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The Living Lies Garfield Firm is proud to introduce the launch of where home owners and attorneys can purchase affordable wrongful foreclosure services customized to his/her unique case circumstances that will maximize the home owner’s probability of beating a wrongful foreclosure action in a court of law.

While continues to add services and products, it is currently staffed by a team of qualified and experienced paralegals ready to assist you.  Please visit now to get in touch with one of paralegals.  We can help!

In addition, LivingLies Blogs provides the following services and products for homeowners and lawyers. We have books, manuals, consultations, expert witness services, litigation support services, and direct representation within the state of Florida.

Mission Statement

LendingLies is dedicated to the principle that all consumers of credit are entitled to the consumer protections under federal and state law. Our mission is to provide consumers with high quality services, especially to homeowners facing foreclosure, in order for them to engage and to defend against improper or illegal claims to enforcing debts arising from third-party transactions.  Using our superior knowledge of securitization of debt,  and our experience in drafting correspondence and pleadings in court, we seek to enhance the quality of these services in the marketplace while at the same time reducing overall costs and expenses. We provide direct paralegal services, legal consulting services and expert witness reports to attorneys representing consumers and to consumers representing themselves.

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We provide free information, forms, and analysis on the blog which is generally updated daily. We appreciate your donations to continue to provide this valuable free information. Subscribers are often offered discounts on select services and products.
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Attorney Workbook 1st Edition*
The first book published by Neil Garfield explores in detail the securitization process, foreclosure defense strategies, forms, and TILA RESCISSION. Over 600 pages in length including definitions, statutes, and case citations.  Updates are available upon request. Originally published in 2008, the content of this book has since been corroborated by recent case decisions, rules and regulations.
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Attorney Workbook 2nd Edition: Who’s Lien is it Anyway?*
Second book published by Neil Garfield carries forward the work started in 2007 and 2008 with heavier emphasis on real property law and procedure. Discovery, motion practice, and trial practice are explored in detail. Originally published in 2009, this book includes summaries of the content of the Attorney Workbook 1st Edition. Updates are available upon request.

Expert Witness Manual*
The third book published by Neil Garfield is a manual that accompanies his workshop for forensic analysts and witnesses. It is directed at attorneys who will use the factual and opinion testimony of forensic analysts and expert witnesses. This book originally published in 2010 includes analysis of how to use an expert witness and how an expert witness can be of use to attorneys representing homeowners who are challenging their debt, note, or mortgage and provides insights into foreclosure defense strategies. Updates are available upon request.
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Discovery and Evidence Manual*
The fourth book published by Neil Garfield is a manual that accompanies his workshop for presentation of evidence and how to use responses to discovery requests. Motion practice is extensively explored. This book originally published in 2010 includes analysis of how and when to conduct discovery, how and when to present evidence, and what can be discovered through private investigation. Updates are available upon request.
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*All books and manuals are delivered electronically. You will receive an email within 1 business day of purchase with a link to download the manual or book.

Work with the LivingLies Team

The LivingLies team provides several services at different levels depending on the needs of the attorney or the consumer. Services are provided in all 50 states.

The following list of services are provided in order of lowest to highest level of support for your case. You can purchase one or multiple services together. For assistance with services for your case, please email us at

FREE: Fill out the GTC Honors Registration form so that our staff has basic information on you and your situation.

Title and Securitization Report (Combo)
Our forensic analyst will research the title history and loan history using both public records and our proprietary data. The information from this report is generally a prerequisite for our other services. We accept the forensic reports from most other providers.
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30-Minute Private Consultation
Many consumers or their attorneys require a quick consultation with Neil Garfield before making decisions on tactics, strategies, and ordering services from the LivingLies team. The call is recorded and the recording is sent to the attorney or customer. We do not provide legal advice or suggestions on strategy without a licensed attorney on the call representing the homeowner or consumer.

