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  1. I filed a formal pauper us COMPLAINT, FED ACTION. The COURT do scrutinize pauper is filing’s to help prevent frivolous filing’s. THAT , alone, is a sort of probable cause hurdle. The process service is taking longer that logical seen before. PRAYING FED Court is expanding investigation of DEFENDENT: BAY VIEW LOAN SERVICING, to begin an official inquiry into this ACT-CIVIL RICO, It is nothing LESS.

  2. The group of debt Relief paties, including FORECLOSED STOPPAGE”EXPERT”, did somehow receive information as to what low bid, should be offered. I contracted with thesevASS-HOLE’S, to use government program’s to assist.These VIOLATOR’S, Promised I wouldn’t lose property, YET, 2 week’s after, an agent of DEBT RELIEF , colluder’s, advised me, MY AGENT, was evicting, WHICH THEY DID. I KNOW this is a criminal ACT, but, need to regain my deed, civilly. BAY VIEW positively gave my AGENT, play by play act, to FIX ME.I am stone broke, as my 1 million dollar a year business, WAS EVICTED. This is a LARGE CONDPIRACY, that WILL NOT BE ABBATED, I owned property 17 year”s, my business A+ BBB Rated. A grand RHODE ISLAND racket. Bay View in , actually, created it, WITH, LAWYER, participating. REALITY 1st class SWINDLE.

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  4. In need of attorney to represent a law suit against me lender. I’m in southern Calif. Thank you.

  5. Its not my first time to pay a visit this website, i am visiting this site dailly and get pleasant facts from here daily.

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  7. I say look through all your documents first, all assignments and determine if they were robo signed. Mine were signed by Robert G. Hall ( he is an employee of Bay View). I found several different variations of his signature, and their is no possible way the same person signed them. It apears he signed for Bank of America, and other lenders. Also a notory named Rogelio Portal notorized at least 5 different variations. Rogelio Portal works for Bay View as well. FRAUD at its highest level here. I sent a formal complaint to the State of Florida and Mr. Portals license is now on hold. Start from the back and go forward. File all complaints with all departments, like the OCC, The department of Corporations, State attorneys offices Ect .. DO NOT GIVE IN OR GIVE UP!!

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    Sponsored by: Charley Rice

    There is a Conspiracy going on to steal your HOMES on OUR OWN SOIL, that YOU ALREADY OWN and you DON’T EVEN KNOW IT.

    As a matter of fact it may of happened, or not yet. Our founding FATHERS has set up the US Constitution to protect ALL OF US and we must USE IT.


    ABRAHAM LINCOLN 1809-1865

    “Don’t Interfere with anything in the Constitution.

    That must be maintained,

    for that is the only safeguard of our liberties”.


    ” The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and

    cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that

    by the good people”


    ” For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence- on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system that has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.”

    ROBERT F. KENNEDY 1925-1968

    ” The problem of power is how to achieve its responsible use rather than its irresponsible and indulgent use, of how to get men of power to live for the public than off the public”.









    Most people may NOT know earlier, and between 2005-07 that their mortgage loan was SECURITIZED, and if you don’t know what that mean it mean this… MBS aka Mortgage Backed Securities.




    You can google the “Explaination of Securitization by Richard Kessler” and download the pdf booklet that is 1-15 pages… READ IT!

    The KEY is to over turn these GREEDY Bailout Double Dipping Banks because they got paid a 1 TRILLION DOLLARS BAILOUT in 2008.

    You can Google the “Top 25 Subprime Lenders” and it will give you the list of the banks. READ IT!

    Now some of the banks have went out of business, and these banks that went out of business was most of the people original “LENDERS”

    Those LENDERS have bundled, and SOLD those homeowner mortgages to WALL STREET.


    RULE ONE: REMEMBER IN YOUR DEED OF TRUST number (24) Substitute Trustee


    SO WATCH FOR MERS/RECONTRUST NOMINATING AND SUBSTITUTION themselves along other banks as TRUSTEE BECAUSE YOU’RE THE LANDLORD and they’re trying to bring FRAUD on your TITLE..













    NOW THIS IS WHY THEY’RE FORECLOSING SO FAST ON HOMEOWNERS BECAUSE THE AVERAGE HOMEOWNER HASN’T PUT IT ALL TOGETHER AND THEY’RE LOSING THE GAME. TO COLLECT FROM THE GOVERNMENT AGAIN BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT WILL CUT THE BANKS A CHECK UP TO 70% to 80% of the value of your home. NOW they’re triple dipping and stealing from the government, and now conspiracy against the Constitution and you.
















    IT’S YOUR HOME FIGHT FOR IT… PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION SO WE CAN SAVE US HOMEOWNERS. B/c the banks just want to steal your property and hide behind the courts. Only the damaged party can file a lawsuit. The banks were never injured…

    : ) BTW IF your foreclosing party is a trustee for a securitized asset, That’s a clue to that you home is Securitized and that trustee is in the SEC with your LENDER, can’t foreclose on a securitized property which is FRAUD.

    Make sure that you understand these cases, and your Constitutions, California Constitutional rights. GOOGLE these cases to understand more because YOUR KNOWLEDGE will be your KEY to WINNING.

    A. Munger v Moore

    1. U.S. Bank National Association v. Ibanez

    Most all foreclosures in California can be set aside. The power of sale by non judicial means is contained in the civil code 2932. In order to be valid the assignment must be recorded California civil code 2932.5. Most all notices of default recorded by the “Sub-Prime” lenders have not recorded an assignment till just before or just after the Trustee’s sale. They rely on the MERS agency agreement to protect them but under California law they are wrong.
    IF your NOTICE OF DEFAULT isn’t signed under a Declaration of Perjury Civil Code 2923.5 then that’s FRAUD too.


    Oath of Office for Federal Officials

    Employees of the United States Government including all members of Congress are required to take the following oath before assuming elected or appointed office.

    5 U.S.C. 3331:

    “An individual, except the President, elected or appointed to an office of honor or profit in the civil service or uniformed services shall take the following oath: ‘I, AB, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.’”

    United States Constitution

    Article VI, Section 3

    The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

    5 U.S.C. 3333:

    “…an individual who accepts office or employment in the Government of the United states…shall execute an affidavit within 60 days after accepting the office or employment that his acceptance and holding of the office or employment does not or will not violate section 7311 of this title. The affidavit is prima facie evidence that the acceptance and holding of office or employment by the affiant does not or will not violate section 7311 of this title.”

    Federal Law Prohibiting Federal Officials

    From Advocating Overthrow of Government

    Federal law specifically prohibits any individual from accepting or holding any position (including elected office) in the United States Government if he advocates the overthrow of our constitutional form of government.

    5 U.S.C. 7311 (1):

    “An individual may not accept or hold a position in the Government of the United States of the government of the District of Columbia if he (1) advocates the overthrow of our constitutional form of government…”


    advocate: To plead in favor of : defend by argument before a tribunal or the public : support or recommend publicly. Webster’s Third New International Dictionary

    Advocate: To speak in favor of or defend by argument. To support, vindicate, or recommend publicly. Black’s Law Dictionary

    Federal Criminal Penalty for Violation of Oath of Office

    Federal criminal law is explicit and direct regarding a violation of oath of office by federal officials which includes all members of Congress. The law requires the removal of the office holder as well a prison term or fine for the offender.

    18 U.S.C. 1918:

    “Whoever violates the provisions of section 7311 of title 5 that an individual may not accept or hold a position in the Government of the United States or the government of the District of Columbia if he (1) advocates the overthrow of our constitutional form of government [and] shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year and a day or both.”

    Executive Order 10450

    In order to instruct investigating federal officials such as the FBI as to what is a violation of the oath of office under 5 U.S.C. 3331 and 5 U.S.C. 7311, Executive Order 10450 was issued to serve as a guideline for determining what actions constituted a criminal violation of the oath of office by federal officials. The order affirms thelaw of 5 U.S.C. 7311 that is a criminal violation under 18 U.S.C. 1918 for a member of the government, which includes members of Congress, to “advocate the overthrow of our constitutional form of government.”

    Executive Order 10450 states (in part): “Whereas the interest of the national security require that all persons privileged to be employed in…the Government shall be reliable, trustworthy, of good conduct and character, and of complete and unswerving loyalty to the United States… it is hereby ordered as follows:

    (a) The investigations conducted pursuant to this order shall be designed to develop information as to whether the employment or retention in employment…of the person being investigated is clearly consistent with the interests of the national security. Such information shall relate, but shall not be limited, to the following:

    (4) Advocacy of use of force or violence to overthrow the government of the United States, or of the alteration of the form of the government of the United States by unconstitutional means.”

    § 241. Conspiracy against rights

    If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or

    If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured-

    They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

    § 242. Deprivation of rights under color of law

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

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  10. Does anyone know whether WAMU, Chase, or Wells Fargo securitized any of their HELOCs?

  11. Jeff,

    Send me an email and I’ll forward a list of S. California attorneys. You’ll need to go to Santa Barbara (the closest) LA or San Diego though. Been there, looked for that.

  12. I need a lawyer in Fresno ca that understands MERS, securitization, predatory lending, improper deed transfer. They offered me a refi but I know it is just to get me to sign the paperwork so they can get their stuff back in order. Then got a letter stating that my next payment is te amount of the refi. I DIDN’T SIGN ANYTHING!! Also a letter that stated I could pay my 200k loan off for 18k. REALLY U GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. my servicer is ocwen and I have no clue who my investor is or who has the note. Working on a QWR to find out who has the note. I NEED A LAWYER ASAP. called a few
    But no response. Please help

  13. Please help…. We purchased our home in 2007 based on an inflated appraisal. Found this out in 2009 when we tried to refinance, unsuccessfully even though we had invested almost $100,000 into our 3 bedroom ranch. When we were denied for th refi, we noticed out initial appraisal said we had double the square footage and called our concrete boiler room a recreation room… We filed a complaint against the appraiser and hired an attorney, who very efficiently spent our money and that’s about it… Hired the second attorney who seems to want to do the least amount of work as possible. He has been pushing us to settle for about 20% of what our damages are. Please help… We have spent $10,000 on attorneys and expert witnesses, for nothing. Not to mention the loss on the home. We live in Byram, NJ

  14. Sonoma California and Kamuela Hawaii properties seeking competent counsel that understands the banksters scheme.


  16. I ‘m in Georgia . I need a attorney to stop th foreclosure sale date 05/03/2011 for wrongful foreclosure. If anyone know please referred them to
    Geraldine WIlburn (404)441-6486

  17. I need a foreclosure and bankruptcy lawyer in orlando florida.

  18. Please advise if there’s an attorney in Monmouth County NJ who’s willing to file suit against Bank of America for fraudulent and willingly deceitful loan modificaiton practices.

    Please help!

  19. A qualified Rescission by Declaration CAN automatically cancel the mortgage contract
    For strategy and tools to accomplish a valid cancellation of your contract; contact Charles Koppa founder of the HERS ID concept 760 787 9966.
    TILA is an extremely powerful tool for borrowers and should be considered every time anyone makes or obtains a loan secured by residential property. At least one court has held that it may be malpractice for an attorney not to review a borrower’s rescission rights when representing them in a foreclosure proceeding. This just scratches the surface of this area of law. I teach classes every three weeks or so in Oceanside Ca. to assist consumers to evaluate their situation, to determine whether creditor violations may entitle them to demand a mortgage loan rescission.
    The best tool to determine if you have grounds for rescission based on creditor violations, is a forensic loan audit and competent document analysis. (Mr. Koppa calls this process a Foreclosure Autopsy) Charles Koppa founder of the HERS ID concept can be reached at
    The Rescission Process: The rescission process was intended to be self-enforcing and able to be completed without the necessity of going to court. If the homeowner does not sell the home, the extended right of rescission can last up to three years after the loan consummation—and may be extended by equitable tolling of if the lender initiates foreclosure proceedings. 15 USC §1635(f); Reg Z §§226.15(a)(3), 226.23(a)(3).

    A. Once a mortgage loan has been properly rescinded, the security interest or lien becomes automatically void, by operation of law. 15 USC §1635(b); Reg Z §§226.15(d)(1), 226.23(d)(1). The note also is voided. The lender’s security interest in the property is terminated.
    B. The creditor’s interest in the property is “automatically negated by rescission, regardless of its status and whether or not it was recorded or perfected.” Official Staff Commentary §§226.15(d)(1)–1, 226.23(d)(1)–1.
    C. Within 20 days of receipt of the notice of cancellation, the lender must return to the borrower any money or property that has been given to anyone in connection with the loan. 15 USC §1635(b); Reg Z §§226.15(d)(2), 226.23(d)(2). The lender must also take steps to reflect that the security interest has terminated.
    The regulations set up a three step process to rescind a loan.
    First, the borrower must notify the lender, in writing, of the cancellation of the loan. While the
    notice must be in writing, it can be transmitted by mail, telegram, or other means. Reg Z
    §§226.15(a)(2), 226.23(a)(2). It should be sent to the lender’s designated place of business.

