Just to be clear, MERS is absolutely nothing.

For some reason I have been getting more questions about MERS lately. My analogy has always been that MERS is like a holograph of an empty paper bag. So here are some basic factors for the checklist and analysis:

  1. MERS never signed any contract with any borrower.
  2. MERS never has any contractual or other legal relationship with investors (certificate holders) or Government Sponsored Entities (GSEs) like Fannie, Freddie or Sallie.
  3. MERS never signed any agreement or contract with most named “lenders.”
  4. MERS never signed any agreement or contract with respect to any specific loan transaction or acquisition.
  5. MERS was never the Payee on any note from a borrower.
  6. MERS never loaned any money in any residential loan transaction.
  7. MERS never paid any money for the acquisition of any residential loan agreement, debt, note or mortgage.
  8. MERS never handled any money arising from the origination of the loan.
  9. MERS never handled any money raising from administration of the loan.
  10. MERS never received a loan payment.
  11. MERS never disbursed any money to any creditor of a debt created by a loan.
  12. MERS does not conduct meeting of its board of directors to authorize any officer to sign any document.
  13. MERS never asserts warrants that the information maintained on its platform is true, correct or even secure from manipulation.
  14. MERS’ members can enter the system to insert any data  they want to insert, delete, or change.
  15. MERS never claims any right, title or interest in any debt, note or mortgage. In fact, its website disclaims such an interest.
  16. MERS never maintains any agency relationship with any actual lenders.
  17. MERS never retains any agency relationship with any named lenders who are creditors after the loan is consummated.
  18. MERS has no successors.
  19. MERS never has power on its own to assign any right, title or interest to any debt, note or mortgage.
  20. MERS never has power as an agent to assign any right, title or interest  to any debt, note or mortgage except for a principal who does have a right, title or interest to whatever is assigned.
  21. MERS never warrants that it has any agency relationship or power of attorney on behalf of any party whom it warrants is its principal and who owns the right, title or interest to any debt, note  or mortgage.
  22. MERS never has any legal relationship or retainer with any lawyer seeking to enforce the note or mortgage in any transaction or court proceeding.
  23. MERS never has any legal relationship or agreement with any company asserted to be an administrator or servicer of a residential loan.
  24. MERS never has any legal relationship or agreement with any trustee of any REMIC trust.
  25. MERS has been sanctioned, banned and fined in many states along with the parties who claim rights through the use of MERS. Despite that MERS has never changed its practices or procedures.
  26. Any document of transfer of rights to a security instrument that shows a signature of a person who is identified as an officer or employee of MERS is a false document, with a false signature containing one or more false utterances.
  27. MERS is always a naked nominee possessed with no powers, rights or obligations and possessed with no rights, title or interests in any loans originated or acquired by third parties; however the courts have held that if a new party had paid for the debt, then it may instruct MERS to execute an assignment even if the original principal no longer exists.
  28. MERS is never party to any part of any loan transaction or loan acquisition in which consideration is paid.
  29. MERS is always a diversion from the true facts. In 2008 16 banks took my deposition for 5 1/2 days straight regarding the status of MERS. I said then and I say now that the use of MERS is less meaningful than using the name of a fictional character like Donald Duck.
  30. Despite thousands of attacks on me and my work over 12 years, not one memo, treatise or article has ever been published that said otherwise.
  31. No expert opinion has ever been given by affidavit or in live testimony to the contrary.
  32. In fact, not even a blog article or fake news article has ever said MERS is either a legitimate alternative to tracing title through county recording or a legitimate beneficiary under a deed of trust or a legitimate mortgagee under a mortgage. 
  33. The asserted presence of MERS on any document or pleading or notice always means that the lawyers, servicers and other third parties are seeking to conceal material facts from the borrower and from the courts.
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