60-Minute Private Consultation
Most of our customers choose the full hour consultation with Neil Garfield. They often split it into 2 half hour consults without any additional charges. This gives us enough time to explore tactics, strategies and services that will be required. The call is recorded and the recording is sent to the attorney or customer. We do not provide legal advice or suggestions on strategy without a licensed attorney on the call representing the homeowner or consumer.
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Continuing Consultation
We provide continuing consultations with Neil Garfield at an hourly rate of $650. This is for those consumers or lawyers who need more than a one hour consult but less than litigation support services. In order to reserve time on the schedule, a minimum non-refundable retainer is required covering 4 hours which includes research and analysis before or after any correspondence or telephone contact. The calls are recorded and the recordings are sent to the attorney or customer. We do not provide legal advice or suggestions on strategy without a licensed attorney on the call representing the homeowner or consumer.
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Rescission Analysis Package
This is our most popular service!
Using the Combo Title and Securitization report (or an acceptable similar report from another provider) we perform an in-depth analysis of the rescission options under the Federal Truth in Lending Act (TILA). We also include summaries of potential foreclosure defense strategies and trial strategies where those issues overlap with potential rescission strategies.
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File and Case Review and Report
Using the combo Title and Securitization report (or an acceptable similar report from another provider) we perform an in-depth analysis of a current case that is either in litigation or in which litigation is contemplated. This report is focused on foreclosure defense strategies and trial strategies. A summary of potential rescission strategies is also included. This covers both cases in which foreclosures are pending and cases where foreclosure have been completed.
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Expert Declaration
We provide a complete affidavit in preparation for expert witness testimony. This affidavit is not a substitute for actual testimony. It is designed to provide support for compelling discovery and to provide disclosure in preparation for trial. The File and Case Review Report is generally a prerequisite for the expert declaration. This report does not include legal opinions however it does include opinions and facts relating to ownership and balance of a debt, note or mortgage.
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Litigation Support
Our team of lawyers and paralegals can provide all possible levels of support to attorneys who may not be fully familiar with foreclosure defense strategies, pleadings, motions, and memoranda in support of the client’s case. The minimum non-refundable retainer for litigation support is $2600 and covers 4 hours of work or consultation. We will prepare actual pleadings for a lawyer to conform to local practice and file on behalf of the client. We actively provide insight, strategies and tactics for the lawyer to employ. The hourly rate is $650.
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Legal RepresentationFor people who have cases within the state of Florida, the LivingLies team accepts a limited number of engagements where we represent the client directly. In order to start this process, please complete and submit our registration form and order the Combo Title and Securitization report. For further information you may also purchase either the half hour or the full hour consultation. Please see above for referenced reports and services.

25 Responses

  1. Hi Neil,
    My situation is similar to Julie’s. In 2005 we took out a mortgage in Los Angeles, CA. (Palmdale) with Countrywide Home Loans. In Feb. 2012, prior to foreclosure, Bank of America filed an Assignment of Deed of Trust in Los Angeles County Recorder’s Office, breaking Chain of Title to my property. (Massive Fraud on document with robosigners, Mers, And a bunch of “dirty players”). We ended up avoiding foreclosure by getting a HAMP modification. Long story short, in 2014 we had a family emergency and rented out home for one year – renter squatted, and put us in default. In 2014 Nationstar Mortgage LLC . was our “servicer” and it took me about 10 times trying to get a renewal/or new modification. Before rendering a decision, Nationstar sold servicing rights to RushmOre Loan Management Services LLC. (In 2014 Nationstar Fraudulently filed Assignment of Deed of Trust in LA County Recorder’s Office, as well). In 2016, Freddie Mac sold off a pool of “non-performing loans”…Rushmore purchased Freddie Mac’s last pool, and my loan was in it. Rushmore got Nationwide Title Clearing to fraudulently manufacture a Corporate Assignment of Deed of Trust”, and filing it in the LA County Recorder’s Office in June 2016. That listed US Bank, N.A., not in it’s individual capacity but solely as trustee for the RMAC Trust, Series 2016-CTT. Well, my old 2005 Countrywide Home Loan’s “Original Trust” was CWABS ASSET BACKED CERTIFICATES, SERIES 2005-BC5, and my “Original Trustee” was BAnk of New York. I believe that my loan trust was paid off to investors in June 2016 via the Countrywidembs Settlement and/Or Bank of America’s Agreement to re-purchase Countrywide Loans from Bank of America. Anyhow, in Feb. 2017 I filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case in Los Angeles. US Bank for the RMAC Trust, Series 2016-CTT filed a FRAUDULENT PROOF OF CLAIM in my bankruptcy case on 5/18/17, after they received fines from the OCC for Fraudulent POC. They are NOT the true creditor. My bankruptcy attorney DENIED me the right to fight this through an adversarial proceeding, and dismissed my case . Now I am a “sitting duck” with an auction from Aztec Foreclosure on 8/23/17. My POC lists US Bank as ‘trustee’ for the RMAC trust, series 2016, Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC., as current “servicer” , and my NOD lists Aztec Foreclosure as “trustee” . My original note has only one stamped endorsement from David A. Spector, and no others. I do not believe Countrywide ever deposited loan into trust, and Chain of Title broken in 2012 with BofA Assignment. Many,many correspondence to ALL PARTIES INVOLVED and Federal Agencies….NO ONE WILL HELP.
    Can you help us out here in Los Angeles Neil….I am running our of time and options. Just lost my car to repossession last thursday because Rushmore was demanding repayments and trustee payments in my Chp13bk and they were taking ALL OF OUR MONEY. PLEASE, I have three young kids…. Anything you could advise. God Bless.

