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  1. My original loan servicer Ocwen was deemed invalid, so , my loan went back to HSBC bank. We received a letter stating that we had a court date for October the 8th. On September 3rd we received an eviction notice from the sheriffs office to vacate the premises in 10 days and was signed off by the same judge who scheduled the court date of October 8th with HSBC to negotiate something with them. I don’t understand how this is legal. We have not had he opportunity to discuss anything with HSBC. Its like its our fault that the loan was invalid with Ocwen. I want my money back that we paid to Ocwen on an invalid loan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How can they just kick us out of our house like this. I need help quick.

    Someone please help me as to what to do my email is smith.fam1@yahoo.com

  2. PLEASE! If anyone knows of an Indiana Attorney That Gets It. We desperately need help, we’re in a BK13 and the trustee now wants to Dismiss because we do not have enough funds. My wife and I are on SSI/SSD and do the best we can but are short of the monthly fees. Bank MOD was just an exercise in futility. BK attorney just doesn’t get it and tells us he’s to busy to learn.

  3. Neil
    Is there some way you can list attorneys who get it, and also list what other states they can handle cases in? Someone can be listed as a California attorney but be interested in handling cases in other states and we can’t tell that with the current list.

  4. Dear Neil,

    We just received a ” trust indenture foreclosure” notice and copy of a Notice of Trustee Sale due to being 6months behind on a second mortgage with Citibank. Two Loan Modifications were underway with both Citibank and also the first mortgage holder, GMAC. The first mortage is current and we have been paying for 8 years.

    We are in Montana. I could not find any attorneys in Montana listed on your pdf file from June 2009.

    Thanks for your info and Help!

  5. I am look ing for an attorney who gets it and practices in Wisconsin. Please email me at jtl5@comcast.net

  6. for the Oregon list of lawyers that “get it” I received the following response from him… So perhaps he should be removed?

    Frankly, I don’t know why my name was added to the website.

    The last time I fought a mortgage foreclosure was about 10 years ago.

    I used to be a banker and I am somewhat familiar with some of the issues.

    Your problem is likely to be that you would be better off paying the lender than paying me – or in other words, if you can’t pay the lender, you probably can’t pay me either.


    James E. Leuenberger
    Attorney & Counselor at Law

  7. Hi, I’m glad I found this site.

    I am currently in CH13. My servicer is GMAC and FreddieMac is the investor/owner. I believe there is a possiblity GMAC does not own the note but can’t prove it.

    My bankruptcy paperwork does not show GMAC as the servicer but shows a company called “Central Mortgage.” I called Central Mortgage and they said they have no record of my account. I pointed this discrepancy out to my attorney and all he said was “well that is what showed up.”

    Does anyone have any suggestions or knowledge about my issue? Thanks so much.

  8. Help!! I need an attorney that “GETs IT!!! My mother is 66 years old and has owned her home for 32 yrs. Her second mortgage has foreclosed on her home without following the correct procedure for a California Non-Judicial case. They failed to do a Notice of Trustee Sale and have taken the home under the noses of my mother’s attorneys while in process of a Loan Modification!!! They want to evict her and have filed for an Unlawful Detainer yet her first mortgage insists that she is still the title holder! HELP her please! I can be contacted at jvaldivine@yahoo.com or 626 201-8620

    Sincerely and Respectfully,


  9. Hi, I got an attorney from Neil’s website.

    PESANTE & MACKIN. ( washngton D.C) They are taking both my hosues one in florida and virginia. I am very impress. for those homeowners who are in foreclosure their is light on the other side of the tunnel. send Mr. Pesante and email and tell him I refered you.


  10. Hi, I need a Florida attorney that can help. (Hernando County, north of Tampa) I have a foreclosure that I fought pro se, that is post sale date, but bank has not taken possession or evicted. Can we sue for Wrongful Foreclosure, or reopen case and do discovery? Thanks, Angela

  11. Does anybody have any experience with foreclosure in the state of Louisiana –

    Specifically, I am interested in affirmative defenses to a foreclosure process called ‘executory process’ in which the mortgage document actually contains a “confession of judgment” which can then be executed in the event of default and the homeowner has three (3) days to cure the default before the court issues a writ of seizure and sale.