    A rescission notice sent by the borrower’s attorney is also effective. Official Staff Commentary
    §226.2(a)(22)–2. While signing the right to cancel and sending it to the lender is effective, my practice is to draft a letter notifying the lender of the rescission and in the letter state the legal basis for it.
    At the loan signing by law the borrower must sign a right to cancel form. You should send a copy of the letter to the address provided on your right to cancel form, if you signed such a form. there is such a form, as well as any other address that you have may have for the lender.
    A note regarding mortgage loan servicers: Typically rescission letters sent to loan servicers are not effective if the borrower has contact information for the loan originator and the lien holder . Many borrowers do not understand the difference between the owner of the loan and a loan servicer. Even savvy attorneys have trouble determining who owns the loan, because assignments are not routinely recorded. It is important to research all your loan and title documents the loan file to determine who was the true lender at the time the loan was consummated.
    Always check the chain of title to see if your loan has been assigned. If so, you should send a copy of your rescission letter to the new lender as well as the loan originator.
    If you cannot discover this information contact your mortgage loan servicer in writing and make a an Official Qualified Demand for Information, and demand substantiation of the debt. Send all the above communication by return receipt certified mail. Often loan servicers refuse to reveal who the owner of the note is, generally do not like to give that information.
    Additionally, a proper QWR request under RESPA should precede the rescission, (if you have the time.) A new Commentary states that, when the creditor fails to provide an address for a designated agent to whom rescission notice may be sent, delivery to the entity that the borrower makes the payments to will be effective notice to the lender or the lender’s assignee. Official Staff Commentary §226.23(a)(2)–1.
    Once the lender has terminated the security interest and returned any money or property it received, the borrower is then required to tender any property or money received from the lender. 15 USC §1635(b); Reg Z §§226.15(d)(3), 226.23(d)(3); Official Staff Commentary §§226.15(d)(3)–1, 226.23(d)(3)–1. This step is the reverse of most states’ rescission law. The statute does not prescribe a time period in which tender must be accomplished.
    As a result of the rescission, the lender retroactively loses the right to charge interest, fees, and costs on the loan, even costs paid to outside third parties such as the title insurer. The amount, therefore, of tender is calculated by first determining what funds the borrower actually received for his or her direct benefit. (Cash out to the borrower and funds released to pay the borrower’s debts are examples of uses for the borrower’s direct benefit.) Once that amount is determined, it is reduced by the total payments the borrower has made on the loan. Attorney fees are available against a violating lender, as well as actual and statutory damages. 15 USC §1640(a). The remaining balance is the amount due on tender. Once tender is delivered, the rescission process is complete.
    The Federal Court has power to modify certain aspects of the statutory rescission scheme. In
    particular, Reg Z enables the courts to modify the second and third steps of the rescission process. Reg Z §§226.15(d), 226.23(d).

    Although different courts modify the statutory rescission scheme by law they must recognize the consumers automatic right to rescind.
    HERS ID and Charles Koppa can assist you to use rescission law to justify and validate an administrative recovery and free and clear Title

  20. I need a list of all attorneys “THAT GET IT” in all states for my clients. Can anyone provide me a list by states.


  21. Need help with imminent foreclosure in the Seattle Wa area. The name of any/all competent attorneys who get it would be appreciated. Thanks

  22. Help! Looking for a Florida Bankruptcy attorney that “gets it”. I have successfully held off foreclosure for 18 months using this web page (way to go Neil). However, other debts (medical, failed business) are overwhelming. I have no idea how Chapter 7 would affect existing foreclosure. I sure don’t want to speed it up. Feel free to contact me offline at CSIBill@aol.com.

  23. I am in VA and need to find out that any Lawyers available to help with Appraisal fraud. I bought the house in 12/2004 and I checked the county records and found that the Wells Fargo appraisal person skipped the nearby similar sold houses and used nearby much more expensive houses as comparisons to hit the sales price, this is clearly appraisal fraud.Is it possible to check all the appraisal from that appraisal person and find out about much broader fraud. Please let me know.


  24. Tom,

    Just got your request today…did they foreclose yesterday?

    You might contact Richard Hall in Auburn.

    Richard Hall
    Auburn, CA
    (530) 888-7100

    The closest one I can think of to you.

    Otherwise, contact me directly and I’ll send you a list.

    Charles Cox

  25. For any of those who need a attorney in the Orlando FL area, John G. Pierce is also now helping people in foreclosure cases. I hired him for another issue I had and if it wasn’t for him and his wonderful staff, I would have been screwed!!! His background is stellar; top of his class at UF law school, BS in Chemical Engineering, Who’s Who in American Law…yeah, he’s seasoned…must have 40 years practicing law.

    He isn’t cheap but you get what you pay for!

    For me personally, his fee was a bargain!!!


  26. I need some serious guidance! I need someone, white headed with wisdom in the direction that will get results in the “ring”. Please help me, I have been fighting 2 farm foreclosures for the last year and a half for my husband, and have been thrown into their web of injustice. I have given them everything there is possibly to give. Including trying to get it out of civil court and into federal. One case file alone, I had over 236 pages of docs. But now I need a strong bankruptcy attorney, who has grit , guts, brains, and the fortitude, to MAKE IT HAPPEN. I am in need. I live in upstate sc, and this is an emergency . They have scheduled the sale for march the 1st. 2010 .My regards to you all, Elizabeth natureswaters@yahoo.com

  27. If you are in need of an attorney who “gets it” in Kentucky, please contact me at ForeclosureDefenseKentucky@hotmail.com.
    Michelle Drimmer, Esq.

  28. I’m confused I could use some help, my house goes to the selling block the day after tomorrow.

    Is there any paperwork that I could file at the recorder’s office or whatever that may stop the sale.

    We’ve been jerked over by our pretender lender for months now.

    We’ve heard everything from lost paperwork, to three different over the phone verbal modification routes, what a joke that was.

    Can someone point me to a lawyer that gets it in Calaveras County California.



  29. My house goes to sale thur. I need a lawyer that gets it in Calaveras Co., Ca. asap!

  30. you need to remove Bander law firm from the list of attorneys in CA
    They are in bankruptcy

  31. With 4 Indymac loans, 2 Bank of Amerca AND being a mortgag broker since 1987 I feel very stupid that I finally GOT IT! (thank you to the hundreth monkey for waking me up).
    I think we all need to email, write, call, and talk about the foreclosure problem to all that will listen. I emailed the FDIC (everyone could find in the web listing) and got back 2 answers yesterday (SUNDAY)! They issued a press release denying the video ThinkBigWorkSmall put out about the fraud happening.
    If we all email Glenn Beck, Clark Howard, CNN, Fox News, LA Times editors, and everyone else you can think of, congressmen, senators, your local newspaper…..the more word the better out there..
    I am working on a reporter at the West Hawaii Today to bring her up to speed and get a human interest story going….
    Good luck to all of you…
    Anyone got an attorney in WA or HI that “get’s it” yet?

  32. We have a live/work unit in Santa Rosa CA where my office/training center were housed. Saxon Mortgage Services purchased our loan servicing and defrauded us by taking our payments and putting them in a side-account then giving the credit bureaus false info that destroyed our personal credit and my business credit, 9 months and an attorney for them to fix it. Two years later, we are now financially ruined.

    The live/work unit has been in short-sale with a good buyer, now Saxon mortgage is foreclosing and sent us a foreclosure notice prior to the short-sale contract being completed. I know this is MERS and Saxon Mortgage purchased from GMAC 7 months after purchase.

    Two things, I believe we have a case to get the property for free, also I believe there should be a second lawsuit against Saxon Mortgage (Morgan Stanley) for destroying our credit and putting us in great financial jeopardy. It is a long story, but I am looking for a good attorney who will work with me in Sonoma County. Thanks, Sherry

  33. Does anyone have knowledge on Commercial Foreclosures, I need information quick

  34. We need an attorney in No. Idaho or Spokane Washington. We live in Sandpoint Id. We are fighting w/Wachovia.
    Thank you kindly 🙂

  35. I live in Washington state in Vancouver, Clark County. Portland, Oregon is right across the river. I’m looking for a lawyer “who gets it” in this area.
    Thank you!

  36. any lawyers or some one that knows lawyers in Australia or New zealand …That get it or have integrity. Much appreciated .Robert

  37. I have a pending foreclosure sale scheduled for March 2nd. I found Attny Glenn Russell on this site and have retained him to represent me.

    I am very pleased with his approach and knowledge of MA law regarding foreclosure although neither of us is sure he’ll still be able to help me save my home.

    I will admit that he can be tough to get in touch with but he runs his office by himself so is very busy.

    This foreclosure thing is a MESS! The banks and service companies don’t care about you only their money. Fight as long and as hard as you can!!!!

    If you’re interested in getting help here in MA and have questions please feel free to e-mail me @ jimstix66@comcast.net. I’m not an attorney, in fact I’m unemployeed but I know what you’re going through.

    Lastly, remember that if worse comes to worse and you do loose you home, it’s not the end of the world. It’s not like a doctor told you that you or a loved one has terminal cancer. Do the best you can as long as you can but keep it all in perspective. This too will pass.

    Good Luck to All!!!!

  38. I need a lawyer that “gets it” regarding foreclosures and lender fraud in California. I just went through a foreclosure sale.
    can anyone help at this point.


  39. I need an attorney who “gets it” in south carolina and preferably not in beaufort. It’s still the “good ol boy” mentality here which is why I am here!

    Need help!!

  40. I am looking for an attorney who “gets it” based in Houston, TX or even Austin or Dallas.

    Any suggestions?



  41. I need an Attorney in Honolulu, Hawaii who gets it.

  42. I looked on the list of lawyers who “get it” and don’t see any listed for Kansas. Anyone know of any?

    Thank you!

  43. Hello,
    I’m here in Los Angeles Calif. I need an Attorney here that “gets it” Do you know of any really good ones?
    Thank you,
    Lisa Cooley

  44. Melinda,

    Send me your email address and I’ll send you my list of S. Cal. attorneys.

    Keep fighting!
    Charles Cox


    Hello all — I am a “lawyer who gets it” in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    I have my own practice — and also work under contract with an Oakland CA attorney — doing foreclosure defense litigation and consumer bankruptcies (Ch. 7/Ch. 13). We file foreclosure lawsuits in California superior courts — we are currently litigating against Indymac/One West, Wells Fargo, B of A, Litton, Residential Mortgage, Quality Loan among others. We have named MERS as a defendant in our complaints but thus far they remain unheard from.

    If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area — and ONLY the San Francisco Bay Area — and would like to schedule a (free) initial meeting, please contact me at jmoorelawoffice@gmail.com. However, I will not respond to questions via email, or via this website, sorry.

    If you are in California but not in the Bay Area, feel free to write as well — my colleague may take occasional cases from from outside of our region. I have not yet discussed this posting with my colleague, thus I am hesitant to give out his name and contact information until he clears it.

    Best wishes — keep fighting!

    Jamilla Moore, Esq.
    SBN 177733

  46. I am looking for an attorney that specializes in foreclosure in Pennsylvania. Do anyone know of one?

  47. NOD filed October 2009. Trustee sale now scheduled for March 2nd. Am seeking an attorney to assist in filing paperwork to halt sale…. in San Diego…

    Meantime, there are a number of liens on the property – mechanics liens and State and Federal Tax liens. I am most interested in an opinion on the mechanic’s lien because they filed a lis pendens on the property, and I am in litigation with the contractor. We are still in the “discovery” phase of the lawsuit and there may be a need to gain access to the house for inspections. The lien is about $70,000 and is complicated by the fact that it is part of a chapter 7 bankruptcy filed by the contractor, so the trustee actually owns the lien. (The trustee might release the lien, but I actually thought the lender wouldn’t foreclose because of the lis pendens. Turns out I was wrong.)

    Any thoughts for me on this issue?

  48. Allison,

    I can help you with an attorney in Chicago “that get’s it”. Call me.

    Maximum Respect,

    Christopher Thompson

    Legal Assistant

    (209) 430-7076 Direct

  49. My Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyer is Mr. Dillon Graham Esq. Tel 305-445-9185. He is the “Lawyer who gets it” and his fee is affordable. He is defending my home and he is doing excellent job. I did a lot of research, read many manuals including Niel Garfield’s, April Charney’s. I was ready to defend my house pro se then I found him. He is a very experienced litigator at Circuit Court, Appeal Court and Federal Court. He attended many foreclosure defense seminars and he is familiar with Foreclosure Defense strategies. He will give you 1 hour free consultation. I think Mr. D. Graham Esp fee is reasonable and affordable.

  50. mb morrissey,

    Click on the smaller link just above or here: http://livinglies.files.wordpress.com/2008/08/lawyers-that-get-it-090909-2.pdf
    Charles Cox

  51. is there a list of attys? it is not on the blog. Please forward the list. thanks

  52. To m in Ohio with FL case: contact attorney Scott Fistel at (954) 522-1212. He gets it, has been a speaker at Neil Garfield’s seminars.

  53. -im in ohio trying to deal with jp morgan chase-in fla. trying to fight foreclosure…i never knew they took over for wamu, no payment book was sent or payment info ..ie..where to send payments..when i opened the mail & it said foreclosure…. i had a heart attack, trying to find an atty…chase tried to purchase my home…if they own it …why?…then they forged my name on docs…claiming i signed away my home..how can they get away with this?!!….if we can be anyone with just an “X” ..then im ted turner….with his $$$ i can get an atty. to come to ohio….why arent there more class action lawsuits against the banks! what do we need to do!!!

  54. I have to ask, after two years of following this site why are there NO Attorneys in Indiana that get it? Pick up a phone book and there 30 pages of Attorneys but none that will work with foreclosures. Just thought someone would know if there is a legal extreme that Indiana just can’t have an attorney that will fight for homeowners.

  55. I filed a complaint in Federal Court in Hawaii against the lenders on two properties that my father and mother own (my mother passed away and I am the PR of the estate). We brought a TRO to stop the sale. The case includes claims for RICO violations against the HOA and local Bank.

    Can you refer a Hawaii attorney to help support the case which I have brought pro se?

  56. Robert,

    Drop me your emal so we can communicate.

    What part of N. Cal are you in?

    I’m in Santa Cruz and have a list of attorneys for both N. and S. Cali and have some idea who’s doing what.

    Charles Cox

  57. We have a wamu loan now serviced by chase. We have requested and original deed of trust which they have not complied. The property is upside down $1.5MM. We have as instructed to refin and have not received a written declination although the branch loan officer gave us a verbal and will not give us the status in writing. The same loan officer suggested modification. Chase solicited us with a writing from their Ohio office to call with questions as they would be servicing the loan. None of our calls nor emails have been returned since 10/09. We’re looking for representaion and live in Northern California.