  2. Hello. I have an auction date of 8/25/17 and won’t give up the fight until I get to keep my home. Briefly here’s what’s happening. Seems everyone I get involved to help me screws me over so not sure how to proceed. Just dismissed my CH13 banko that wasn’t final yet to stop last auction sale date of 2./3/17. My lawyer was terrible. Didn’t provide me with basic info about anything bankruptcy so I just decided to get out which is why the new auction date in August was assigned. The straw that broke the camels back was back in 2015. I had an arrears of approx. $27,000 because BOA took 2.5 years to modify and all the other BS during that time. The loan I got was a Homesight loan, 30 years to pay back, 0% interest. Paid my current Servicer, Rushmore Loan Mgmt Svs for US Bank Natl. Assoc. as Legal Title Trustee for Truman 2013 SC3Title based on the reinstatement amount quoted to me by Rushmore. Paid them in Oct. 2015 and not 2 wks later I get a letter from Rushmore saying my escrow was short by about $2000 and in Feb 2016 my payment would go up about $150 a month to pay that down. I was furious. Why didn’t they figure escrow in their reinstatement quote. I paid the 3 payments after that hoping they would come to their senses but no. Still not accepting they screwed me. In Feb. I just stopped paying them. Had a securitization audit done on my loan from CFLA (Certified Forensic Loan Audits) in CA proving my loan was securitized. Since Feb 2016 I’ve tried to get legal help and no one would take me on saying they didn’t feel I had a case. So that report is doing me no good because I don’t know if there’s anything I can do on my own to use it. I haven’t had access to my mortgage account at Rushmore online or on paper since Feb 2015 because they don’t allow delinquent accounts access to their records. I’ve tried the short sale tactic getting 3 offers that were all denied, banko to stop the sale after the short sale didn’t work, and here I am today. Lots more but I can’t tell it anymore. Just a few quick things. I know not allowing me access to my account is illegal but they don’t care. During the course of the banko this year, I did acquire copies of my mortgage account when it was part of the POC and as attachments when I filed a claim against Rushmore to my Atty General in WA state. Basically I have 3 different versions of my mortgage account from Rushmore and they all are different. The bogus charges they bill to me while in foreclosure are ridiculous and I have no documentation on any of them. The arrears they claimed for my banko was $13,000ish almost half of that is these bogus charges and fees that aren’t explained. I know these can be challenged and I did send a letter but they have ignored it. Isn’t that proof enough that there’s fraud going on and I doubt they really know what I owe. None of these charges are on all 3 versions of my account. Some are on 1 or 2 and others are just on 1. How is this possible. They don’t know I have 3 versions. For ex: the copy the Atty General got in their reply to my complaint has none of the bogus charges on it. Just my normal payment info and that it. Isn’t that interesting. What do I do? Is there some legal thing I can file that will stop them and get someone to help me?? I heard that if I take it to court in WA since we are a non-Judicial state, I could loose and then owe them even more. ?? I just want them to make it right and pay me for all the mental and emotional pain they’ve caused. I’m tired and scared that I won’t have a home or a place to live at the end of August. Rent here is ridiculous and my mortgage payment is cheaper than any rent here.

