application on-line or on paper, all bank-affiliates and non-bank affiliates globally have access to their data.

Bruce Gauger, TD’s CIO responsible for TD’s

‘Trustee sale information’
‘lien releases’
‘reconveyance lookup’
‘document research inquiryt’
‘dedicated FTP’

TD owners and benefactors constanting develop applications for their commercial clients who engage in commerce in private licensed communication channels or publically licensed communications channels.

Publishing and posting of Legal Notices, Conducting trustee Sales, Senior Lien bidding

TAC Trustee Assistance Corporation, a subsidiary of TD Service Financial Corp, weblink changed, Cached google not working, text only

Publishing and posting of Legal Notices, Conducting trustee Sales, Senior Lien bidding.

Established in 1985, Trustee’s Assistance Corporation (“TAC”) is a subsidiary of TD Service Financial Corporation. Its primary focus is providing publishing, posting, conducting trustee sales and related support services to the industry.

TAC is headquartered in Santa Ana, California with a branch office in Phoenix, Arizona. TAC offers a broad range of services in the states of Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington including:

Automated Trustee Sale Hot Line:
(714) 480-5690 (24 hours) Web-based Trustee Sale Lookup

Publishing and posting of legal notices.
Conducting trustee sales.
Senior lien bidding.
Connectivity to customer’s servicing systems, electronic transfer of publication data to newspapers.
Messenger service for pickup and delivery of documents.
Property inspections.
Trustee sale/auction information free on web and by telephone (714) 480-5690.

For more information, contact Renee M. Patrick (714) 480-5550

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