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  1. Home Eq trying to foreclose. At this time hud counselor talking with lawyers, Judge, home eq. I believe i have a bullet, Proof of Fraud, Deception, Swindling, usury violations. Are there any lawyers that get it in Philadelphia? Please Asap. Time is running out. Thank You. Also you call me at 215-329-8595.

  2. I should have included that Adam Smith is a FL home and Dee Kettler/ Bob Ketter are MI homes.

  3. We both have a mortgage with taxes and Insurance included. One was Countrywide the other Taylor Bean & Witker and both taken over by Bank of America.
    1-Dee Kettler had no knowledge that the Bank was not paying taxes and insurance and the home is rented due to she is unable to afford the home and rents herself. The bank agreed to let someone assume the mortgage but it has to be “a family member”. Each time Dee has a buyer they change the credit score amount and change who the family member has to be. Now it has to be a parent or a sibiling.
    Her tenent wanted to buy the home and someone has been to the door several times saying the home is in forclosure (news to dee) and told all of her personal business. The renter now refuses to pay rent because if Dee is going to loose the home he is not paying.
    They photograph the home and charge up to $400.00 to her money owed. She now finds she owes $3,000.00 and no one gets back.
    Adam Smith bought a low cost home and the banki takeover did not realize the taxes and insurance was in the payment and added flood insurance and now they want to raise the payment over $200.00 a month even after proof of isurance was submitted. For the last 5 months they have been putting the house payments in escrow and the collections person is now calling. For 5 months and hours on the phone and being told the matter is straightend out and it continues.
    3-Washington Mutual was taken over by Chase and we have rental homes with 11 mortgages. We have been getting harassed for 3 years. We file cease to distice notices and get the matters “straightend out” to find we are back to square one and they have been giving us the run around for 3 years. We have been told we are in forclouse, defamed through our renters, has collections knock on doors and tell our renters that we are loosing their home etc.

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