Finding the FINTECH Companies who really do the work of “servicing” payments and disbursements.

Hat tip “Summer chic”

Here is an example of someone who is asking tough questions that the banks and their lawyers will never answer. They won’t answer because any answer that is truthful would lead inevitably to the revelation that there is an absence of a loan account receivable and therefore any right to collect on it.


Please find my QWR to verify who granted Exela’s and its subsidiaries Transcentra, Inc and Regulus Group LLC (“Exela” ) authority to act as Servicers who collect  my checks from P.O. Boxes in Dallas TX and Los Angeles CA and process my money for unknown to me parties.

1. I demand to identify the entity who hired Exela Techology, Inc  to collect and process my money from P.O. Box 660929, Dallas TX post office located at 401 DFW Tpke, Dallas TX. and P.O. Box 30597 Los Angeles CA 90030 if here is  another company who claims to be “servicers” – without any servicing functions.

All my checks sent to these P.O. Boxes are collected and processed either by Transcentra, Inc. (Dallas PO Box) or Regulus, LLC (LA PO Box), both are part of Exela – without any references to my alleged “servicer” PennyMac Loan Servicing, LLC (fka Countrywide Financial, Inc) who cannot explain whom they servicing and that they are doing  if all so-called “servicing” functions are performed by someone else.

According to fintech-generated letter from robo-signer “Efren Saldivar” PennyMac is the servicer of your loan. To our knowledge, no other entity is claiming to be the current servicer of your loan. Payments for your loan should be sent to PennyMac, who, as the loan servicer, is authorized to accept payments for your loan.

This is a typical lie since PennyMac does not perform ANY servicing activities. It is ALL done by other entities.

1. None of my payments are sent to PennyMac or accepted by PennyMac. They are all  sent to someone’s PO Boxes and accepted by Exela Techonology, Inc who process them for benefit of someone who has an account with Bank of America – without any involvement from PennyMac. See how my check was accepted and processed by Regulus LLC and Transcentra, Inc.

2. None of my correspondence is sent or accepted by PennyMac. It is all mailed  from someone’s PO Boxes who  sends me fintech-generated unsigned or electronically signed letters  coming from various cities and states.

2. None of my escrow payments are handled  by PennyMac.

a. My property taxes are paid by CoreLogic who cannot explain who hired them and which authority they have to perform servicing functions and for whom.

b. My home insurance is paid by some secretive”Third Party Payment Services” – while my insurance Company refuse to disclose the name of this mysterious Servicer  and who authorized them to access my escrow money (which are collected and cashed  by Exela Technologies).

c. When I had overpayment for my Insurance policy, the refund check was mailed by JP Morgan – not  PennyMac.

3. None of my Billing Statements are coming from PennyMac. They are all processed and mailed by someone else – Freedom Services, LLC  , JP Morgan Chase sham conduit who is responsible for accounting – for undisclosed to me parties.

4. When someone (Black Knight, Inc, former LPS/DocX, LLC) prepared fake Assignment to transfer my “mortgage” to PennyMac in 2020 and requested Nationwide Title Clearing Corporation to attach robo-stamps of “Notary”  and “MERS Vice President” – this Assignment suppose to be returned to NTC after recording, not to PennyMac.
In other words, here is a cohort of other undisclosed to me  companies who perform all servicing functions – while  PennyMac does absolutely nothing except collects royalties for use their name on the letterheads.

Since Exela is one of these secretive Servicers, thus you are subject of QWR under RESPA,

I demand following disclosures:

a. Please state the full name of the Corporation who hired Exela to collect and process my checks.

b. Please state in which capacity acted this Corporation when it hired Exela to collect and process my checks.

c. Please provide me a copy of retainer Agreement between Exela and the Company who is authorized to accept payments for my loan. Please state names, positions and contact information for Exela employee and the Company employee who hired Exela.

d. Please disclose which proof of authority this Company and its employee provided to Exela to authorize collection and process of my payments.

e. Please disclose names of Exela employees who are authorized  and who actually collect my payments from PO Boxes  660929, Dallas TX 75266 and P.O. Box 30597 Los Angeles CA 90030
f. Please state who owns the account within named payee who is the beneficiary and the actual recipient of my payments.