The Feds Bag another Small Fish: Georgia Real Estate Investor Pleads Guilty to Bid Rigging and Bank Fraud at Public Foreclosure Auctions

While the Big Banks continue to fabricate notes, robosign documents and create fake assignments in order to illegally foreclose, the Federal government continues to focus on the small fish. A Georgia real estate investor pleaded guilty today for his role in a bid-rigging conspiracy and fraud scheme related to public real estate foreclosure auctions in […]

The Busets get Abused by Florida’s Third District Court

By J. Guggenheim See: HSBC v Buset On February 7, 2018, Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal rejected multiple arguments routinely advanced by borrowers’ counsel in defense and delay of foreclosure litigation, reversed the trial court’s order dismissing the case, and remanded with instructions to enter a judgment of foreclosure. HSBC Bank USA, N.A. v. […]

Business As Usual: Wells Fargo’s $70 Million Settlement an Insult to Defrauded Homeowners

  By William Hudson Wells Fargo agreed to pay a $70 million penalty to end its five-year battle to settle claims over fraudulent foreclosure practices in the wake of the financial crisis- yet, Wells Fargo is continuing the same foreclosure practices they claim to have halted- while our elected officials pretend that Wells is […]

CFPB Lawsuit: Ocwen fails Borrowers at every state of Mortgage Servicing Process

By K.K. MacKinstry, LendingLies CFPB claims “widespread errors, shortcuts, runarounds cost borrowers money, homes” Ocwen is in its death throes. Not only did 20 state banking regulators issue cease-and-desist orders but the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau also took action citing Ocwen Financial for “failing borrowers at every stage of the mortgage servicing process.” Ocwen Financial […]

The West Coast Foreclosure Show: Nardilillo v. JPMorgan Chase synopsis

The West Coast Foreclosure Show with Charles Marshall Synopsis Broadcast date: September 21, 2017 Guests:    Investigator Bill Paatalo of the BP Investigative Agency Eric Mains, former FDIC Team-member Topics:     Nardolillo v. Chase LPS/Black Knight Consent Judgment and FOIA Strategy ________________________________________________________________________ Send Targeted FOIA Requests to unravel the LPS/Black Knight Consent Judgment Eric Mains, a […]

Nationwide Title Clearing: Custom-made Assignments so you can illegally Foreclose!

by KK MacKinstry Investigator Bill Paatalo discovered a disturbing article written by Michael O’Connell, the COO for Nationwide Title Clearing, a company that creates tens of thousands of assignments as a third-party contractor.  O’Connell erroneously claims in his article that, “assignments simply reflect the transfer of servicing rights from one servicer to another.”   O’Connell is […]

David Dayen’s Chain of Title Interview Confirms What You Always Suspected: The Game is Rigged

Chain of Title should be required reading in every college-level business ethics class in America. At a time when “business ethics” is an oxymoron, perhaps the current generation that adores Bernie Sanders might better understand the dangers big banking monopolies hold. David Dayen’s book, Chain of Title, unearths a system with the power and collateral […]

Tonight on the Neil Garfield Show — The Foreclosure Opus: Chain of Title by David Dayen

Listen to David Dayen tonight on the Neil Garfield Show at 6 pm EST. Click in to tune in The Neil Garfield Show Or call in at (347) 850-1260. Chain of Title should be required reading in every college-level business ethics class in America. At a time when “business ethics” is an oxymoron, perhaps the […]

Is There An Actual Legal Creditor?

The judicial system has fashioned a remedy, to wit: judges strive to PRESUME that the underlying transaction exists and as long as they can block the homeowner from showing the absence of any such transaction, their presumption is likely to be upheld by an appellate court (although that tune seems to be changing lately).  The […]


Hat tip to Ken McLeod and to Ron Ryan who argued endlessly that the former ruling was wrong in Arizona. Ron Ryan is a good lawyer and Ken McLeod is a good investigator. Both have years of experience investigating, analyzing and fighting illegal foreclosures. Courts are catching on and as I have predicted, the ultimate […]

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