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The LivingLies Blog started in October, 2007, before the crash. The reason why I started it was that I could see the crash was coming. I knew that people would need help in defending their homes against the largest tidal wave of foreclosures in history. Click here to see the LivingLiesBlog

It was obvious that with my background as an investment banker, due diligence auditor and trial lawyer, that most lawyers and homeowners would not know what was happening. So I started the blog as a hobby. I was thrilled when I had 400 visits in my first month! It looked like I was accomplishing something. 16 million visits later, I can see that I did help hundreds of thousands of homeowners but not the millions of homeowners who gave up, cleaned up and threw their keys on the kitchen counter.

Despite the success of the blog it was becoming obvious that people wanted more than general information. They were asking for services. I wasn’t in the financial position to start a foundation so I brought in advisers and consultants to help me create a dual track model — one for all the free research and writing that I would continue to provide and the other to sell specific services to people.

For all the free stuff we do — research,  analysis, writing, referring attorneys etc. rely on Donations. Click Here to Donate to LivingLies Blog.

For the rest, we had to set up IT systems, communications and hire people (or volunteers) to provide specific services on specific cases. So we started a website for the “commercial” part of the business model — www.lendinglies.com

Both the LivingLies blog and the LendingLies sites are operated by GTC Honors, Inc., a Florida Corporation. And I continue to be a licensed member of the Florida Bar with rights to appear in Florida and Federal Courts at all levels plus other states by either reciprocity or allowance.

The revenue from donations is not nearly enough to sustain our robust efforts. So we depend upon our readers to come to us when they need guidance. At LendingLies we are able to provide certain services that ordinarily would cost many thousands of dollars for a fraction of that amount. That is simply because our growing proprietary database allows us to zoom in on an issue and report back very quickly.

At LendingLies we provide reports and custom drafted documents for litigation, and for making administrative requests (QWR and DVL) and Complaints (to State Attorney General and the Federal Consumer Financial protection Board). We also provide a case analysis that serves as a blueprint to the defense narrative that is most likely to get traction in court.

I don’t tell people to do anything I haven’t done myself. Each of the things I recommend on the blog, on the radio show, in our case reports and title analysis, and strategies and tactics for court, have been previously tested by me with success. I have only taken a few cases as lead counsel in foreclosure defense. I have won or successfully settled virtually all of them, with very few exceptions.

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