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In the secured offices (and network operations center) of this entity is the REAL STORY about the fraud being perpetrated upon the U.S. Court system and every post 2001 borrower, whether they are in distress or not. Here is where the system works its charms — from avoiding actual title reports, relying upon much less expensive credit reports, to the fabrication and probable forgery of thousands of documents in hundreds of thousands of foreclosures.

In law there is a duty to preserve evidence once party is aware of litigation concerning that evidence. If you are filing a fraud count you might want to consider naming LPS as a co-defendant. Either way you definitely want to issue a subpoena for their records concerning your loan.

Contact Kyle Lundstedt
and tell him to stop harassing us.

Lender Processing Services, Inc.

601 Riverside Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32204

General Information: 904.854.5100
Toll-free (U.S. only): 800.991.1274
Fax: 904.854.4124

E-mail: mortgage.marketing@lpsvcs.com

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