  58. Hello.

    Can anyone refer an attorney is MA. Around Boston would be great. I left a message for Glenn Russel the other day but havent heard anything.

    Im informed when it comes to all this, and can tell you that my case is really solid.

    Please email me at casey36@hotmail.com

    Thanks in advance

  59. If you are in Phoenix or Scottsdale Arizona, or surrounding cities, and looking to have your foreclosure case reviewed by an Arizona Foreclosure Defense Lawyer, we are happy to take a look at your case.

    Steve Vondran, Esq.
    Phoenix Foreclosure Defense Lawyer
    Phone (877) 276-5084

    We are also licensed to practice law in the State of California with a focus on helping homeowners in Orange County, California.

  60. We are looking for a lawyer who can help us in Maine. We’ve been turned down for loan mod with Wells Fargo and now have fallen behind in our payments due to the 3 month trial period during which our payments were lowered. We were current up until that time.

  61. After defending myself (pro se) in my foreclosure case since 2007, I need an attorney to get me out of this dead end street ASAP. Orange County Florida.

  62. I need the name of an attorney in Nevada that understands the MERS situation.

  63. CORRECTION to my post on January 11th, 2010 at 2:29 pm – it should read:

    To Matt Zern, Frank, and anyone else looking for a lawyer in Florida, I recommend Fistel Law Firm:
    (954) 522-1212 — fsflaw@gmail.com
    Scott Fistel is a lawyer who gets it. He has been a speaker at Neil’s seminars. He’s also listed under *Find A Lawyer That “Gets It”*.

  64. To Matt Zern, Frank, and anyone else looking for a lawyer in Florida, I recommend Fistel Law Firm:
    (954) 522-1212 — (877) 347-8355

    Scott Fistel is a lawyer who gets it. He has been a speaker at Neil’s seminars. He’s also listed under *Find A Lawyer That “Gets It”*.

  65. Looking for an attorney in the Atlanta, GA area familiar with the various strategies mentioned on this site. I am preparing a very well documented RESPA, TILA, unlawful foreclosure suit and think I may need the services of an attorney.

  66. Join one of our leading Massachusetts Attorneys in the Civil Law Suit filed against two major banks. We’re looking for other attorneys and people “who get it” and wish to move their cases forward.

  67. Looking for Illinois lawyer who “gets it”. I filed rescission docs, and they were literally “unrecorded” so the sale went through. I have just now contacted the FBI for fraud and counterfeiting per this information and the whole system of mortgage fraud: http://www.thetrustee911.com/foreclosurefraud.htm. All parties, including the judge, the bank, the attorneys, the purchaser, the recorder have been put on notice. You can’t just claim fraud, you either have to countersue or contact the FBI. There’s enough case history to prove that it is fraud and counterfeiting. Based on this we should file a class action suit against all the banks and mortgage companies, and the Federal Reserve.

    I would like, however, to work with an attorney who can appear for me in court.

  68. Nancy,

    These are the only two I know of in Lake Oswego and are on Neil’s list of “lawyers that get it”. I don’t know either of them but have referred them to others in the past with no complaints:

    James Leuenberger
    4500 SW Kruse Way Suite 100
    Lake Oswego,OR 97035

    Andrew Schlesinger
    12375 Mt. Jefferson Terrace #9A
    Lake Oswego, OR 97035

  69. Do you have any attorneys in Oregon?

  70. Dear Jeff:

    Homeowners are losing in court and also their homes because they have no knowledge about the procedural rules of the court.

    If you want a lawyer referral for an competent foreclosure defense attorney that gets it — you can contact the National Alliance of Homeowners for Justice 858-361-2399.

    Have you had a forensic review done already to determine the merits of your case?

  71. Are there any Michigan based attornies or ones willing to work in MI in Oakland county? Pretty sure I have a slam dunk but incase the Judge don’t get it I will need backup… and fast!


  72. I need help with oour home mortgage.

    I need a lawyer in Palm Beach County, Florida.

    Do you have a list? I cannot find it on this webpage.

  73. Hello-
    My husband was informed recently that his current position is a temporary one and that it will not exist in three to six months. Because of this and the deteriating neighborhood we have decided to try to short sale our property. However, we were informed tthat because we can currently make payments we cannot do this. Is this true?
    In addition, at this point my husband and I are prepared to just walk away strategically. The problem is we are terrified about the effects of a foreclosure. Can someone please give us some insight into what the effects will be and if it is difficult to find a place to rent afterwards?
    Thank You!

  74. Dear Marsha Price,

    I can appreciate all your effort but you need others to help you accomplish your goal.

    What exactly is it that you wish to accomplish?

    We have suggestions that you can try out.

    Feel free to give me a call at 858-361-2399 –June

    National Alliance of Homeowners for Justice, Inc.

  75. have read your postings on a blog about TILA violations. I asked my mortgage company(Servicer, SLS) to send the loan documents and they did, however I do not see the HUD-1 document that you are referring to. Would you take a look at them for me and tell me if there is a HUD-1 document?

    This is a refinance/home equity loan with Fremont Investment. We went thru a broker. I have since divorced and we obtained a loan modification in 2008( actually only my ex’s name is on the loan Mod, I did not sign it.), my ex was living in the house and defaulted on the loan Mod. I did not know it was in foreclosure until I moved back in this past May. I had the foreclosure stopped and begin negotiating with SLS to modify. They will not budge on principal, interest etc. As a matter of fact they have offered a modification with the same interst of 5% and have made payments higher, which consists of over 75% of my income.

    They claim that they had a realtor come do an internal survey of home last July and she appraised the house at 479,900. I do not know when, who or how she did this. I did not let anyone in, they will not provide me with a copy of appraisal. Since according to them, I am not upside down on the house, they will not modify and want me to lie and say that I have my ex’s income, when I do not. He owes over 100,000 to IRS and his income has gone from, 17,000 a month to 3000 a month. He has signed a quit claim deed, but the IRS does not care they are saying they will put a lien on house.

    I received a letter from Foreclosure Attornry’s stating a hearing date of January 19th, requesting the court to let them proceed with the forclosure. Any advice?

    Thank you.

  76. Dear Crystal,

    Congratulations in the courtroom! You got the Judge to Stay the Eviction for 3 more months!

    Please stay in touch and I’m sure others would like to hear your story about how you managed your case. .

    I think you know, there is still more work to do but at least you were granted time to stay in possession of your home.

    Keep fighting!

  77. I’m looking for an attorney in Kissimmee area that can help me with my foreclousure defense. My house is up for sale in a month.

  78. My Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyer is Mr. Dillon Graham Esq. Tel 305-445-9185. He is the “Lawyer who gets it” and his fee is affordable. He is defending my home and he is doing excellent job. I did a lot of research, read many manuals including Niel Garfield’s, April Charney’s. I was ready to defend my house pro se then I found him. He is a very experienced litigator at Circuit Court, Appeal Court and Federal Court. He attended many foreclosure defense seminars and he is familiar with Foreclosure Defense strategies. He will give you 1 hour free consultation.

  79. List of Lawyer the get it close to Greenville, SC.

    Thanks, J

  80. I could really use some referrals to any attorneys practicing in Indiana. I have a mortage currently serviced by Citimortgage. Amazing they won’t consider any modification to my mortgage when the parent company is one of the largest bank bailout recipients. I am a series 24 registered principal and owned my own member broker dealer for 28 years so I understand securites regulations and mortgage backed securites MBS very well. Please help me secure legal representation to fight this fraud. Jon Mooney, CFP

  81. Hello, I would appreciate the list of “Attorneys that get it” for Central Florida. I’m at the end of my rope here.
    Thank you!

  82. I need help. Do you know of any lawyers in NJ (preferably Monmouth County) who “get it”?

  83. AHMS lost my last three payments so I stopped paying. They left a summons on my doorstep and I have been fighting foreclosure for over a year. Approved a loan mod twice and never received paperwork. It is under reveiew again and will most likely not be approved becuase of decrease in income. The home was already scheduled for auction last year and still no explanation of missing payments. I could be homeless by the New Year and need some guidance and legal help. Clearwater, Tampa Florida if anyone has suggestions please!
    Thank you.

  84. Webmaster,

    Under your list of attorneys that get it, Foreclosure Defense Group – Lawyer Listing, you have an email address error under Arizona, Joeseph W. Charles:

    ERROR: katchinson@joecharles.com
    CORRECT: katchison@joecharles.com

    You have an extra “n”

  85. Are there any new Florida attorneys from the November Seminar?

  86. HOMEOWNERS FACING FORECLOSURES AND IS looking for lawyers that are EXPERIENCED, effective and competent consumer foreclosure defense attorneys and have taken Neil’s Seminar for CLE Credits should leave their telephone contact numbers when they are looking for an attorney here in the State of California or anywhere in the country.

    Charles Cox e-mail: charles@bayliving.com is a great resource that we use for the National Alliance of Homeowners for Justice and you will find his comments on this blog.

    What ever happened to the list referral of workshop graduates from Neil’s class I really don’t know? Should be here.

    You can call NAHJ @ 858-361-2399 if you still have not had any success in finding a lawyer to represent you because you are facing foreclosure. Will try to help as best we can.

  87. Lorie Kay & John,

    Our law office gets it in Fresno and Sacramento. Please call me directly to discuss how we can help.

    Maximum Respect,
    Christopher Thompson
    Legal Assistant

  88. Neil,

    May I have a list of attorneys “who get it” in So Cal?


    – Jerry

  89. BTW, I had someone call me today looking for some legal help in Reno, NV.

    If anyone knows any attorneys in that area, please contact me.

    Charles Cox

  90. John and Lou,

    Send me an email and I’ll send you a list. I tried posting here but wouldn’t work.

    Charles Cox,

  91. I need a lawyer in the Sacramento, CA area that “GETS IT”. I have a pending lawsuit & need a lawyer who can take over the case from me as Pro Se. Please email any info you have on lawyers that “GET IT”.

    Kind regards!

  92. Kindly email me asap lawyers that get it here in the los Angeles area especially in the San Fernando Valley area of LA.

    Also, do you know of any class action case(s) filed vs Indy mac bank by any CA lawyers on behalf of CA borrowers?

    Keep up your good work

    Thank you very much

    Lou Cordoba

  93. PoppaKoppa sez: Let’s tell it straight!

    The Wall Street pretender lenders, prankster banksters and squishy beneficiary Trusts unlawfully discount your original note when they do an untitled transfer of your property at a sham foreclosure auction that extracts an unnecessary 20% from home equities, THEY are made whole by pay offs on Credit Default Swaps, re-insurance from a Quasi government entity, and/or rapid re-sale of Your American Dream @ 50% of the NOD amount owed.
    They blame YOU for failing to meet obligations THEY established. After inflicting untold emotional and financial harm, wearing down your Main Street Spirit, they ask you to say “THANK YOU, SIR!” when swoon goons will hand you back the keys to your own home!
    Some folks call the past two years a period of necessary social change (socialism). I call it unjust transfer of wealth, demise of capitalism, and “Tyranny on The Courthouse Steps!” The Mass Media and Talking Heads will applaud this program as a Sigh of Relief for American Society… NAHJ supporters and Forty Percent of homes still in distress should see TEARS falling from The Statue of Liberty!

    U.S. offers rental programs to foreclosed homeowners
    Is renting your home an option after foreclosure?

    By Amy E. Buttell, Cyberhomes Contributor

    Published: December 4, 2009

    Programs offered by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae give homeowners the option to remain in their foreclosed home as renters. (Photo: Rich Pedroncelli/Associated Press)
    If you’ve received a foreclosure notice or are in imminent danger of foreclosure and your mortgage is owned by government agencies Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, you may be able to rent your home (or former home) at an affordable rate.
    Fannie Mae’s Deed for Lease Program, begun in November 2009, and Freddie Mac’s REO Rental Option program, started in January 2009, aim to keep more homeowners in their homes, even if they no longer own them. Below are the three most common questions homeowners are asking about the rental programs.
    What do I need to do to participate in a foreclosure rental program?
    First, you need to figure out if Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac owns your mortgage, says Ryan Boyajian, president of We Save Homes Inc., a publicly traded company that assists homeowners with loan modifications and short sales. You can find out here:
    Freddie Mac Fannie Mae
    While some banks and finance companies that own mortgages are offering similar programs, only mortgages owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are eligible for these two programs.
    What are the qualifications?
    They include:

    * Your income must be sufficient to make rental payments.
    * The property must be in good condition.
    * For Fannie Mae-owned properties, second mortgage liens aren’t eligible and subordinate liens must be released. You must surrender your mortgage deed (known as a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure). You also cannot be involved in an active bankruptcy proceeding. Homeowners who are current on their mortgage payments aren’t eligible.
    * Under the Freddie Mac program, foreclosure must have already been completed, meaning you weren’t eligible for a loan modification.
    * The home must be your primary residence.
    * If you are a tenant of a Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae homeowner, you are also eligible for these programs.

    What are the terms of the rental, if I qualify?
    The terms vary. Rents, especially in areas hard hit by home prices declines, will be at regional fair market value rates, which are likely to be significantly lower than most borrowers’ payments, says Andrew Housser, co-CEO of Freedom Debt Relief, a San Mateo, Calif.-based company that helps consumers settle their debts. In other words, “your rent payment will never be more than 31 percent of your income, but that amount must equal or exceed the fair market rent in your area for your type of home,” says Boyajian.

    Under the Freddie Mac program, the rental is month-to-month, so if your house is sold under foreclosure to a new owner, you will have to leave at the end of the month. The Fannie Mae program provides greater stability, as the leases are 12-months, and your home will not be put up for sale during that time.

    The time period to complete the lease agreement varies, but Fannie Mae expects its property managers to approve the rental application and complete the deal within 10 days, says Mia Melle, broker and president of operations at Renttoday.us, a Southern California property manager. She urges homeowners to respond quickly to a rental offer. “They have 72 hours to respond,” she says. “If they don’t, the offer will be rescinded.” Under this program, Fannie Mae may decide to extend leases for another year or continue the arrangement on a month-to-month basis.

