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  1. Tammy Freeman v. Quicken Loans -Oral Args Transcript at the US Supreme Court re: RESPA


  2. I have searched the SEC for Quicken Loans and I have looked through every trust that mentions Quicken. It appears that Quicken has never directly filed with SEC. Quicken is mentioned in a few FWPs and EX99s, but aside from that I can not find our loan this way.

    Along the way I discovered Wells Fargo is mentioned as “master servicer” for Quicken Trust Pools. Quicken purchased our loan from Wells Fargo. If WF was master, wouldn’t that put Quicken in the position of being “an affiliate” under TILA refinance rules?

    Also, it seems the lender issued a pass-through instrument or so-called “blank” paper that is also “Fee simple interest?” My question is, how can it be fee simple interest if all property was assigned naming MERS as “mortgagee” of the property?

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