Polling Results on Democratic Debate

In a Poll of 208 responding registered Democrats and Independents, Kucinich, Richardson, Biden, Edwards and then Obama came out ahead in the debate for honesty. Clinton came in dead last. But when asked about their likely vote, the differences were remarkable. Clinton leads by a slight edge, followed closely by Obama. The rest of the candidates, including the ones with highest “straight answer” ratings are far back in the pack. 

Asked the following “straight answer” question, this was the result of the a poll of likely voters in the primaries. The results show that honesty and integrity do not rank as high among likely voters as idealists would like.

A “straight answer is defined as the direct answer to a direct question that contains a definite statement of the candidate’s position, clear enough so that you feel confident that you know what they would do if they become President. With ten being the highest grade for straight answers and 1 being the lowest, how would you grade the following.” RESULTS—>AVERAGE

Barack Obama: 6.0

Bill Richardson: 7.2

Chris Dodd: 4.8

Dennis Kucinich: 7.2

Hillary Rodham Clinton: 4.3

Joe Biden: 6.3

John Edwards: 6.2