    CHARLES J. KOPPA, Realtor/Loan Officer/Investor/Grandfather, 760-787-9966 & the National Alliance of Homeowners for Justice dba: HELPING FAMILIES SAVE THEIR HOMES FOUNDATION

    “Looking for Homeowner Volunteers Across America to Rescue Homeless Families That Have Lost Their Homes to Foreclosure” Call: 1-888-899-8915 / 909-795-4046

  94. I have tried to work the short sale process for 11 months, 16 loans for $1.3M in properties. I cannot find a lawyer ‘who gets it’ in the Kansas City Area. I need to speak with a lawyer in the KC MO area.

    I have 11 months of call logs full of mis-information and lies given to me by the operators of both Bank of America and GMAC (including the former lenders Countrywide/Greenpoint and Homecomings).

    I was told on Tuesday by the Bank of America negotiator that I don’t qualify for a modification until ‘I have overcome my hardships’. Those hardships being that the properties don’t bring in enough revenue (due to reduced rent roles and vacancy) to cover the current loans, thus I don’t qualify. I have also not overcome the vacancy ‘hardship’ and thus don’t qualify either.

    For this particular modification, the “investor” (I believe it is Well Fargo) have their own loan modification rules and it’s ‘out of BOA’s hands’. Negotiators are assigned loans based on their knowledge of how the ‘investor’ negotiates loan modifications.

  95. Lorie Kay,


    Please send your email address and I’ll send you a list.

    A number of attorneys do not read or subscribe to this so they won’t get your message.

    Charles Cox

  96. Dear Sir, I am desperate for help and answers I have a Fannie Mae Loan and Flagstar is my lender and they are not willing to work with me!! I am a homeowner and single mom for the past twenty one years with not one but two dead beat dads. I have worked two jobs for the past twenty years to make ends meet or just to survive. Last year I lost my job. My dad built my home. For ten years, weekends and vacations blood sweat tears and joy and a labor of love and every extra penny he had. then he retired here when it was finished. He took a mortgage out on this home and property when he retired to pay off his debt of $46,000. After a year of living here he got diagnosed with terminal cancer his last wish to die at home with honor. My sister wouldn’t give up her life and move to take care of him so me and my children did. When dad got diagnosed, he wanted me to have this home but I had to get a loan to pay off his mortgage I tried several times with several brokers and lenders and no one could get me approved since I just moved up here and just started working and I have had horrible credit. We accepted that we quick claimed deeded the home to both my sister and I just in case he passed away while I was attempting to get a mortgage and we just sell the home and split the profit. Until I met Patty Fulton from Great lakes Mortgage and she said “Fannie Mae widened their guidelines on a lot of things and we were able to tell them I was working at McDonalds and that I made $2,200 a month I never have for thirteen years when in actuality I hadn’t worked there in over a year and half and just started to work there again when I moved up here. Also she said that we had to put it through as a cash-out refinance because my credit quite where Fannie Mae needed so I need to pay off some of my debt to increase my credit score. The house value is $148,000 and my loan was for $65,000. But it got approved amazingly. I spent 30 minutes with her filling out application and that was it she even joked(I could loose my job for this) I thought really why ?She had the white out a few times I don’t remember what for and she said power to the little people but in truth she was just setting me up. But never questioned again. I was so afraid of the entire thing so I clammed up. She made money .I had to do the closing with another lady who had me initial here and there. This Lady her name is Lois from Milltown Title and escrow she actually came to my dad’s death bed to have him sign papers and check for paying off his loan and she took that check to the credit union to pay it off. Plus she made every one quick claim themselves off the deed so I was the only title holder? We gave up everything and we made this community our new lives. Dad’s life insurance wasn’t enough to pay off mortgage (so he gave it to my sister) and gave me this wonderful home and he thought if I stayed current I could get money from equity later. Little did he know the economy would turn upside down the past three years. I got a job here and got a mortgage in my name to pay off the house. My dad was only expected to live for 7-10 days. He lived until the day my mortgaged was signed actually three days after. Diagnosed July 3.2006 he died September 14,2006. no food or drink but he didn’t want me to loose this home. now because of unknowing what my right s are and were I have already foreclosed on my home and about to get evicted unless I can pay $90,393 to redeem or get Flagstar to work with me and this Mod Making Homes Affordable but they said I don’t qualify which I know is a lender based decision. Before my home went into foreclosure last year I used MSHda services and she Alice Yoeman told me my only options were to pay off the $12,000 in delinquency(based on her communication with Flagstar) not because my insurance lapsed and now which when I was having problems already paying the $632 and in a payment plan I received a noticed my payments were going up to $1190 a month. After researching this year I know some of my rights would have included a escrow shortage loan options or anything else not to contact an attorney before the sale So I didn’t know what to do. So My home was sold at the sheriff sale last November 19,2008 and Because I live on more than 3 acres I had a year redemption. The end of my redemption process has already happened with eviction process to soon start. When my home was sold I got letters from Flagstar and Trott and Trott saying that there is still options to save my home and to contact them which I did immediately. In February they told me my only options were to pay $8,000 then we could work on mod. Which I didn’t and still don’t have. In April with the roll out of the Making Homes Affordable program I contacted Flagstar again and they said I qualify send in all paperwork which I did on April 06,2009. In June I received paperwork from Flagstar saying they needed more information which I didn’t know was a Letter of Verification(you see I am on unemployment for the first time in my life and I did not know that I could and should have contacted UIA office to get this so I printed out what was available to me online which only verified that my benefits only ran through December so because of this the Loan Specialist (Candace Pebbles)who is no longer with Flagstar not requesting or knowing what information was needed or how I could get it I was not qualified for Fannie Mae Loan as of July 30 because I couldn’t prove that my benefits weren’t for at least 9 months(Fannie Mae Guidelines)and now with extensions my benefits run for an other 52 weeks. Any how when I found out I could get a letter from UIA in October 19,2009I did just that and faxed it in immediately to Flagstar but they at this point  will do nothing even with 1 year of benefits remaining. Andrea Boeman-Davis at Flagstar is the supervisor of Loss Mitigation(248-312-2199). I have Jarvis from Mission of Peace in Flint, a HUD faith -based-sponsored program helping me and she told us that I don’t qualify now because I am in the redemption period (this is a lie! I called Fannie Mae hotline and they told me it a lender based decision. I just paid another company $200 because they insisted that until the eviction noticed is served I have rights. Well guess what they couldn’t help at all either. I continue to fight to my last breath. I am a first time home owner who don’t know my rights and don’t have to any adult friends or family whom I can turn to for guidance. Me and my family need desperately your attention to this matter ASAP.
    Any information or guidance will be appreciated. Last Monday the Real Estate Agent named Laurie Jamison (Coldwell Banker989-3902464)came to my home and advised me that my options are through another company I never heard of PMH Financial Assets) and told me if I don’t agree to the cash for keys option that the eviction process will start in three days .Will a Truth in lending audit help me? Who do I ask the judge or free legal aid how what who? What do I need to do? I was terrified that if I said anything regarding Patty Fulton predatory lending, mortgage fraud, and misrepresentations, actions that I would get in trouble but now I know that that was part of her plan to make me believe that was my only option to get the loan approved and My father sickness and my vulnerability and unknowingly got taken set up to default so they could flip the house and make a huge profit!. Today I called a lot of people and they all told me that they are not the parties to be named or holder of due course to contact Fannie Mae and I did but no one has called me back.
    Nobody over the past 15 months said hey do you think you may have been a victim? I know I Am! I need help to find out what course I need to take! I am sorry that it took the Holy spirit to help me get my strength up to not let this go unpunished. I feel that I have been mistreated by all the partied involved because they want nothing to do with a lawsuit and now I need help to stop the eviction process until legal action can be sought! I called the courthouse today and the person told me that Federal National Mortgage Association attorney Donald King 248-723-6952 filed paperwork today and that eviction start or court would be on December 10.I need help please.
    Thanks in advance,
    Crystal Young
    1602 Stephan Bridge Road
    Grayling, MI,49734

  97. I need a lawer that “gets it”, I am in Fresno, CA. I am Between San Fran and LA. Please Call 559-299-5105. The Bank Foreclosed in Secret! No Notice, None even Filed with County Recorders Office. Bank lead us to think they were working with us on a short sell. We even Brought them (Bank) a buyer for $10,000. Over the loan Amount and they just let it sit there, then foreclosed on us in secret. I have been doing the paper work in Pro Per and have filed a Complaint for Fraud, Deceit, and Wrongful Foreclosure. Now it is over my head. HELP!

  98. The Big Guy:

    I don’t think there is a single homeowner who does not think they would not qualify for a loan modification because they want to stay inside their home. There is a difference between an agreed upon loan modification versus requesting/demanding a principal reduction of your balance on the loan so that future payments in the next 30 years is affordable for you. Oftentimes, the latter to do a principal reduction of your loan is rarely granted by the alleged Bank or alleged Investor. We believe there is only one answer at the NAHJ if they continue to try to force you out of your home because of a failed modification between the parties.

    You can read all about the pitfalls of loan modifications and the HAMP Program on this blog and other sites not too favorable to the idea.

    Ask yourself if you are actually in control of the loan modification or is it the mortgage servicers and the Banks they work for are actually in control over your options. They seem to provide no other options for the homeowners than what will work only for them. But will it for you? In other words, for the loan modification to work someone has to answer “yes” to the issues at hand. Are you answering “yes” to the default when it may not have even occurred? or maybe you really believe it is not your fault and therefore deserve a loan modification?

    Before contacting an attorney, there are several things you should have already performed or prepared to see if a lawyer will even consider taking your case seriously.

    Homeowners wait too long to get the competent help of a seasoned foreclosure defense attorney and then they are shocked when they are told it will cost them thousands of $$’s more down the line because the lawyer has to to try to make sense of your case and may have to unwind any messes the homeowners may have gotten themselves into with the alleged lender and their servicing companies.

    Somethings you just cannot unwind and later does become an impossibility to try to fix. Time is not on the homeowners side to take remedial and legal action necessary if they want to preserve interest of their home and stopping the foreclosure.

    No one else can really stop the foreclosure action once you go into default.

    Only the homeowner.

    June Reyno
    National Alliance of Homeowners for Justice

  99. Lots of good information here and lots of things that almost scare the heck out of me for the future.

    I would appreciate the name(s) of those attorneys that ‘get it’ in the Phoenix, ARIZONA, or those that can legally practice law in this state regarding LOan Modification experience dealing with CHASE as the ‘supposed’ note holder and servicer of my mortgage.

    Even guidance will help. I will do the research, the paperwork, filings, whatever.

    I am just missing the December payment as I have been supplementing my income with my savings since I lost my job in March ’08.

    We both lost our unemployment in the last few weeks so we are $2200 short. Fortunately, I receive a military pension and disability and she receives a smaller pension.

    I will start SS in March ’10 and that will help signiicantly.

    I have been sending paperwork to CHASE since Feb.’09. Just sent the 4th edition to the Executive Resolution Center this past Monday .

    But the future looks quite dim for loan modification even though I fully qualify for the MOD.

    Words???, advice???, etc.

  100. Here’s an attorney in New York/New Jersey who gets it!!! He represented a client at the “ninth hour” in a foreclosure matter- summary judgment for bank already ordered, court granted permission for sale of house. Sale even took place with plaintiff/bank buying back house. Somehow got court to halt all activities in case, with a hearing held mid-November. Based on this attorney’s argument, court allowed his firm approx. 4 weeks to file answer to bank’s affidavit!!! Attorney has great opportunity to highlight fraud that was perpetrated against homeowner. Will keep you posted on the outcome!!! We strongly believe it’s gonna be positive for the homeowner!!
    In the meantime, if you need a great attorney in New York/New Jersey who gets it, do not hesitate to contact:

    Farrel Donald, Esq.

  101. PS: Put Peggy Brown’s name and contact on your
    Attorney’s That Get It List.

    The judge is ruling on our TRO this monday at 2:00pm.

  102. Neil,

    Happy Thanksgiving Day To All.

    I just wanted to post the name of a Georgia Attorney “That REALLY GETS IT”. That has taken off the blinders, done the research and case work study.

    And now, she can articulate the “MERS as nominee, No Note-No Standing Argument”, with the best in the business. If you live in the State of Georgia and need
    the services of “An Attorney That Gets It”. I highly recommend Peggy Brown. We are in US District Court in Atlanta and she is doing an outstanding job.

    Gary Goldman

    Peggy L. Brown, Esq.
    The Law Offices of Peggy L. Brown, PC
    250 Langley Drive, Ste #1301
    Lawrenceville, GA 30046
    (770) 225-0091 cell
    (770) 338-2026 office

  103. Here it is…Back by Popular Demand:

    What to Ask Your Prospective Attorney
    Posted on November 25, 2009 by livinglies

    So you have decided to challenge your servicer as to whether they really have the right to collect anything from you and whether they have been turning over payments to the “proper party” (the real lender) and whether they have any information regarding the securitization of your loan, and an accounting for ALL money exchanged or paid in connection with your loan.

    You’ve decided to challenge the pretender lender on whether they really own your loan and whether they “represent” any other entity that might be the REAL LENDER. You want to know who the real lender is and whether they have any enforceable right to collect money, enforce the note or obligation, or enforce the mortgage or deed of trust.

    You have decided to hire an attorney, but like all fields, there are attorneys that are good at one thing and not so much on others. You want an attorney who is a crusader, who is not looking for a single silver bullet like “produce the note.” You want someone who believes in you and believes in your case. You want someone you can trust and whom you like. Big retainers mean big bills generally speaking unless they charge you a project fee that is all inclusive.

    Yes this is a lot of work to do, but hiring an attorney who is only halfheartedly representing you with the notion that you owe the money and anything he does for you is enough, even if it is a minor delay. Keep looking. Don’t expect the first one you meet to be THE ONE.

