Shawn Adamo Can Help Restore Your Credit

One  of the things I personally have stayed away from is credit repair. But it really is something that virtually everyone needs if they have been at all touched by the continuing banking and servicing crisis. I have worked with one of our readers and frankly asked him, as an accountant, what services he could offer that would actually provide some concrete help in getting credit repaired. This is necessary as a stand alone service and as ancillary action brought for damages under FDCPA etc. Not surprisingly he came up with something better than I had hoped:


A special offer from a LivingLies Reader: Shawn Adamo

Shawn Adamo is a CPA that has testified in many complex cases. At my request, he has come up with something that I think might be worth pursuing. He has been a follower of this blog for years and I have done work with him. Shawn is an accountant by trade but offers considerable help in restoration of credit. He has generously offered a donation to the blog for each of you who order his services at a 50% discount off of an unusually low fee. So he is practically charging nothing for his services. Similar services can be seen on the internet asking monthly fees far higher than what Shawn is charging. He is a friend.

I would go further than just credit repair but that is up to you. I think he can help with testimony about auditing standards that might blow up the current games being played in court by banks and servicers. Years ago, as one of the very few NJ CPA’s that were approved to teach all NJ CPA’s the New Jersey Law and Ethics Continuing Professional Education Class he lectured on bank fraud and TILA.

Just as he researched the law regarding foreclosures and was simply waiting for judges to catch up (as the United States Supreme Court did on their unanimous decision regarding TILA – (Jesinoski case) he has researched Federal Laws regarding creditors and credit reporting bureaus. Once again he seems far ahead of the curve and his research is on point!

The process is an easy program to do because each step is simple and fast.

He has helped people raise their credit score from as low as 436 to 746 in a very short time. After that they can even do more simple things to raise their score into the 800+ range.

The website is I don’t often say this, but DO IT NOW!

There is even a “Proof” page where you can see one settlement agreement and the check they sent him because they broke the law and were forced to fix his credit report.

There are many other companies that charge anywhere from $99 a month to several thousand dollars. Quite often these are scams or they do very little except to get rich by taking your money as well as others.

He does a fair bit of Pro Bono work as a professional. The program that is 100% guaranteed to help you. There is even a 30-day money back guarantee!!

It’s quick and painless. Visit the website and spend 2 minutes. It’s very obvious and very simple to understand. If you don’t understand just close the page.

This a new site. He is offering a 1/2 sale price of $24.99 until Labor Day 2016.

America has many issues. This is one of the major issues politicians don’t want to discuss. Remember that your credit score effects who grants you credit or loans, what the interest rates are, an employer’s decision to hire you, etc. Ultimately your credit score controls how much money or other wealth you have. Employers use it as well as dozens of other types of organizations. They all affect your life.

He employs methods that can raise your credit score by simply asking a relative or a friend for a “no cost favor”!!!

There is even a way to get credit cards without having some companies pull a hard credit inquiry (those show and they lower your credit score). You’ll learn how to have a SOFT credit check pulled (it never appears – so it never lowers your credit score).



Repairing Your Credit

Some of you might remember that I had a representative of the law firm of Paul Krasker on The Neil Garfield Show,  which airs on Thursday nights at 6 PM for 30 minutes. Krasker has taken a disciplined niche approach to the foreclosure problem and I think his firm has done a very good job of it.

While lots of lawyers might know a few things about litigating, few understand what is actually required to repair credit, modify a mortgage, or settle with a short-sale. Krasker, using the business plan I always recommend to everyone, went where very few other people have gone and now operates assisting people in all 50 states. He also is ramping up to provide support to attorneys in all phases of representation of clients in foreclosure or mortgage trouble. I have been to his offices several times and it is a smooth running operation where the people actually care about what happens to the homeowner.

Because I am one of the lawyers who does not know the logistics for some of the issues presented to homeowners, I asked him to have one of his lay administrators prepare a blog article on credit restoration, to start the conversation with my readers. Da’Vid Abellard is a bright, energetic, creative individual who has aspirations of becoming a lawyer. He wrote the following blog at my request, with some of my editing and comments:

Credit Brain: Smart Solutions for Credit Restoration

Most people believe that as long as they pay their bills on time, every month, they will easily qualify for home loans, car loans, credit cards, and other personal loans. Many are unaware that at some point it is very likely that their credit report will contain incorrect information. Most individuals do not discover this until they are denied funding for a loan.

 Editor’s Note: And most people don’t even think about credit restoration when the servicer proposes a settlement or modification because they are so emotionally torn up, the only thing they can think about is keeping their house. Credit restoration should be part of any modification or settlement deal.

And  there should be a court order approving the settlement and setting forth the status of the parties on record, so that the order can be recorded in the public records and the homeowner won’t need to quiet title later if they want to sell or refinance their home.

Navigating the credit process and reading a credit report can be complicated. There are many details regarding credit of which the average individual is not aware. Additionally, the incorrect reporting that occurs on many credit reports can cause individuals to be denied loans that they actually should be qualified for.