  12. per previous attorney sent reuqesting advice the case re business and a bk filing, relief motion, and attorney misleading the debtor home lost “the contact number 424-222-3765” in Los angeles, california

  13. I need a lawyer for a bk case that was misled by attorney and in his direction filed a bk chapter 7 for 1-personal and other-business BUT ONLY BIG PROBLEM WAS THAT THE BUSINESS PROPERTY WAS conveyed by prev. title holder on 4/4/07 to the individual then she chnge it 2 months prior to the filing for it to list business name to have all in order as to it was used for business and atty said would so a mofication well that was the problem in the first place in getting behind the lender would not discuss the loan because she was not listed on loan but from 4/7/08 through 08/2008 they were cashing her checks to make the payments and she was able to speak to lender when she was paying the mortgage and was able to acces the loan info then ? bk granted relief motion on 6/10/09 and the trustee on “behalf” of lender filing the Relief “creditor” then a trustee sale held 6/17/09 then states “grantee” being “creditor” of the relief motion representation????? Is that legal?

  14. PLEASE HELP !! I need a lawyer in Santa Rosa County Florida to help with my foreclosure. EMC Mortgage admitted on recorded conversation (with their permission) that the title closing company, the insurance company and themselves messed up our account and put us in foreclosure by paying an escrow amount that they not had the papers showing that we had insurance, but paid the insurance company the same day they (EMC) opened the work order for the payment. I have read nearly every blog and posted on several. I am doing alot of the leg work myself as this keeps my legal fees down. I am working with a lawyer right now, but not being represented by the law firm. I recently lost my job (and medical benefits), so we are down $2200 monthly. My husband makes just $200 too much for legal aid. We filed for Motion to Dismiss (somehow-somewhere Wells Fargo Bank is the Plaintiff????), had the hearing on 7-20-09 and Florida Default Law Group says they have an Allonge. Admitted to possibly not having the ORIGINAL NOTE, but they have the Allonge???? By looking at it, I can produce one of those from my computer in no time. We need help, I have sooooo much information about the loop holes (I believe) that are in our foreclosure situation. I am faxing my story to the White House daily, submitting complaints to every government agency and being told that nobody has the jurisdiction to help. Can someone please help us??? Some legal aspects are out of my realm and I want to make sure that we can fight this fraudulant case with the proper knowledge. My email is oppknox@hotmail.com

  15. do you know of any attorneys that “get it” who work in Mississippi?

  16. […] for an audit, help them pay for an attorney, help them. If you need an attorney the best list is on Neil Garfield’s Living Lies Website. He updates his list monthly. I have referred many clients to these attorneys with success. In […]

  17. Hi Neil,
    Your website and Attorney Workbook have proven invaluable time and time again! You are a beacon of light for distressed homeowers.

    I want to thank you for adding the PARLADE LAW FIRM to your list of “Lawyers that Get It”. Please note, that my name and email have typos. My last name is spelled Parlade and my email is mari@parladelaw.org. When you have a chance, please update this list.

    Thanks again. Keep up the excellent work and advocacy. You are an inspiration to attorneys!

  18. help… ive got a clearly wrongful situation im being evicted and given 5 days to move out. ive given all my money to the servicing company towards my forbearance agreement done in february 09. im current and they still forclosed . in court was produce a document dated last june the forclosure date. i have the original document and its not what they produced. since getting an agreement 4 mos ago ive condo’d my duplex , signed a lease option to buy on the other side which there forcing the lesee out as well, started a1000 sq ft addition at dry wall stage so my girls could have there own rooms and put 21,000 into the home on top of it,. ive given up my 3 year old home i built to move back in this house which ive owned and family built 16 years. had 2 homes now none and they want me out in 5 days.. with no money i refuse to send my girls to live with there father because i cant afford them too?? any suggestions

  19. Hello! Do you recommend any company who can do a forensic review, I’ve submitted a QWR and as I have been reading the blog, I’ve decided to get a forensic review.

    Thank You.


  20. please send the name of the attorneys to fdg.clientservice@gmail.com and we will investigate. If we agree we will remove their names. Unfortunately we can only verify they attended a seminar and stated they would take cases. They are missing out on a lot. Big money is rolling down the mountain in the direction of borrowers and borrower attorneys. Short-sighted lawyers with conflicting ideologies are missing the point and not meeting their community obligation. Please do not post negative commentary here as it will be deleted and you might get spammed preventing you from further participating.

  21. So far, 2 or 3 of the Los Angeles area attorneys you list say they do not do Foreclosure Defense. This is bogus, to have attorneys con people so they can be listed in more than one location. I wish the Bar Associations would develop a consciousness about scam-bone attorneys.

    I have already been swindled by a “Real Estate” attorney who doesn’t have the balls to litigate, but only examine the loan docs to look for errors upon which to challenge the validity of the original loan. I need someone who can go up against ASC and Deutsche Bank re Proof of Ownership.

