HERS INFO: Invalid Notarization?

How do we verify that the signatures purported to be those of the notorious fraudulent ”MERS’ employee, Marti Noreiga, is actually her signature? My docs with her signature do match others I’ve found but I have yet to verify that those are her valid signature. [Yep, Marti we know you REALLY work at LITTON/CBASS.]

Also, can a California form be notarized legally in Texas?

Can the Texas notary’s seal vary from the listing on the state registry? I found ‘M. Bell’ listed with the ‘commission expiration date of March28, 2011′ which shows on the stamp but the NAME on the stamp is ‘Melissa Bell’, not the ‘M Bell’ on the registry. Is the stamp a forgery?

The document was dated 7/28/2009 but notarized on 8/4/2009. I wonder if they were also elsewhere on that date.

The TX registry shows M. Bell as living at 12323 W. Village Dr. Apt A, Houston TX 77039

How do I verify that the substitute ‘TRUSTEE’ really is a TRUST? Quality Loan Servicing would not be the first name I’d pick for the name of an actual TRUST company.

Thanks for any help!

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