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  1. Hello Foreclosure Defense Group:

    Many thanks for your help to the not-so-powerful homeowners who are very quickly losing their homes. I only found you a couple of days ago, and I admire not only your skillful knowledge, but the inspiration and the hope you are giving us.

    I am not going to sleep tonight because I have to respond to the “UD” suit at the Superior Court when all of a sudden I have become treated like a tenant and facing eviction by a Servicer” after the foreclosure.

    Don’t you worry. I will surely share my blessings.


  2. Esteemed Counsel,

    Could you have someone go through and repair your many valuable hyperlinks?

    Many no longer link up to anything, and most often not to what is pictured in their respective SNAP SHOTS.


    Allan (camping out in Miami to fight foreclosure successfully using what I continue to learn here; due to camp out for the next 30 days near Ft. Myers to spread the FDG message)

  3. READ the BLOG! Lots of free good information. Contact Lawyers listed on the blog. Attend our Napa Workshop on January 19-20 for lawyers and layman.

  4. Good Day Sir:
    I am writing my lawsuit against SPS/Fairbanks Capital for Non compliance of the FTC Injunction. Looking for an attorney to help me. I have written my complaint and has filed it. Notice has been served.
    Can I send a copy to you. I need your advice on finding a good attorney. 919-498-4923
    I will share the wealth.

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