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  1. Hello My Name Is Rudy
    I am writing this because I too am in a horrible night mare situation regarding the Illegal fore closer of my home of 23 years.

    I Hope you dont mind me venting this way but reading all this just does something to my soul, this site is a god send of very useful info in a world of silence and lies.
    The reason I am writing is I was reading about all these case facts and it seems our less than worthless gov officials should after soo many stories that spell the very same tactics ,Would DO SOMETHING!
    If a group of adult males or any group of people for that matter terrorized another group of citizens the way HSBC Has without a shadow of doubt. Just how long would they continue? HOW LONG MUST THIS? HOW LONG , HOW LONG?

    But I Would like to assure you I am not the enemy, At least I hope not.
    But check my credit report because of dealing with these criminals I look like the lowlife loser as i must use what i have left to do battle
    with HSBC, Or also known as Beneficial Oregon Finance, as it was called when I Unknowingly ruined my life by walking in to their office in my hometown of Milwaukie,Oregon back in 1995. (see its my fault )

    I Was really hoping to hear a great success story of how SOMEONE killed the dragon and saved yourself from this multi headed monster. And I still hope that is true. And if so what tactics did you find to be the most benefit to your success? As my case is pretty well defined in my non professional opinion. With clear violations according to respa and hud guidelines. Not to mention outright theft of the proceeds of my mortgage loan closing costs, And even one refi that was not authorized, and actually forged docs. And many other irregularities that I am sure you all know too well, like fake late charges, and outright lies. Mostly I have this need to learn ALL i can and win my home back ( We are still living in our home but they will not call it ours though) and I Want to defeat evil, Thats truly how I feel about these people. And they have destroyed the dream of our own home for my family,Even after over 20 years of paying for my home, The warm and safe feeling just does not live here for our family. They have destroyed that for us. We have had at least 15 different auction sale dates. Filed chapter 13 bankruptcy 4 times, ruined our kids chance of College. Caused un countable stress and health concerns from the constant worries and hopeless feeling they bring to honest hard working families. This is what they do to every client they have they did not just pick me.
    Its their Business Model Lure you in then destroy you to get what ever small (to them) amount of money they can steal from you, all the while dumping a false guilt on you that its all your fault.On top of that not credit you for the money they strong-armed out of you. Ruining your credit is a major factor in this make believe world where what you see and hear and read is not real but the most ridiculous group of untruths any one can only imagine. And for this to be THE standard operational model of one OF the worlds biggest consumer serving companies . Is Just Unreal.

  2. Need to know where to start. I’m in California and about to go into default on 4-plex (upside down “income-NOT” property). Lots of wonderful info. here, just a bit overwhelming for first time visitor.

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