    And remember it is YOUR case, they didn’t screw you (the securitization players did that) and they don’t owe you anything. They spent a lot of time getting educated and trained to practice law and they are entitled to substantial fees compared with other jobs.

    Here are the the things you should want to know and to get CLEAR answers that are verifiable from any attorney you interview:

    1. What type of practice do they have?
    2. Have they litigated property matters before? How many times? With what results?
    3. Have they litigated mortgage issues including foreclosures? How many times? with what results?
    4. Do they have any specialization, certification or degrees in real property law, securities, contract law, Uniform Commercial Code, appraisals, real estate closings? What are those and when did they get it?
    5. Do they have a working knowledge and experience litigating in Federal Court (bankruptcy preferred), State Court, jury trials, non-jury trials. How many trials have they been lead counsel? What is their record of success?
    6. How would they rate themselves in proficiency in motion practice, discovery, trial, cross examination?
    7. Can you get references from other clients?
    8. Will they litigate to win or just delay the proceedings?
    9. What are their personal views regarding the foreclosure crisis? Is their attitude one of outrage as to what has been done to homeowners, the national and world economy or complacency with a wink at the Judge that this is a real obligation that the “borrower” owes but wants to get out of because of some procedural sleight of hand?
    10. What do they think of the financial bailout to Wall Street?
    11. Do they agree that the homeowners were targeted victims of a vast scheme to drain homeowners and investors of as much wealth as possible or do they think borrowers were the greedy ones trying to buy houses they couldn’t afford?
    12. What do they propose to do for you? Do they have experts with whom they maintain relationships? who are those experts? can you speak with them?
    13. How much do they charge and how do they charge (by the hour, monthly, contingency fee, costs, expenses).
    14. What is the total amount they expect that you will be charged for this litigation? (Ignorance would indicate they haven’t been doing this much or with much success).
    15. Will you be provided with copies of all correspondence and notes to file?
    16. Will you have telephone access tot he attorney? How often? For how long?
    17. Will this attorney be representing you and working your file or an associate? If an associate, you want to ask the same questions regarding the above.

    Listen carefully to the answers. Take notes. Go home and think it over even if it only for an hour. Don’t let “emergency” conditions dictate settling for an attorney who doesn’t understand securitized residential mortgages. It will only get worse that way.

  104. Hello Rose, thanks 4 the advice.. Funny thing was it worked this time, it’s not like I haven’t clicked on it a bunch of times in the past month, maybe I’m not the only one !!! or maybe I am the stupid one !!!

  105. June Reyno,
    My e-mail is r44msalsa@aim.com… sorry, I thought that when I put the e-mail address in the in the box above that you would have it, I will call and leave you my number also, thanks for responding…

  106. Charles,
    While I agree that the list in inadequate, the people who are posting here without having looked at the the list or tried to contact attorneys listed are doing themselves a disfavor by being relying one someone else (anyone else, apparently) to do their homework for them.

    My point is that you MUST take control of your own problem. If the first attorney you call doesn’t do foreclosure defense, go to the next, if he or she is too busy, ask then for a referral. If that fails, go back to the list. I know it’s hard, I know it’s frustrating, but it’s UP TO YOU to defend your own home.

    People are going to have to get used to pushing. Pushing themselves, pushing their attorneys, pushing the pretender lenders, pushing the judicial system. It’s going to be a LONG uphill fight, and if you can not push to find an attorney for yourself then I fear your fight is doomed from the start.

    That may sound cold, but it IS the truth.

    Best of luck to everyone.

  107. Hello Donny Parks,

    What is your e-mail and contact number?

    I have gotten several e-mails from you without ability to contact you by phone or by e-mail.

    June Reyno @ 858-361-2399
    National Alliance of Homeowners for Justice

    People see this! A must watch video release:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZA0qNsf4m0& feature=player_embedded

  108. Rose,

    The problem is, not everyone on the list is practicing foreclosure defense and some are too busy to be of any help. The other thing is lack of coverage in some areas.

    Your suggestion is a good first step and I would strongly urge everyone to download the list and try there first before posting for help here but there have been some responses to those looking for attorneys on the blog that get responses from attorneys not on the list or other recommendations.

    ALso, there are those that are not on the list that are practicing or others that know someone in their areas that may not be represented on the list.

    It certainly is a problem…again, I’m still to find one in Central Caliornia that “gets it” and is practicing and even in California, they are few and far between.

    Charles Cox

  109. To everyone…. if you are looking for an attorney, the thing to do is NOT to post “I’m looking for an attorney”. You need to click on the link just below the title of this post.

    It will bring up a PDF with names, phone numbers and email addresses separated by STATE. If your state is not listed, there have been no attorneys in your state that have taken Neil’s course.

    If your state is listed, start calling these attorneys. You HAVE to do this yourself! Neil and his staff can’t do it for you!

    Best of luck to all of you and keep up the good fight!

  110. We know we have a good case guys, can I get a response ?

  111. Help needed in mcihigan, asap for my brother. Looking for “An attorney who gets it”.


  112. Where is the list of ATTORNEYS THAT GET IT? I had found it once before and now it seems to be gone?

    Looking for an attorney for a friend in Oregon


  113. I need a lawyer that gets it in or around Cincinnati Ohio…. We have been studing the things on this site for some time, but, we really do not know how to act in court, but, we have a case, we are in forecloser, my name was scratched off the note, meres has committed fraud, and the pretender lenders for that matter, we will fight this to the very end, and file suite, but none of the lawyers we know about get it…. Help !!

  114. My properties are located in southern Maryland. I would greatly appreciate working with an attorney that “gets it” Please advise how to find one.

  115. I am in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have an FHA loan through Wells Fargo. I had a loan modification done early in 2009 only to fall into another work doldrum this summer (I am self employed).

    I am in default and WF has retained a lawyer but as of yet they have not filed for foreclosure.

    I need help. Work has picked up considerably but my past months’ income problems aren’t helping in the approval process for a loan modification (at least that’s what they say)- and reading this site I am having big doubts about going that route anyway.

    I am looking for a lawyer who gets it’ and wants to help a fellow human being and his family. I am willing to pay for the effort if you can convince me we can get somewhere. I’m also willing to offer my own services to defray costs if it is agreeable. I am a graphic designer and marketing communications consultant. I do web sites (including search engine optimization), brochures, and the whole gammut for B2B and consumer oriented companies, as well as non profits and political action committees. Following our introduction I will link you to my web site and examples of my work.

    I am also willing to put in the extra effort to do the menial and mundane tasks that would be associated with OUR case.

    Let me know if we can work together. Tell me what you would do first and perhaps any highlights of past foreclosure defense successes in line with the main points of this web site.


  116. Louisiana Atty needed NOW!

    Please email me ASAP. Sheriff’s Auction is Wednesday, Nov 25, 2009. I need a injunction to stay foreclosure and Quiet title filed. I have already notified them of TILA rescission by cert. mail.

    I have all county clerk records as well as other important docs.Please contact me right away with your phone number. Thanks!

  117. Need an attorney in Saint Louis familiar with preventing a MERS foreclosure from PNC.

  118. Counter point to June Reyno’s post:

    What I’m finding is not so much that clients aren’t giving anything to an attorney to hang their hat on (how would they know what the attorney needs if the attorney they’re approaching doesn’t know?) but there are very few attorneys that either “get it” or are practicing in this field or have procedures in place for proper intake and qualification of the client themselves (e.g. proper and adequate forensic reviews, etc).

    To date, I have not yet found any attorney that “gets it” in all of Central California. I would also say there are at most, maybe a handfull in the whole State. This is in a State which may contain 1/3 of the foreclosure problem in the US… maybe 7 million in need!

    The same holds true for forensic review companies. They are few and far between. Most just provide computer generated reports that are of little use, take your money and do little for it, don’t provide any [expert] witness for evidentiary support [foundation] or take reviews any further than just the minimal TILA, RESPA and HOEPA issues (which typically have statute of limitations problems anyway). There are also problems with any firm either producing QWRs (legally) which needs to be part of the procedure and typcially can only be written by attorneys or the client due to unauthorized-practice-of-law or other statutory issues.

    A number of clients have done some work but quite a few have been misled by information they’ve received online or from sources that only have their own interests in mind (unlike LivingLies).

    Most don’t have any original paperwork, most can’t get it, QWRs are only marginally effective, so it is very difficult for anyone to know what/where/when to do, let alone have any idea how to give an attorney what they need to build a case. I would contend that is an attorney’s job. Who best to have done enough due diligence to know if a forensic review firm provides what is necessary to build a case? Therein lies one of the problems (“who’s on first?”)

    I agree, a forensic review is an excellent first step for various causes of action or affirmative defenses but while your suggestion of this as the place to start, once you find a review firm (again, challenging in and of itself) that does a proper job like FDG or the very few others, where to take that information is still problematic for most.

    Having attended both Neil’s Contiuum for attorneys (I’m not an attorney) and Michael Pines’ Foreclosure Prevention workshops and seeing how many attorneys at each want to help but are challenged by the issues facing them, I can see how difficult it will continue to be in finding adequate legal representation.

    Unfortunately, the problem we’re facing goes much deeper than TILA, RESPA, HOEPA, FDCPA, Rosenthal, EOA, etc., and requires an attorney throroughly educated on not just these subjects but many others or with enough experience and knowledge to know when he/she needs to seek help and how to obtain it.

    The deck is stacked against us. The “lenders” have unlimited funds, the biggest law-firms on their side and are experts at misrepresentation. We have a major challenge faciing us for which there is very limited skilled help.

    In my opinion, foreclosure defense attorneys (we need litigators!), forensic review firms and others in this field need to network, form coalitions and do everything we can to combine our efforts to go after these crooks with our guns loaded. We must be proactive, not reactive.

    June’s suggestion is a good one, I’m just presenting a counterpoint that finding skilled, educated and trained help in this field is at best, difficult.
    Keep up the fight!

    Charles Cox

  119. My name is Richard B. Carey and I am an attorney who “gets it.” I cover Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, and Broward counties. I charge little and fight hard because I believe in the cause. Visit my website at http://www.keepyourfloridahome.com and if you have questions my information is located on the Contact Us tab. Let me help you save your home.

  120. […] Chase – Email campaign for Monday, who's in? Here's more info for June" Lawyers That Get It – 090909 (2) Livinglies’s Weblog By the way, you ought to start a NEW thread for your case so it doesn't get buried under an […]

  121. Dear Distressed Homeowners:

    If you are having problems finding an attorney to take your case it is because you are not giving the lawyer anything to hang their hat on!

    Believe me, there isn’t one lawyer that will not take what he believes to be a winning case. Just speaking about your case all day long is not going to get the job done. Save your words for another time. Get the preliminary forensic review done soonest time by LL FDG!

    You really need to show the hard material facts to show the lawyer that you want to take your case that you have a winning case! This blog site can help you do it! If they cannot (because of either work overload and other demands) I ‘m sure they can refer you to someone in your state or region.

    First, you should as a must and a first requirement, (because you want the lawyer to say yes in taking your case) have a preliminary forensic review done of your loan docs.

    This is offered here by FDG on this blog site. Take advantage of the low cost to have it done because a full blown one can cost in the upwards of $5,000+ to do. You don’t need a full blown one right now. Just a preliminary review of your paperwork for now to hire a LL alumni attorney to represent you.

    It’s a very powerful tool to use for all intents and purposes. Second, when its completed by FDG proudly walk it in to the lawyer and ask him to take your case “on-[a]fee contingency basis” meaning that you are willing to assign him a portion of the settlement amount or award in damages without paying a high up front cost to [retain]er fee. Beg (okay maybe not beg that much because you have on hand your forensic review results) him/her to take upon settlement of your case a percentage amount –which could be anywhere from 35% to 40 percent % (if he has to take it to trial) when your case settles or you win your case whichever comes first.

    Remember, when you don’t have the money to pay a lawyer–everything is negotiable! There is not an attorney in the world that will take your case on “fee contingency basis” if you do not provide up front (and convincing material evidence to show) that you believe you have a winning case and you know what you are talking about!

    If homeowners did their homework ahead of time and produced for their prospective legal counsel an accurate and timely forensic review reporting of the RESPA & TILA violations and possibly found other serious violations under FDCPA, EOA, and HOEPA etc. etc. the lawyer may just say Yes!

    Don’t wait another day to do this! Time is never on your side when you are faced with an imminent foreclosure. You must act today to protect your single most important lifetime investment – your family home and … that of others who have made a house you additionally purchased making it their family home too.

    Please send the National Alliance of Homeowners for Justice (NAHJ) your stories and personal experience with your lender and their mortgage servicers.

    Email: june.reyno@gmail.com
    858-361-7899 (Call the NAHJ Intake @ 1-888-668-0686 or 909-795-4046 if you have an urgent matter you need help with in California and neighboring states).

  122. To: Edwina Restaino

    Hi, I also reside in NJ. and going through foreclosure in Bergen County. How is your case going? Did You find a Lawyer that “GETS IT”?

    I am also in need of a good lawyer, and find it very difficult to find “GET IT” lawyers in NJ. My (c) 917-710-0018
    (e) lucyyoo@gmail.com

    You should get your mortgage audited for any violations, and should help your case.

    Anyone who can recommend a great lawyer in New Jersey?

    Good Luck and KEEP FIGHTING!!!!!!

    Thank you,


  123. Where is the list of questions to ask attorneys so we can decide if they “get it” or not?

  124. Need recommendation for attorney in Southeast Michigan who “gets it’.

    The bank just took my home with NO notice – right in the middle of a loan modification.


  125. Need recommendation for attorney in Southeast Michigan who “gets it’.

    The bank just took my home with NO notice – right in the middle of a loan modification.

