First Foreclosure notice?

Lance Denha esq. here from, and I want to talk to you about a very serious matter that can shake any homeowner to their core – receiving a foreclosure notice for the first time. Receiving a foreclosure notice is scary, especially if you have not been following this blog and Neil Garfield’s methods, teachings and practices for years, or if you are not aware of your rights as a homeowner and consumer.

Your home, the place that safeguards your memories and represents a big part of your life’s work, may feel at risk. It’s a difficult position to be in, but it’s not hopeless, and as the community is aware, you’re certainly not alone.

In this moment, knowledge is power and being informed about your options can lead to better outcomes. So, what’s the first thing you should do when you get a foreclosure notice? It’s to simply take a deep breath and not to panic. Second is to assume everything they have provided to you should not only be questioned, but also needs to be verified through the eyes of well trained lenses. Also never make presumptions! DO NOT assume the party attempting to foreclosure has the absolute right to do so. Remember, a foreclosure notice is not the same as an eviction notice. The foreclosure process is not overnight. And depending on the type of state you are in, whether it be a judicial or non judicial state, It can take several months or even years, depending on how committed you are to fighting to good fight and exposing the fraudulent practices of the pretender lenders. Whether it be ordering a title report, questioning the chain of title, hiring those proficient and dedicated in this industry to help uncover the wrongdoings of these lenders and servicers, this gives you time to think, plan, and take action.

The next critical thing you need to do is read the foreclosure notice carefully. Make sure to read every line, understand the terms being used, and note the deadlines.the simplest caption or heading can be a verifiable defense and you don’t even know it! A foreclosure notice contains crucial information. If you don’t fully understand any part of it, seek help immediately. At we have lot’s of ways to help and the content that Mr. Garfield has provided for years as well as the successful outcomes that the mainstream media attempts to downplay and suppress will always come to the light if you dig deep enough!

Again in understanding your foreclosure notice and having the proper guidance , put together a plan based upon state and federal law as well as the rules of evidence, combine this together with all your mortgage-related documents: loan agreement, payment history, any prior correspondence with your lender, and now you are on to something building a case.

This might be a bit boring and tedious, but it’s very important. These documents will help you verify whether the foreclosure notice is accurate or not.
Now that you’ve got your documents sorted out, it’s time to contact a professional. You might wonder, “Can’t I do this alone?” Theoretically, you could, but it’s much safer and wiser to have someone experienced in foreclosure processes by your side. This professional could be a consulting and legal service like ours, or a real estate attorney in your home state with taking material that can provide. They key is to be willing to fight for your rights and seek out others that seek out the truth in exposing the procedural tone of your case! Homeowners often use our services to understand their situation and rights and often use local legal counsel along with us to create a litigation support team.

Remember, you’re not alone. Foreclosure is something that millions of people face. And as overwhelming as it might seem right now, there are solutions and there is help available to you. Stand tall, take control of the situation, and take one step at a time towards resolving it.

Stay informed and remember: the first step towards dealing with a foreclosure notice is not to panic, but to educate yourself and seek professional help. This is your home we’re talking about. It’s worth the fight. And keep your chin up! Lance Denha esq.

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