  22. I am in need of advise from an attorney in the SF bay area. My case involves ABC, AMHMSI, MERS, DEUTSCHE, WELLS FARGO TRUST. All the notorious players with multiple trustees, servicers, and different names on the DOT with MERS as beneficiary. No time to waste, NOD filed 5/5/09. Please help! 831-688-5000 Karen/Scott

  23. I’m in Tulsa and waiting eviction,guess I need a lawyer quick also. I will be homeless thanks so much

  24. I need an attorney in Oregon…yesterday! 5 Properties. Help.

  25. HELP!! Please!!! Time is running out!! I need a competent lawyer for my mother who is a senior of 66 yrs of age. She has gone through bad loans, a distorted loan modification and bankruptcy proceeding that all fell through…. and has since then put all in the hands of a lawyer who had been working on a loan modification and speaking to the first mortgage and equity line of credit people. Turns out Equity line of credit people never wanted to agree on a loan modification and have now foreclosed on my mom’s home as of this week!!! My mother’s lawyer says she should pay these equity loan lenders $1500 until they come to an agreement with the first mortgage people. In the meantime they want to come and see the house tomorrow. What the heck happened if my mom had a lawyer on her side??!!! Not even the Bankruptcy lawyer responded to any of her calls. And now, her home is foreclosed until the first mortgage decides??? What does that mean??? She lives in West Covina, California and has put out a lot of money she does not have to get proper legal advice and assistance!!! I need your help. What is this TILA Violation about? My mother’s lawyer says that the court gave order to the equity line of credit people to go ahead with the foreclosure proceedings even though the first mortgage was negotiating a better loan modification with my mom. Please contact me or her ASAP!!! I don’t know what to do for her. She has been in that home for over 30 years!!! Please call her at 626-201-8620 or 626 918- 1491. You may also reach Rosie at 909-706-0747 to get a hold of my mom. There is not much time. I need to know what her options are. We need a lawyer to talk to my mom’s lawyers. PLEASE PLEASE contact me at the above email address.

  26. Hi Neil: We need a lawyer in Ohio that knows what he is doing and quickly. As a paralegal, I have been handling our case, discovery, etc., however the bank has just filed a Motion for Summary Judgment which is over my head. I have not propounded discovery to them yet, but the deadline is at the end of the month and am considering demanding the note. your thoughts?

  27. I Need a lawyer to take my case(s) in Stockton, San Jaoquin County California., regarding Unlawful Detainer, Illegal lock out. & wrongful foreclosure proceeding.

    My phone # is 510-575-8967 or 209-462-8435

    Plesa help me I am running out of time!!!!!

  28. Need lawyer in Orlando for multiple cases

    386-527-9989 psullpsull@yahoo.com

  29. OOPS!!!!! Let me correct the mistake of paying $120,00-$140,000. The amount should be $40,000-$50,000 per year when mortgage was signed for less than half of that. Sorry and thank you

  30. interested in federal civil action lawsuit against any and all john does on paper and not on paper associated with my so called mortgage but deceived into a securities transaction. Duetcshe,Rali,Homecomings financial and others in this deceptive fraud ring to defraud me from my home and problems with the APRs and escrow account. Keeping me in default to take my home. I pay $120,000 – $140,000 in fees and so called interest per year for a securities transaction I thought was a mortgage transaction and the fees do not stop there and in 5 years of the loan they state I have paid $1,000 in principal— now they are foreclosing in a judicial state stating default for $448,000. The amount of loan originally. (5 years ago). Please get a hold of me ASAP. If interested. Like all of us, WHERE IS MY MONEY? thank you

  31. need a lawyer in NM. Need a forensic audit. I have studied this site and feel I need an attorney to make sure I have it sealed properly. Served foreclosure papers but deutsch bank as trustee for Rali and do not even know them, who they are. I do understand now what has happened just need a forensic audit and lawyer. thanks

  32. i need a referral to a competent attorne in the miami dade county area fl that handles loan modifications and foreclosure defense.thank u.

  33. I am in need of advise from an attorney in the Temecula, California area.
    on 6/4/2009 I received a notice of trustee sale and this is after months of Countrywide telling me that they were in the process of modifying my first and second loans.
    they supposedly modified my second loan which didn’t change at all, same Interest rate and same bottom line with the default amount added to it. after several calls to Countrywide thry kept telling me this process could take several months and now to my surprise I have gotten a notice of Trustee sale for 6/25/09 at 10:am.
    Please Help!!

  34. Need a lawyer to take my case(s) in Santa Cruz County California. I have ‘3’ houses that I’d like to retain and think that ALL will qualify under these criteria…. Call Me: 831-335-8283 CHRIS

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