  126. A number of us want to establish a coalition of attorneys and support personnel to cooperate sharing procedures, information and provide available specialized expertise and resources in pursuing this field. So far, everyone seems scattered and searching for help, training and comprehensive specialized education. We need a centeralized repository for qualified personnel to draw from and a place where strategies both sucessful and unsuccessful can be sourced specifically for those of us on this side of the equation. No one single source is available yet with LivingLies being the best so far.

    I attended another workshop for attorneys by Michael Pines’ group last Saturday at UC Davis School of Law. They seem to be the real deal, a West Coast counterpart to Neil’s efforts and they are trying as well, to train lawyers and other professionals (like forensic auditors) to provide access to those needing the help. I plan to attend their 5 day forensic audit program in February to up my skill set and they are getting lawyers to attend their bootcamps they have throught the year.

    The attorneys at the workshop/seminar really seemed to be interested in cooperating with one another to try and get as up to speed as possible but are still quite pensive given how complicated and an up-hill battle fighting these guys is, particularly here in California. I noticed a few attorneys there that I met in San Diego at Neil’s workshop.

    It is challenging out here!

    Charles Cox

  127. Hi June,

    I met you in San Diego at Neil’s Continuum…we didn’t have a chance to talk though.

    The short list contains attorneys that are not all alumni. There is a real shortage of both alumni and those that have any experience or desire to be in the foreclosure defense field. In fact, I have yet to find one to paralegal for (still looking). These attorneys come from other attorney or in-field professionals that have made referrals.

    Good foreclosure defense attorneys are few and far between.

    Charles Cox

  128. Hello All:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you ! for the list of the Neil Garfield Alumni FDG (presumed and I hope) attorney names for CALIFORNIA! Listing their names and contact information is really helpful. Let’s keep the communication bilateral! People comment on this blog but the person I think forgets to leave their direct contact information.

    Please remember to leave your e-mail and telephone number if you need the help or can offer help for homeowners in foreclosure.

    There was at one time– on this blog site, a list of about 30+ questions you can ask the lawyer to test his knowledge and experience in litigating cases involving securitized loans before you (as the distressed borrower homeowner) decides to use their services. If you can’t find it e-mail LivingLies and ask for it!

    Or call us at the National Alliance of Homeowners for Justice and I’ll send you our copy that we pass out to homeowners who’s looking for an attorney.

    June Reyno @ 858-361-2399
    e-mail: june.reyno@gmail.com

  129. Allan Cory
    Santa Rosa, CA
    (415) 328-5409

    Stan Lockhart
    Alameda, CA 96073
    Marc Fisher
    Folsom, CA
    (916) 988-8001

    Jim Nations
    Alameda, CA
    (510) 301-4004

    George Taggart
    (916) 792-9275

    Ruben Nocos
    San Mateo, CA
    (650) 320-1747

    Shah Peerally
    Fremont, CA
    (510) 742-5887

    Johnson Lazaro
    Newark, CA
    (510) 438-686

  130. Charles Cox

    Im actually in solano county. Thanks again.

  131. A few N. Cal Attorneys:

    Catherine King
    Redding, California
    (530) 221-2640

    Richard Hall
    Auburn, CA
    (530) 888-7100

    Joseph Sheerin
    Santa Rosa, CA
    (707) 569-1546

    Michael Rooney
    San Francisco
    (415) 533-0282

  132. Tim/Cal.,

    Where are you? Santa Rosa?

    Let me know and I’ll post some in your general area to contact.

    Charles Cox

  133. Mystic or anyone with info on this subject,

    We are also looking for an attorney who gets it in the northern cali area. Ive done alot of the footwork already and found some interesting info when I did the chain of title at the recorders office. We will be having our 3rd ud trial this thursday so were looking for a good attorney who understands the system. Thanks and God Bless

    fifita77@att.net 707-315-6415

  134. Need a lawyer in New Jersey, please contact me at my (c)917-710-0018 or my email: lucyyoo@gmail.com.

    I already got mortgage forensic audited done.

    It’s a high cost loan,

    Plaintiff is US Bank National Association, as trustee for the registered holders of asset backed pass through certificates series 2007-AMC.

    Original lender is Argent Mortgage llc, closed on October 11th 2006.

    80/20 Adjustable

    2nd mortgage is Anson St. llc, server is Resurgent llc
    In Feb. 2007, received noticed that serving will be served by Ocwen Loan Servicing llc .

    Started missing payment on Oct. 2008.

    Served with foreclosure summons on March 2009.

    Got mortgage audited, and found many violations, such as Respa, Hoepa and Tila…… high cost loan…..

    I’m doing this to help my NEPHEW.
    He was making barely 30k a year, and was approved for 700k house………………………

    Please help me find a lawyer that “GETS IT”


    Thank you,


  135. Natalie,
    I have a very good attorney who gets it in Texas. Call me ASAP to refer you to them.

    Maximum Respect,
    Christopher Thompson
    Consumer Advocate
    (209) 430-7076

  136. Hello Sandra Cole:

    Just looking at website and saw that you are trying to reach me. The correct spelling of my name is Scott Fistel , FISTEL LAW FIRM and my office number is 954-522-1212 and my email is fsflaw@gmail.com.

    Please contact me with your concerns.


  137. Looking for a Lawyer who gets it in Riverside co. California. Was working with a Real Estate Agent with an attorney who stopped a trustee sale for us a year ago today. We received a handwritten note under the door saying our home had been sold in a trustee sale yesterday. We received no notification trustee sale or reconveyence or any notification at all since last year. Help


  138. Hi Brad, I could not find the # of Carole Ashererarry. or Scott Fisstel in Fl. Please send me there phone #s. Thank you. Sandy

  139. Any one looking for a great attorney in Rhode Island that gets it call George Babcock at 401-274-1905.

  140. To anyone needing assistance in Arizona, we “get it” We are currently helping out Arizona families dealing with foreclosure. we can assist in eviction proceedings, quiet title, mortgage rescission and more. Call us at 602-424-5734 and ask for our foreclosure assistance department.

  141. Need a great lawyer to fight foreclosure in New Jersey, can anyone recommend one in NJ? Thank you…..


  142. Have a great lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida who “gets it”! I walked into her office despairing over my foreclosure situation and walked out so relieved knowing that I had an advocate like her in my corner.

    Her info is: Alison Emery, 904-610-5710

  143. Looking for an attorney in Dallas, Texas area. Just received notice to accelerate. Chase services this loan, was originally with ResMae.

  144. I am looking for help here in Phoenix Arizona. I live in a twon named Queen Creek, one of the hardest hit by decreasing values in home value. Has anyone had any expereince with GMAC Mortgage? I need to some foreclosure Defense help. Thanks

  145. Need help fast in Las Vegas. Loan Mod isn’t going fast enough and I had an eviction notice posted this Fri (11/6/09). Greenleaf Financial is dropping the ball.


  146. need an atttrny in NM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. dave wooldridge, on November 5th, 2009 at 5:55 pm Said:
    Ok I am confused. It says find a lawyer but all I see is posts here. So, how do I find a lawyer who Gets it? I am in Annapolis Md. Thanks

    I have a very good attorney who gets it in MD. Call me ASAP to refer you to them.

    Maximum Respect,
    Christopher Thompson
    Consumer Advocate
    (209) 430-7076

  148. Dear June, and Neil:
    Clicking the link on the left that you mentioned doesn’t produce a list of lawyers. I found it before, but it simply doesn’t appear now. My friend is not in thecounties you mentioned, but maybe I’ll just give him the number anyway, and he can look for it. Like I said, I’m represented already. But the list used to be easy to find on the site, and I think something went wrong with the site because the list is simply not appearing no matter what link I click.

  149. OHIO ! we got served foreclosure papers yesterday and they say something about me being required to file an answer to the complaint with the court within 28 days ??? and then something about also serve upon the plaintiff’s attorney, a copy of this answer within 3 days ?????????????????????? what??????????????????

    HELP !

  150. Ok I am confused. It says find a lawyer but all I see is posts here. So, how do I find a lawyer who Gets it? I am in Annapolis Md. Thanks

  151. what attorney in california that can deal with a lendor that gave it to Fanny Mae now and is dealing with MERS?

  152. AFM,

    Who are you? Seems I’ve seen your advertisements before on this blog.

    Are you CPAs? Do you then “audit” the financial records of the transaction(s) and/or “review” the loan documents for various violations? The term “audit” is typically thought of being used in an accounting environment.

    Are you in fact attorneys? If you are not, then how can you indicate to anyone how they “whether you have a case or not” without possibly violating the unautorized practice of law statutes?

    To what extent to you review documents?

    Do you have a website?

    Just curious,
    Charles Cox

  153. Are you in default or foreclosure? Most attorneys will want a ton of money up front and leave you high and dry. So will the loan modification sharks out there. Can you really afford that? Your home is at stake here. Why not start at the beginning, let us audit your Title and Mortgage Loan for any fraud. Our fees are nominal compared to any attorney, and with our audit at least you’ll know from the get go whether you have a case or not. Call us today, time is not on your side.


  154. Please let me know if there is an attorney that gets it in the State of Wisconsin? I appreciate any input.

  155. Mystic,

    Can’t reach you if you don’t leave a contact number or your e-mail on this blog site!

    Livinglies website blog has a list of grilling questions you can ask lawyers to test if “they get it.” I highly recommend you do this and attach it to your contract if you decide to hire the lawyer who claims “to get it”. Education, time and experience often tells all.

    It is available on this blog for the benefit of distressed homeowner borrowers facing foreclosure who wish to interview lawyers who may be willing to take their cases in order to stop the foreclosure action; obtain restitution for damages either because they’ve already been wrongfully foreclosed on by the bank/ pretender lender or are still inside their homes (have possession) or have been wrongfully evicted and forced to move out and are no longer in possession of their homes.

    I’m saying it’s not too late to try to enforce your rights so do not be discouraged. I think the statute of frauds is 10 years to take it to court of justice. (Do check with qualified competent legal counsel on this).

    These circumstances should not stop anyone from seeking competent legal counsel (who specializes in foreclosure defense involving securitized loans) for the restitution of damages.

    You were cheated why not tell? There were probably so many business named entities playing the “mortgage shell game” with you prior to foreclosure that you are not able to identify or try to name net alone say or even know who you think is “the investor” is that funded your loan they foreclosed on. The investor was also deceived so you are not alone.

    These “ring of thieves” have stolen what rightfully still belongs to you after the wrongful foreclosure and YOU probably don’t even know it. Yes, you read that right. Homeowners have walked away from their homes and other investment real property and don’t even know they still own it after their pretender lender foreclosed.

    NAHJ as a charitable non-profit community organization, provides a FREE PREP (PRELIMINARY) REVIEW OF YOUR MORTGAGE DOCUMENTS & LOAN APPLICATION and other pertinent paperwork necessary for evaluation to help you decide whether or not to litigate the issues alleging that a wrongful foreclosure took place.

    We know of the high cost of hiring a lawyer and the mysteries of the legal process can discourage many people in the exercise of their due process rights.

    If this doesn’t stop NAHJ by coming to your aid. It should also not stop you by learning all that you can about what your options are and how to best defend yourself against unscrupulous lenders, the hired [pretender lender] real estate agents etc. and their predatory lawyers who are known to stop at nothing in trying to steal your house for thousands of $$$’s more for profit after the taxpayer bail out.

    –June Reyno
    National Alliance of Homeowners for Justice
    ‘Foreclosure Defense Outsourcing and other Community Legal Aid Supports & Services Spanning Across 52 States”
    858-361-2399 or 1-888-668-0686

    e-mail: june.reyno@gmail.com

  156. Anthony Gonzales,

    Legal Document Assistants (California Designation for “independent paralegals”) in our area can only charge $150 for completing the Chapter 7 paperwork for self-represented persons. Different areas of California can charge different amounts but I think the most is maybe $200-225 I am also an LDA and have software to complete Chapter 7 paperwork but at the price we’re allowed to charge, it actually costs us money to do them (depending on how you value your time). Although we CANNOT offer any legal advice or choose which forms for you to use (you TRULY must be representing yourself), this is in stark contrast to attorney fees assuming you don’t need legal advice or have obtained it prior-to.

    Charles Cox

  157. Mystic,

    Let me know what kind of cases you are referring to.

    I’ve been searching in the Bay Area as well and may have someone for you to call.

    Contact me with your contact information and your situation and I’ll send a few for you to contact.

    Also, let me know who you contacted.

    Charles Cox

  158. Can’t find an attorney in Northern California. Using the list, everyone I have called says they have not had much success with these cases and some say they have never heard of Neil Garfield and don’t know how they even got on the list. I need someone who is confident in the San Francisco area.


  159. Andy,

    On this page over to your left is “FDG Attorney Network Expands to Over 150 Lawyers in 32 States”

    Click there! and you should find the list. However, I recommend you e-mail the Foreclosure Defense Group for a more current list as lawyers are removed and added daily.

    If you are seeking a Neil Garfield Lawyer’s Workshop Alumni Attorney in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Bernardino – call 858-361-2399.

  160. Please, send the attorney information to my e-mail address chobson75@yahoo.com.

    Thank Again

  161. Great, I would be interested in knowing how I can reach this attorney in Chicago!

    thanks for reading!

  162. Chris,

    I know an attorney in Chicagoland that can review your case.

    Maximum Respect,
    Christopher Thompson
    Consumer Advocate
    (209) 430-7076

  163. Sadly, more and more homeowners have been swindled by companies that claim they can stop a foreclosure process. These are generally either law firms, or else companies offering you a loan modification. The one thing they all have in common is that they will charge you a ton of money up front, and most end up doing nothing for you.

    If you are a homeowner and in financial distress and cannot afford your mortgage, or if you are currently in foreclosure … STOP … don’t call anyone yet. You may in fact be the victim of mortgage fraud or an unlawful foreclosure on the part of your lender. Before calling anyone, call us. We will audit your Title and Mortgage Loan for you. This is the first step and maybe the most important step you can take to save your home. An audit will help you determine where you stand and what to do next.