    Thanks for your help with this.

  3. Neil and Friends,

    Who is THE BEST and MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE Florida attorney to fight wrongful foreclosure? I am in Central Florida, but am open to working with attorneys from anywhere in Florida. I have an incredibly well documented case against all of the big banks who have conspired to try to steal my home.

    Thank you in advance!

  4. Dear Wendy,
    Please email us at and a member from Neil Garfield’s Lending Lies will contact you. We also suggest you contact Investigator Bill Paatalo who has a wealth of knowledge with Chase and documents signed by Linda Green. Bill Paatalo can be contacted through

  5. —–Original Message—–
    From: Wendy Cottrell
    To: Wendy Cottrell
    Sent: Sun, May 7, 2017 01:41 PM
    Subject: Fwd: HELP! PLEASE!

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: “Wendy Cottrell”
    Date: May 7, 2017 12:35 PM
    Subject: HELP! PLEASE!

    We appreciate your website, alot of good information. We are seeking Help? Please…

    Below is a news clip from channel 8 in Baltimore MD that shows part of our story.

    Man’s home foreclosed on, all belongings taken

    We strongly believe this fly by night company National Payment Relief was acting as a third party and forced us into forclosure on a small $30,000 line of credit initially with Wells and despite the fact there’s a $200,000 1st mortgage with Chase they still forclosed evicted and listed our home for sale. Why would they do this when there wasnt enough equity to even pay the 1st mortgage off?

    Prior to this Wells Fargo failed to pay our taxes out of escrow and our house was sold at auction, we had to have that sale rescinded as well.

    Now Chase has transfered the 1st mortgage to be serviced by Seterus who immediately started saying we were in default (not true) saying our escrow account is negative so our payments were being manipulated and considered partial payments. Despite my request for this company to fix thier mistakes and to validate the debt they have failed to do so and claim they will accelerate the loan on May 15th and start forclosuure proceedings.

    Who can help us? The Attorney we hired to help us sue the company that illegally evicted us screwed us and quit so we did not get our day in court that we wanted and deserved. DLLR charged them we we got approx $30,000 and the sale was rescinded. We recently recieved 1099’s from this fly by night company National Payment Relief the 1099’s total $180,000 what the hell?!

    The title chain is a mess! 1)There is a refinance by CTX mortgage that we did not know about and the docs are clearly forged. 2)There is a payoff check recorded with an affidavid of realease that we don’t know anything about. 3)There is a release signed by robo signer Linda Green. 4)Chase filed a recent assignment to Fannie Mae and the attorney that “prepared” the document confirmed via email to me she did not have anything to do with that document. 5)There is probably much more fraud etc I just dont have the expertise to know everything to look for.

    Is there someone out there that can help us? Please?


  7. Please contact investigator Bill Paatalo at, phone: (406) 328-4075.
    Good luck,
    Moderator, Livinglies

  8. Hello Neil, we endured a year-long foreclosure avoidance conference system in Oregon last year –pushed by Caliber Home Loans who purport to have bought a AWL note & TD from Bank of America (said note executed January 2004). The Case Management Team in Oregon denied a Certificate of Compliance. Caliber waited until this month (March 2017) to begin the program again. Were 77 years old with fixed income and need help to defeat the intent of Caliber (to steal home where we’ve lived for 40 years). Oregon enforces notes in favor of AWL. We think in would help if we could find a list of States that do not enforce that fake companies note. Other suggestions from members would be appreciated. Thanks and best wishes for your good and helpful work with suffering homeowners. –Dutch–

  9. k williams: Ocwen Mortgage Service/Hamp Modification ongoing fraudulent tactics,loss of submissions, threat of foreclosure. P{ro Se Complaint filed in Maryland for fraud prior to foreclosure…Ocwen victims please respond help.

