Why We Charge Money

I have long running disputes with April Charney and others about why I started charging for books, forms, services and seminars. She says I have become commercialized and that the travesty of justice visited upon homeowners should not be aggravated by forcing them to pay more money to get the help they need. Our many friends respond with how much  our assistance has meant to them and their families, but that isn’t the reason. And I didn’t start a law firm at age 65 because I’m looking to build an empire.

The simple reason for charging is that I am not a rich man. There are more than 20 million households being directly affected by Wall Street crimes. I have reached 7 million visits from perhaps 1 million different visitors. That means I reached at most, 5% of the demographics that are directly affected.

There are 80 million households who are indirectly and yet more profoundly affected by a weak economy that can’t get stronger without fixing the housing problem. That means I have reached at best 1% of the total demographics after 5 years of working night and day.

I can’t help all those people directly even if I worked tirelessly at it for 30 years, which is about as long as it is going to take to work this thing out unless we reverse the trend of Bank dominance and re-assert the command of the common citizen where his or her vote matters and their opinion counts.

I’m a businessman and lawyer and I have had my successes and failures like everyone else. April is right. You shouldn’t have to pay to get help. But the truth is that most people don’t even realize that help is available, that they don’t have to take this lying down, and most people don’t even realize how much they need to do to protect their families, their country and our grandchildren of this huge robbery of our economy and our society.

So in order to reach these people I need other people who feel the same way I do. They might not know as much as I do but I have a pretty unique resume. It’s not the MBA and JD that give me the insight. It is the direct, hands on Wall Street experience and contacts together with my trial practice as a lawyer, my acumen as a businessman, and the direct experience of putting real estate deals together that are not too different than the claims Wall Street makes about securitization today.

Education is a slow process. And to reach all the people who need to hear the message and decide on their options before it is too late to exercise those options, we need publicists, lawyers, paralegals, analysts, appraisers, title experts,  private investigators, and dozens of other people with special training to perform tasks that I can’t do — especially since I am recovering from open heart surgery. Like me, these people need to eat and put a roof over their own heads. Many of them have already lost their homes to these thieves and want to get their homes back and help others do the same.

But while we are doing all that, and subscribing to services that only the banks could afford to do, it costs money to fight back, it costs money to get the message out and it costs money to get information that neither the perpetrators nor the government can or will give us. April has reached thousands of people with her message of hope. Because of her efforts hundreds of people are still in their homes with the hope of retaining their homes and their lives.

I have reached about a million now, with tens of thousands of people still living in their homes with real hope of retaining their homes and recapturing the American dream. The difference is money. I reached more people because I was able to hire people, fly them to where they were needed and to train them in strategies and tactics that only a few highly skilled trial lawyers know and understand.

We don’t like charging you for money and asking you for donations. But without that money, we would not be able to carry on the fight against this horrible injustice and make a difference, not just noise.

Bring on the fight!


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  1. Getting the word out beyond the controlled media is vital to the freedom of all United States citizens. Neil goes way beyond all that by exposing the truth and educating as many people as he can and that probably includes good judges and prosecutors. Many Judges are now seeing the truth about what the Banksters and servicers are really doing to the rule of law and our courts and Neil has exposed a lot of the issues. Investors, Homeowners and good families all across this great land have been ripped off, railroaded and conned by the banks and servicers. I completely understand that the cost is high but the fight must continue.
    As for my case: The fraud and forgery issues are now before a Federal Court and a good Judge who seems to be very fair in his rulings. We are deposing both presidents of US Bank and SN Servicing, DocX, LPS, the trust managers and others involved. We are also gathering a list of people for our class action complaint against SN Servicing, US Bank and others. We will be presenting substantial complaints to the US Attorney Generals office, the FBI, the SEC and others in the hope that they will prosecute SN servicing, US bank and all parties involved. Then we will expose as best we can by any means all the results. Now do you think all of this is free? Contribute when you can and help where you can because we cant let them get away with this travesty,
    Thanks for all you do Neil, you are making a difference.
    Sincerely, Ray Shelton

  2. What April and others fail to realize the work they do is not free. It is subsidized by taxpayers and people who donate. I love April but she doesnt do this for free either she gets paid not by the people but by tapayer money all the copies and paperwork and assistants all get paid it is not free and neither should any other persons services be free it takes time and money Mr Garfeild would go broke if he didnt charge money. I understnd where he is coming from and respect tht fact. Some peole just dont get it.

  3. Neil, your doing a great job at helping get information to people who might not otherwise be able to help themselves. I think your awesome. Keep up the great works. I don’t see this women or anyone else attack attorney generals whom profit and benefit from homeowners misfortunes. I still ponder as to why hasn’t any of those trillions in settlements went to open a homeowner victim assistance account where people can get legal representation to defend their homes. I say people need to take a serious look at the A.G’s whom sue lenders over and over but none of those settlements goes back into the public to fund legal fees to help people fight to save their homes. Until I see that happen anyone that complains about people helping people should be chocked out.

  4. Neil and all who help bring this message to the public,
    Thank You so much.
    I lost my home in 2008, my heart broken. My family scattered, for many years I blammed myself now after months of reading, I understand. This is very complicated, hard work, all of you have done a great job. THANK YOU Jaime of SJ CA

  5. Niel,
    You couldn’t run an operation of this size without staff.

    Someone has to answer the phone, pay the internet bills, stuff like that. They are employees, right?

    April may be working out of the love of it but clearly not everyone is financially able to donate *all* their time. People have families and bills and have to eat.

    Glad you are able to do it though.

  6. Neil,
    You are absolutely right! We are at war against a corrupt, tyranical
    system. Fighting a war requires resources, so someone has to pay for
    the price of victory. That takes contributions.
    The men of 1776 had help from France and various other rich men
    from New York and Philadelphia. Without that help, Washington would
    not have been able to field an Army. Washington had foot soldiers from the working class but without the money, they would have lost.
    It also required alot of prayer and luck. Witness the Battle of Brooklyn
    where “holy fog” allowed Washington and his Army to escape certain
    doom. Witness the battle of Yorktown, where a young bilingual officer
    by the name of Alexander Hamilton coordinated the joint French-American defeat of Cornwallis.
    Alexander Hamilton was the son of a veteran of the “War of 45”
    and a French bar maid. They met in the West Indies, after Hamilton’s
    father managed to escape the slaughter in Scotland. His mother was
    the “run away” wife of a Dutch aristocrat.
    The point of all this is that the “Creator” brings justice to his people in the most unexpected ways using the most unlikely people.
    We all need to join together and help win the Second American Revolution. Everyone has a part to play, either as a source of funds,
    a foot soldier or an officer in the struggle.

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