    Our auditors are highly competent and well-trained by attorneys who specialize in foreclosure defense. Our services will provide you with ample tools to pursue either a loan modification from your lender, or else as a basis for your attorney if you wish to fight your foreclosure in court. If you do not have an attorney, we can also provide you with a list of attorneys that can help.

    Please don’t wait until it’s too late. Call us today.


  164. I am in need of a Attorney in 90 period but foreclosure in southeastern MI please email wkstrick@sbcglobal.net

  165. I need help with getting my money back from this company and I have contacted the BBB on this.
    We received your submitted online complaint information regarding Star 7 Auto.

    The website, http://www.star7auto.com, is a fake website using business info of an established auto dealer.

    The purpose of the fake website is to get consumers to wire money to buy a repossessed vehicle. Once money is wired, that money can’t be recovered.

    Those behind this scheme most likely are in a foreign country. Since there are a number of these schemes being run by individuals in Canada , and since money has been sent , you may want to contact Phonebusters, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Centre, at 1-888-495-8501, fax 1-888-654-9426, or write Box 686 , North Bay , ON Canada , P1B 8J8.

    If any personal information has been provided, contact the Identity Theft Data Clearinghouse at 1-877-438-4338, or write the Identity Theft Data Clearinghouse, Federal Trade Commission, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. , Washington , DC 20580 .

    This is the forth auto dealer that I am aware of that has had their info used in this template style fake website scheme.

    If you received any information in print, can you send me a copy. If you can scan and attach a file to an email, that would be helpful.

    In your information, you indicated that you sent several emails; can you forward a copy of any emails that were sent/received.

  166. Tony G., Boynton Beach, Florida. I wanted to share my experience working with someone listed on the blog.When I got into ginancial difficulty with my morgage,I decided that I had to file chapter 7 bankruptcy. Ron & Marti Houchins from Geaogia helped me prepare all of my bankruptcy papers. From the estimates I recieved from other sources and law firms I saved at least $1,000.00 by representing myself. I know that if I get in trouble with my morgage that I will have some reliable help. I have learned a lot about the issues from the blog. Please keep up the great work. Thanks again for all your help.

  167. Where is this list ? I really really really need an attorney that get’s it in Springfield, Ohio area..


  168. I found a lawyer using this site and list. However I wanted to get a current list for a friend, and noticed that I couldn’t find the list anymore. no matter what link I click, it doesn’t seem to be a list of lawyers. Could you please make it clearer where the actual list is? Thanks,

  169. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA HOMEOWNERS – San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside County, San Bernardino, Palm Springs, Inland Empire

    If YOU have been foreclosed on by the pretender lender but are still in POSSESSION OF YOUR HOME waiting for the inevitable 3 Day Notice to [Evict] Quit from the asset real estate management company hired by the banks –Contact the National Alliance of Homeowners for Justice to learn about your options before filing for Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy. There are some things you should know: #1 Time is not on your side #2 Your case becomes more challenged for any lawyer who may be willing to take your case at this juncture. 858-361-2399 or 858-361-7899 E-mail: june.reyno@gmail.com

  170. Hi,

    I need an attorney in idaho…my sale date is 11/25/09/

  171. you can email me here
    sharon4459@gmail.com with any answers if you need to.. please make subject line: HOUSE !

  172. hubby and i live in springfield, ohio, both on disability ssi. our house is in trouble. i thought i was going to get served on foreclosure but today i got a letter from attorney’s saying our acct was turned over to them and to respond within 30 days.. saying we owed the entire balance now $105,000. does this mean we are not getting served foreclosure papers? or that we are.? i am confused since this happened.. is this being treated like any other debt like an old credit card bill? when they turn it over to attorney’s to collect ?? and then they drop the amt and keep dropping the amt until you make some sort of settlement ???

    so confused in ohio.
    any attorney’s that get it in springfield, ohio???

  173. I need an atty from Michigan willing to defend against my bank. Want to delay foreclosure by demanding a copy of the note etc. Michigan is non-judicial, so it looks like a suit is required. Please send an email and I’ll contact you back asap.

  174. I am in urgent need of a foreclosure defense lawyer in San Diego or North San Diego that gets this. An unlawful Detainer has been filed.

    Continue to be blessed!!!


  175. I need a lawyer to help with exisiting foreclosure that has been going on since 2006. I was not home for one week and came home to find all locks off exterior doors and all property inside gone and a sign posted by CYPREXX that they winterized the house?

  176. Martin,

    Please contact me and I can forward you to the attorney who is PASSIONATE and “gets it”.

    Maximum Respect,
    Christopher Thompson
    Consumer Advocate
    (209) 430-7076

  177. Needing to contact attorney in the state of Washington, Tacoma, Seattle or any nearby cities, “who gets it ” please respond with an e-mail of a listing with Washington attornies.
    thank you
    Vivian Lott

  178. WANTED: “Lawyer Who Gets It” in Richmond, VA. Thank you.

  179. Lawyer in Las Vegas needed. My number is 702-882-5197 please leave a message or emsil me j7bat@yahoo.com

  180. Kenneth — send me an email w/ your phone number


  181. I am in need of help in MA. I haven’t received anything from the mortgage company yet but I’m getting those “I got your name at the land court and you’re in forclosure” letters from investors who want to buy my house to help me out. Any help would be GREATLY appreciate!


  182. I need a lawyer in Las Vegas area asap.

  183. I have a notice of sale for Nov 4. Do you have a attorney who “gets it” recommendation for the Inland Empire or Orange County, CA area who can help me with foreclosure defense? We are absolutely devastated out here with foreclosed properties lining our streets. Please help.

  184. I would like some advise on what I should do. I filed a complaint against my lender and broker Pro-Per back in October 2007. The basis of my complaint is that my loan documents were forged and was the victim of predatory lending. I filed Pro-Per because I was unable to afford a lawyer. I have been able to survive two different Demurs and Motions to Strike and Motion for Judgement on the Pleadings and have a trial date in March 2010. Over the past two years I was always careful to follow the court’s procedures and comply with all deadlines. In May 2009, I hired a lawyer that read my story that I posted on this website. When I met with her, she was confident that she could help me and was very convincing. I felt she had the same passion that I did to fight against predatory lenders and win my case. I informed her up-front that I did not have much money. I paid her a retainer and she said I could work on her home and also file court papers as she needed me. At the time that I hired her, I was about to attend a deposition by defendant. She attended the depo with me, but she stated that she was unaware of the details of my case, so she was not objecting to anything, so I left the deposition feeling that it did not go well. When I first met with her, I informed her that I needed her to send out discovery and set up depos, She stated that she wanted to Amend the Complaint to add additional defendants and Causes of Actions. None of this has been done as of today. Seven days after I paid her the money, she was threatening to withdraw from my case because she said that I was not complying with her requests for my documents, which was not true. I gave her all the documents that I had. She also said that she was unable to get in touch with me, which was also not true because I had been to her house numerous times to do work. Defendants served a Request for Production of 22 different documents, and the day before they were due, she called and informed us that she was not able to prepare the documents and that we needed to do retrieve the files from her home, which is at least 25 minutes from where we live, put the documents in order and make copies and bring them back to her. She was very verbally abusive toward us and after a confrontation occurred between my girlfriend and her she informed me that I was not to discuss my case with her or she would resign. This made it very hard for me because my girlfriend has helped me from the beginning. She never should have had us doing her job to begin with. We are not attorneys’ and that is why I hired her. She became very negative and said that I was going to lose my case and the judge was going to dismiss it.
    After her first CMC (which she filed the statement late), the judge required a status letter to be filed by a certain date with she did not do. Over the next several months, I was at her home at least every other weekend and during the week, filing documents, all over the bay area, never missing any of her deadlines for her other clients, always available when she needed me. I had requested more than once that we discuss the details of my case and our strategy’s and she refused stating that there was no time for that and she was not going to waste time listening to me. As the next court date approached, she did not file a timely CMC statement or a status letter. I sent her a lenghly e-mail with my concerns that she was not properly representing me and did not treat me with respect. After several attempts to contact her, she finally telephoned me and informed me that she wanted to withdraw from my case, and that I needed to sign a Substitution of Attorney and that the judge would most likely be dismissing my case and trying to intimidate me by saying that I was going to lose my home. I refused to sign anything and told her that I would see her in court. This was the third time she had threatened to withdraw and it had only been three months since I hired her. By the day we appeared in court, she had not filed a substitution of attorney or had she filed the CMC statement. She arrived late to court and immediately informed the judge that she would be resigning. The judge wanted us to try to work it out. As soon as I requested to speak, my attorney said that she would be willing to step outside and talk to me. We worked out our differences and informed the court that she no longer was resigning and the judge assigned my case to mediation. Again my attorney stated that she wanted to amend the complaint to add additional defendants. The judge said that she should do this immediately. The judge ordered that we choose a mediator and inform the court within 30 days and set a Compliance hearing. My attorney again did not comply with this request even though I worked for her again and sent her a reminder email to notify the court. She not only didn’t send a status letter, she also failed to appear at the compliance hearing and now is subject to sanctions. The judge has ordered both attorneys to appear to show cause why she should not sanction them further or dismissal of the actions/striking of the pleadings pursuant to CCP 177.5 and 575.2.
    This is where I stand now. I sent her an e-mail asking her why she had not complied with the court and that I was very concerned because she had not done anything she said she was going to do. I also asked her what the judge meant by that. She said that she had chosen a mediator and did not know why the court did not receive any documents from the mediator. It is not the mediator’s responsibility to notify the court. It was hers. She then informed me verbally of the mediation date. The OSC hearing is set for 11/05/09 and she is to file a declaration by 10/29/09. She has not filed anything in my case since June 8, 2009 which was one week after she was retained. She has not provided me with the legal representation that I am entitled to, nor has she conducted any discovery or responded to any of my requests. I don’t know what my legal rights are. What happens to my case, if she continues to be noncompliant. Would the judge actually dismiss, and if so, what is my recourse?
    I have worked so hard fighting lenders, brokers, and their attorneys. I have gone to the Department of Real Estate, Department of Corporations, District Attorney’s office, Department of Justice, and even appeared on Channel 7 on your side with my story. I have stopped the illegal sale of my home five times, with the last time on the court steps at 12:05 p.m. on the day of the sale. I have never given up and am still in my home and intend to remain here for a long time.
    I believe in what I am fighting for and intend to try to help innocent homeowners who are victims of Predatory Lending Practices and against crooked lawyers who are misleading and taking their monies.
    This is why I am asking you for your advise as to what I should do. I am posting this on your site because this is where she found me and I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.
    I want you especially to become aware that this is happening on your website. I was told that I should not make a complaint with the State Bar while she was still representing me. I do not have money to hire a different lawyer, but can I proceed with a lawyer that I do not trust.

    Neil, thank you for taking the time to read my story. I anxiously await your reply and the comments and advise of your readers.

  185. Anyone had luck locating an “attorney who gets it” in the San Francisco area? If not, anywhere in northern California.


    My contact info is:


  186. I need a “Lawyer that gets it” The home is in New Mexico. The lender is Country Wide. Please email me at tranloc@gmail.com

  187. John,

    I’m in Santa Cruz County and not an attorney but a paralegal looking for attorneys in the bay area. I do have Neil and Brad’s list along with some additional attorneys on my own…so far, difficult to find anyone that “gets it” and actually working in this field. Contact me directly and I’ll be happy to send you my list along with Neil’s and let you know what I’ve found so far. Also, if you find anyone yourself, please let me know as I need to find attorneys to work with as a paralegal.

    Contact me at charles@bayliving.com

    Charles Cox

  188. WE GET IT: Floridians who require immediate foreclosure defense contact us at floridadefenseteam@comcast.net. We are a network of attorney’s and paralegals who offer the tools for homeowners to beat back the banks foreclosure lawsuit. Monthly plans are low as $199, no retainer fee ever.

  189. I am looking for “an attorney who gets it” in Los Angeles/Hollywood.

  190. where do you find the attorney list at on this site, looking for attorney on east bay area of california to take on my case that is already in progress against GMAC, already filed in Contra Costa county thanks john

  191. We have been doing loan modifications and have been forced into litigation to stop or set aside foreclosures. We have offices in Santa Maria and San Diego, California. We give free consultations.

  192. This is for DZ. There is a wonderful attorney who absolutely “gets it” in Nevada, with a long list of successful cases. His name is Bob Hager and you can call him at (775) 329-5800.
    Google him and see what he’s done and be encouraged!

  193. 2nd request … I need a lawyer that “get’s it” in Bay County Florida – 14th Judicial Circuit of Florida …. any suggestions ??

  194. Faith,

    I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice.

    Ask your lawyers what to do. Are you being foreclosed on judicially or non-judicially?

    If non-judicially, ask your lawyers how long you have from filing a lawsuit to having to serve it. In California it is 60 days. Again, check with your lawyers if they can file a law suit and not serve until the last posssible moment, file a lis pendens to cloud title and keep a sale from possibly going through and give you more time to then file a 1st amended complaint, etc…

    If it is judicial, ask your attorneys about answering, opening discovery…etc.

  195. Neil,

    FYI – this attorney is on your list of “Attorneys who get it.” He was one of the attorneys I had contacted early on in my case.

    Here is the story from Home Equity Theft Reporter:

    Attorneys Accused Of Misleading Consumers About Nature Of Legal Services, Level Of Attorney Involvement When Offering Loan Mods Begin Feeling The Heat
    Buried in a recent column in the Miami Daily Business Review is a recounting of a South Florida homeowner’s experience with a local attorney selling loan modification services to the public:

    * The [Florida Attorney General’s] office is investigating consumer complaints that Brian Korte, a West Palm Beach attorney tied to a Fort Lauderdale company called Legal Modification Attorney at Law, allegedly charged advance fees and “misled consumers regarding the nature of the legal services provided by the company and the level of involvement the attorney would have with each consumer’s case,” [deputy director Ryan] Wiggins said.(1)


    * Homeowner Peter Fischer of Sunrise said in a complaint to the AG’s office that he paid Korte’s law firm $2,900 to oversee a loan modification. According to Fischer, Korte and his staff told him to stop paying his mortgage and not to contact or answer calls from the lender. Fischer said he was told the fee would be refunded to him if the modification did not go though.