Credit Brain, LLC is a company founded and dedicated to the repair and restoration of credit in a smart and efficient way. Often, a credit report can be a puzzle and restoring one’s credit can feel like attempting to solve some sort of a riddle. Credit Brain professionals provide solutions for those who need credit restoration. Through extensive research and industry knowledge, the brainiacs at Credit Brain provide tangible solutions and improvements to one’s credit rating if inaccuracies exist on the report. The professionals can also provide guidance on how to restore credit that has been damaged by foreclosures, bankruptcies, and late payments. Credit Brain’s unique approach and seasoned professionals create success for those with damaged credit.
David Abellard at The Law Office of Paul A. Krasker, P.A.
Office: 561.328.2268,


For the most part they are operating either illegally or unethically but there are an increasing number of firms that are playing by the rules and actually helping their clients.



I must disclose both an agenda and an interest here. Having been disappointed by the results or conduct of many supposed “audit” or loss mitigation or loan modification firms, either because they gave out bad advice, were engaged in the unauthorized practice of law, or their work product was poor or insufficient, I took the pieces from the public domain and put them together into one plan of action. THEN gave them to my good friend Brad Keiser with a request that he create a central point for those people who wish to receive referrals from us and to create a team of people who would create a product that included all the elements that I think are necessary. So when you go to “In Trouble Now?” you will get to one of our volunteers and probably be screened by Brad.


I DO HAVE A FINANCIAL INTEREST IN THE GROUP BRAD HAS ASSEMBLED. ONE OF THE WAYS YOU CAN SUPPORT THIS BLOG AND THE REST OF OUR EFFORTS IS TO USE FDG SERVICES. But we are NOT the only game in town and you are free to use whoever you want and still get help from us.

That said, we are hopeful of adding other groups that will do the work. Here is a partial checklist of the work involved. We have commoditized it so that instead of costing many thousands of dollars it can be done for a fraction of the price of hiring the professionals separately — BUT the result is a work product that does not purport to be a full forensic audit — just enough information an the opinion of experts, on the violations of statute and common law, ownership of the mortgage and note, and this is based upon the information received and what we are able to find without in depth research on each lender.

If you want to be certified by the Foreclosure Defense Institute to be a vendor that performs audits etc. you must be familiar the differences, between lender, servicer, pool trustee, mortgage broker, mortgage originator, depositor, appraiser, mortgage aggregator, investment banker, special purpose vehicle and have available expertise on your team with the following:




4. Appraisal Fraud and its effect on APR

5. Securitization and its effect on ownership of the note

6. Qualified Written Request — see our blog entries

7. Rescission — 3-day, extended 3 year, fraud, common law.

8. Usury and legal limit on interest rates and exemptions

9. Table Funded Loans and finding the holder in due course.

10. Evaluation of results by an attorney, demand letters, and follow up by qualified group to negotiate with the “lender” or “servicer.”

As soon as we have qualifiled additional firms, they will appear here without guarantee just like everything else on this blog.

Beware of Credit Repair Firms: But Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater

Most of the credit repair, TILA audit, Loan mod etc firms are incompetent, perhaps dishonest, and definitely misleading. BUT SOME ARE ON THE LEVEL. CHECK IT OUT. GET REFERENCES — REAL REFERENCES.

FTC Sues “Credit Repair” Firms for Misleading Consumers

On October 23, 2008, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), along with 24 state agencies, announced the commencement of “Operation Clean Sweep,” a coordinated effort aimed at the deceptive practices of so-called “credit repair” firms.  Credit repair firms typically promise to remove bankruptcy filings, foreclosures, late pays, charge-offs, repossessions, collection accounts, and other accurate information from consumers’ credit histories.

Under the Credit Repair Organizations Act, and the Federal Trade Commission Act, credit repair firms are forbidden from promising to remove accurate information from credit reports.  Credit repair firms are also forbidden from collecting a fee in advance of performing services to amend credit reports.  According to the FTC’s press release announcing Operation Clean Sweep, the purpose of the FTC’s action was to prevent credit repair firms from taking money from consumers for services that could not be provided.

The FTC filed its lawsuits in Florida, Illinois, and California, and named as defendants Nationwide Credit Services, Inc.; Clean Credit Report Services, Inc.; Successful Credit Service Corp.; Advantage Credit Repair L.L.C.;  RCA Credit Services L.L.C.; Latrese and Kevin Enterprises, Inc., dba Hargrave and Associates Financial Solutions; and Ace Group, Inc.  According to the FTC lawsuits, the credit repair firms charged consumers up-front fees ranging from $39.95 to $4,000.  Sometimes a monthly service fee was imposed as well.

The FTC’s press release advised that consumers considering credit repair remember the following:

  • Don’t pay for credit repair services in advance.
  • Don’t hire a credit repair firm that fails to inform you of your legal rights, and how you can repair your credit yourself.
  • Don’t hire a credit repair repair firm that discourages you from contacting a credit bureau yourself.
  • Don’t hire a credit repair firm that advises disputing every entry on your credit report.
  • Don’t listen to a credit repair firm that advises creating a new credit identity by applying for an Employer Identification Number, to use in place of your Social Security Number; this is unlawful and may constitute fraud.

The FTC advises consumers to remember that federal law provides the right to have erroneous information corrected by the credit reporting agencies free of charge.  Further information about Operation Clean Sweep can be found on the FTC website, and its October 23, 2008, press release, at

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