  10. My husband and I are now pro se plaintiffs in federal court again Citifinancial mortgage and Citigroup regarding breach of contract, breach of faith, fraudulent mortgage servicing and Sections 2605 et seq of 12 USCA. We need to file discovery.

  11. Neil-
    Can you offer some assistance in helping to locate the ‘interviews and deposition of Richard Schoppe’ to which you allude in your June 27, 2016 column on the Chase/WAMU Illusion?
    It appears I may be acting as my own advocate in the near future.
    To this point I have been unsuccessful in unearthing it.
    Thank you.

    Regards…….James H Buerger

  12. I need help re Ocwen ASAP. I live in Denver, Co., and am in a
    foreclosure which has been put on hold by recently with about 17,500
    other Mortgages, I checked with the Office or Mortgage Settlement
    Ovresight, heaed by Joseph Smith. Are these remaining mortgages
    still on hold?

  13. Larry STOP doing Mods, they don’t work and you will never get out of this mess… Sue everyone involved in your foreclosure….

  14. Hello Neil,
    Do you know of and/or do you have a list of attorneys that will handle a fraudulent mortgage case in the Ocala, FL area that understand the REMIC, PSA, MERS, Assignment and ProVest Server violations and/or any others violations that have been committed with our mortgage?
    A forensic accountant has found all of these current violations.
    I have most every document for the last 11 years.
    We have filed a Motion for the Crime of Fraud and Perjury for the ProVest Server violations against my Wife. No win but no lose, going to round 3. Courts are confused and/or are playing a game.
    Mortgage quit taking Modification payments after the 8th payment, refused them and sent them back (I was asking questions of mortgage ownership/they had stated they didn’t know ownership during Mod). They denied the 2nd Mod. because they told me to fill out the wrong info (email documented). We are on the 3rd Mod. and they won’t take our calls and are re-requesting the same documents that have already been sent in as per their directions.
    Thank you for your time and help with this matter!

  15. contacted needed immediately money judgement, we found the note where its being traded. Need to stop sale, need attorney with understanding to file no subject matter.

  16. I am in NJ and looking for help with the illegal Foreclosure… going Pro Se… please help me…

  17. Looking for an attorney for Los Angeles CA. Have all docs to prove Wells Fargo mortgage fraud. Pls help

  18. I have an attorney who is about to file a complaint against B of A, Countrywide, Deutsche Bank and Mers but I am not sure if she is a litigator. Can you send me a list of lawyers “WHO GET IT” and use your material in Los Angeles California please. l I have all the documents to prove the case

  19. Need urgent help New York Suffolk county
    Please email me. Need attorney. Deutsche bank trustee for american home mortgage investment trust 2005-2 Owen screwing us over.
    Naive since 5/25/2005

  20. Need urgent help New York Suffolk county
    Please email me. Need attorney. Deutsche bank trustee for american home mortgage investment trust 2005-2 Owen screwing us over.
    Naive since5/25/2005

  21. Need attorney Suffolk county ny

  22. Good Luck,Arther,had a $7500,000 home stolen from me Via A Counterfit Deed,(no legal fee money available ) Need a Real Real Estate Attoorney ,for this fraud ,to collect ,from title Ins compainies etc and Return Property Locatef in Washington DC Nations Capitol, Please no replies not About the Return of this Property Thanka

  23. Need knowlegeable & Fearless Litigation Atty/Law Firm to sue BANKSTERS in IL.
    PLS CALL ME @ 773-306-8854 ( leave voice message for return call)

  24. I’m looking for an attorney for California any help would be greatly appreciated. I have the documents to prove they forged my ignature have docmnrt they forged 16county stamp

  25. Can you look at my BK case , Violation of REMIC plus no assaignment etc etc etc total manipulation of court system BONY vs Cano Wi now the want 2 times the original loan that they dont even own or have right to it ?? Need help

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