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  1. The case is a public case unless it has a gag order.
    The terms used as case law and case precedence are the true forms.
    I would really like to know what is going on with this case as it is exactly what is going on with my mother house as I write this. I am fighting them in the same manner, but it has just begun and I am not leaving. I am trying to get a cease and desist order for the eviction until this case can be solved by the courts.
    http://www.secinfo.com is a good place to look. Try and have the numbers if at all. Or call them for help.

  2. This Lombard case seems to fit alot of what happened with attempted foreclosure on my property, we paid off all the trumped up bogus charges, and I have questions regarding all this. This is a very flowing lawsuit, elegant in it’s simplicity, why are there no references to case law, precedent, etc. or whatever the legal terms are- if I copied this for my own purposes, is that plagiarism? Or is it in the public domain since it has been presented in court? anybody out there with any info?

  3. Does anyone know what transpired in this case?

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