    * Fischer said after several failed attempts to reach Korte, a member of the lawyer’s staff called and said Fischer’s files had been lost and they needed his information again. Shortly after that, Fischer said, a Korte staffer told him he did not qualify for a loan modification. “I asked for the paperwork on why I was denied and nothing was ever sent to me,” Fischer said. “So I asked for my money back and they said ‘let me think about it.’”

    * Fischer said he was later told half of his fee would be returned. Fischer said ‘half is better than nothing,” but still filed a complaint with the attorney general’s office. The AG’s Wiggins said it has received six other complaints about Korte, but declined to discuss details of the investigation. The Florida Bar said it too has received multiple complaints against Korte, but would not provide additional information because the investigation is confidential. Bar complaints remain confidential until a grievance committee finds probable cause for the investigation to continue.

    For the story, see Record number of complaints target modification lawyers.

    (1) Reportedly, the attorney general’s investigation is continuing and no charges have been filed. Korte did not return messages left at his West Palm Beach office and did not respond to an e-mail seeking comment, according to the story. UnauthPractOfLawTheta

  196. We are victims of appraisal and mortgage fraud and have been fighting the battle for the past 4 years. We are desperately need to find an attorney who gets it in Reno, NV or surrounding area ASAP.

    Please help us!

  197. Hello,

    We need help from someone in Portland, Oregon area who “gets it” too. We have “lost” one home because we were unsure how to proceed after making the initial requests & claims and the lenders kept acting stupid about the nature of our requests. Stone walling, as it were.

    What we “seem” to have done is prevent anyone from showing any interest in taking possession under threat of potential lawsuit. it is still in our name. However, two more homes are under imminent threat. I think we are moving in the right direction, but a bit of professional assistance and legal “Ummfff!” would be right handy.

    Please contact us ASAP!

  198. Oh yea! We are in Denver, Colorado area.

  199. I need some advice on how to postpone our foreclosure that is scheduled for November 18th. We have a right of recission filed with BofA and need to give our lawyers more time to work.

  200. I am an April Charney-trained lawyer that “gets it” and I am accepting cases statewide.

  201. Need an attorney in Austin Texas for wrongful foreclosure. The banks involved are Washington Mutual, Wells Fargo, Lehman Brothers, and JP Morgan Chase. FDIC is now involved and no one is giving me answers. I’ve been fighting for over 8 years, and need a attorney who “gets it”.

  202. Sorry, forgot my contact info: mikearctor@hotmail.com

    THANK YOU!!!!! 🙂

  203. Lawyer that “gets it” in Sarasota-Bradenton-Tampa area? Please write ASAP, I was served. Thank you very much.

  204. WA State Legal Help Needed! I have a SOLID rescission initiated. I just need to ENFORCE my rescission. YES I know the 9th Circuit Court/Yamamoto challenge, I can tender the loan!
    ALSO IMPORTANT: There are problems with notarization, and discovery of an additional “Allonge to note” document that was kept hidden from us.

    email me: theresa98629@gmail.com

  205. I need a lawyer that gets it in the Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater area. Please respond.

  206. On Oct 1, 2009 BONY’s case was dismissed on forcible detainer, defective trustees deed, order to take nothing in county court. We have them as defendant in the District court should we now file TRO, Quite Title and Demand for Original note with Original Signature giving them only 10 days which is consistent and more then what they give anyone to move out on a forcible detainer. They have already defaulted since they have known what was required of them six months ago with our original petition in the District and more then 45 days ago on request for production of documents for review by counsel, notary and ourselves which they have yet to do. We should be doing a notice of default at this point because they had already been given an opportunity to cure. We could still do that but they have been given more then enough time and we do not what to give them the a chance to hurt us again by them filing for a new trail . This fight has gone on for three years now. We should be able to close this now and move toward settlement no later then the end of this month. If you our a lawyer with integrity and understand true law and would like to assist us on this matter for closure and settlement then contact us by my email: emmettwashington@email.com or amunreeb9@hotmail.com Phone# 214-489-8494 Lawyers that get it only please we do not want to spend our time explaining about what we have come to know to be true we want you to work with us as we fight for our home and family to conclude this matter as quickly as possible. Thank you in advance for all you guys who have taken up this great task to defend the rights and liberties of the American people we are definitely grateful and would find it an honor to work with those who have sacrifice received their bar license and is using that privilege to protect those who would use that privilege to do great harm to the American people under the color of Law. Thank you Emmett and Orslynne Washington Dallas. Correction any Lawyers that fit what we are looking for and are license to work in Dallas TX other then Dallas Lawyers.

  207. Emmett and Orslynne Washington from dallas. We had spoken with Lawyer in Houston who git it and we was to forward our case info to them. We lost info and are really needing your info again to file info we need to file and close this matter. We are at the end of our journey and we need to move quickly to complete closure and settlement. If any Lawyer can remember us that is in Houston then please contact us as soon as possible.
    Email: emmettwashington@gmail.com or amunreeb9@hotmail.com
    Phone: 214-489-8494 Contact us ASAP

  208. I have a Duplex going to a Sherrif’s Sale on October 8. The hme I am living in is in default. I need a “Lawyer that gets it”. I live in Holland, Michigan.

  209. Hello again,

    THis is the same Mary who just sent a reply. I failed to mention that the lender has lost the note for the mortgage. From my understanding, the lender cannot foreclose without the note. WHAt options do I have? I desperately need a lawyer to possibly get this case dismissed and get the title cleared back to me.

  210. Hello,
    I need a lawyer to help me with my foreclosure. It was filed back in March 2009. I filed and answer, and so far nothing has happened, except I received in the mail (not certified mail) a “Motion for Certified copy of mortgage,” and a “Motion for Summary Judgment” not even filed with the Court. THE lender has done so many things that I believe or illegal.

  211. I need an attorney who “gets it” for a post foreclosure relief action in Illinois against LaSalle Bank who, with the help of two judges, succeeded in foreclosing on my home without proving standing: no original note (not even a photocopy); an assignment which post dated by three weeks their foreclosure filing. The original Mortgage company was New Century, which went bankrupt, taken over by Chase, who sold it in bundled securities through Lehman Brothers, with LaSalle Bank as trustee. Please help!

  212. I need an attorney that gets it between Tampa and Orlanda Florida.


  213. HELP I need an atty that get’s it in the Springfield, Ohio area because when BayView re=wrote my loan they never gave me a 3 day Cancelation notice and thus i feel I now owe them nothing due ot the TILA law.


  214. WE battled the lender (Ameriquest) for about 4 years and had a basic stand-off without benefit of full bar attorney assistance. The judge did order them (Ameriquest) to provide the original blue ink signature promissory note. They had previously provided a poor photocopy of the note complete with their endorsement stamp under our signatures which had been affixed to the note AFTER we had signed it

    Endorsement Stamp reads:

    Pay to the Order of
    Without Recourse
    Ameriquest Mortgage Company
    vice president)

    At the bank’s deposition and after a 2 year stall, the bank’s attorney finally DID produce the original note and we were forced to admit that that was the note we had signed. The judge subsequently denied our claim(s) of fraud and we were finally foreclosed and forced to leave our house.

    The foreclosure was approximately 9-01-2003, six (6) years ago.

    Is there any statute on such a result and does any part of your strategy apply to our situation?

    Thanks, in advance for any advice you can provide to us.

    Ron Case

  215. I’m looking for a Chicago area lawyer. I have a filing due this Thursday for Summary Judgement for Forclosure and I need a real pro. I’m up agaginst IndyMac/One West and have a securitized mortage that has already had a forensic audit.
    Please let me know if you have someone in the Northern District of Illinois who understands this.
    I need to find the right attorney today and I was just sent your website.

  216. I need a lawyer in Orlando, Fl.

  217. Dan,

    Contact me directly and I can fill you in a bit on BofA having dealt with them for a number of clients including our own house.

    Just got an “approval” for a client’s short-sale with BofA 1st and 2nd…

    Charles Cox

  218. I’m under water on my home, and need a good lawyer in Oregon that totaly under stands on how to work with B.O.A. They are trying to give me a loan modification and its worst then ever . I had a Countrywide loan 1st and 2nd. which is now, B.O.A.. Do you no of any lawyers in Oregon, or can any lawyer from any state work with us. They just need to under stands how CountryWide screwed up and is willing to work with us. My time is short. I tryed the 3 lawyers that are on the list for Oregon, They do not GET IT. Need Help as soon as possible. Thank You

  219. I need a lawyer who gets it in San Diego or Santa Barbara area. Please email me with some names.


  220. Help needed:
    I need a NY. NJ, PA lawyer who can implement UCC3-501B2 and/or electonic mortgages, I need someone who can defend against foreclosures.

  221. I am a B&P code qualified paralegal, notary public and California DRE licensed real estate broker. I’m trying to find at least one (preferably more) law firm(s) in the California Central Coast, Silicon Valley and South Bay area, that “gets it” and wishes to pursue foreclosure defense I can do contract paralegal work for. If there is anyone you can refer me to, or anyone reading this that wants to get involved, please contact me at charles@bayliving.com so we can meet.

    I’ve been following this issue for quite some time now, just attended Neil’s Continuum in San Diego and wish to work in this field helping in this fight.

    There is a lot of work to do and few helping…none in our area I can find.


  222. I need a foreclosure attorney in northwest Indiana.

  223. My wife and I desperately need an attorney who ‘gets it’ we have been in a nightmare for over three years with a preditory and criminal mortgage company who purchased our loan in Sept, 2006.

    We currently are in negotiations with the mortgage company, but the only attorney we have been able to find is ‘afraid’ that aggressiveness will anger the mortgage company to our detriment.

    He successfully stopped the 2nd foreclosure for us, but his role is little more than editor and lendee of legal letterhead for the negotiations – there has more than one time I have found relevant state laws and brought them to his attention – he just doesn’t ‘get it’.

    If we had someone who could help us with the negotiations and be willing to litigate if the negotiations fall apart it would feel heaven sent at this point – we are fighting for our home, unarmed.


    George Dennison

  224. I need a lawyer, in the Detroit metorpolitan area. My foreclosure case is being moved from oakland county to federal court. March 11, 2009 I filed a quite title, tro and show cause in oaklnd county court and no parties showed.

  225. […] bad credit of a foreclosure. You need to find a local real estate lawyer at the second link here Lawyers That Get It – 090909 (2) Livinglies’s Weblog and schedule an appointment with them to review your trust deed AND loan paper work. You need to […]

  226. I need a lawyer in las vegas, nevada . MERS is my nominee

  227. I need a lawyer that “get’s it” in Bay County Florida – 14th Judicial Circuit of Florida …. any suggestions ??

  228. I have a case filed and I am looking for help. I have documentation proving appraisal fraud, wrongfull foreclosure, and preditory lending. and ud complaint naming ceaser lopez that was put on my door. They know that they are in trouble is there anyone out there that will help me… Sunshine Kashmir I need of assistance right away

  229. Please send me the name of a few lawyers in the Los Angeles area. Thank You!

  230. I can’t find an attorney that can help me. I have a SOLID rescission of BOTH of my mortgages. Most attorneys here don’t “get it”. The very few that do have LINES of people waiting to talk to them. I just need to ENFORCE my rescissions. HELP PLEASE!!!!! YES I know the 9th Circuit Court/Yamamoto challenge, I can tender the loans!! Thanks.

  231. Forclosure started 18-20 months ago. We are still here,after 2 attemps of AHM trying to auction our home off. We are running out of time. Mortgage audit in our favor, but lender wants us out. We need an attorney that gets it. Our location is 15 miles south of Sacramento Ca. Thank you.

  232. Please send me the name of a few lawyers in the Walnut Creek area. The one in your materials in Walnut Creek, whose pleading is published in the Atty handbook, claims to have no knowledge of you. David Sternberg/

  233. Looking for an attorney in the Boston MA area –
    – I have several predatory loans that were all done No Doc – Libor, interest only etc. and as Primary loans.
    At the moment thay are all in default.
    Thank you

  234. Wow!
    I am in need of a Attorney out of the Orange County area ASAP.
    Or some guidance of what to do next. I have had my home since 2002.
    My BKR Attorney was disbarred without me finding out until after my hearing he didn’t show up.

    Thank you all Mike
    831-212-1317 not a local number for the O.C.

  235. Looking for someone to defend us in Sacramento Ca.
    Have lived in home 25 years . Current attorney good , but not
    sure he is at top of this mortgage fraud problem. Might need new attorney.At least a second opinion.Thank you.

  236. […] Getting Help You may want to look into a real estate lawyer from here Lawyers That Get It – 090909 (2) Livinglies’s Weblog Make an appointment with one in your area and have them look over your deed paperwork and see what […]

  237. I need referrals in Dallas, TX ideally. My suburb is Frisco, Denton County, Texas.

  238. Looking for a lawyer to help me in Illinois, my home was financed through TBW and now have no idea who has my loan and my home has gone to foreclosure, and my loan was filled with false info. including home value, my salary and savings. what can I do.

  239. My brotehr and I were joint owners in a home in Ohio the home sold a Hud 1 settlement statement was signed by all parties My brother stated and I have nothing in writing from anyone that he “Feels” he is owed more than 50% of the sale of the home Title was going to release funds 50- 50 and then refused to release funds I have requested it twice now but have not said I demand these funds to berelease how do I proceed the attorney I hired has not sent a formal demand and wants us to sue my brotehr so it get;’s moved from title to the courts I do not which to have additional fees what can and should I do?

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