PennyMac, Ocwen and other pretend servicers

PennyMac and others are pretending to be “servicers” but they’re not, even though they do some servicing work. They’re using Black Knight’s systems to do it.

Think of Black Knight as a big boss that controls a lot of the so-called “servicing records,” about 62% of them in the US. Because of this, companies can act like they checked the records when they really didn’t, just by logging into Black Knight’s system.

Black Knight (formally known as LPS) is pretty shady—they’ve been caught doing illegal stuff before. So when they’re involved, it makes the court suspicious of any documents that come from them. If you can’t trust the documents, you can’t just assume they’re correct, and that can mess up a foreclosure case because the people trying to take the house can’t really prove they have a right to do so.

Now, there’s this big reveal when Black Knight, who’s been caught making fake documents before, sues PennyMac. They’re mad because PennyMac used Black Knight’s super-secret system without permission. This is the same system that creates most of the records for mortgages in the US.

What this means is that a lot of the companies who say they’re servicing loans, like PennyMac and Ocwen, are not telling the truth. We’ve seen this in court. The records they bring to court don’t really come from their systems. If you read carefully and make appropriate inquiries one fact stands out: PennyMac is acting under Black Knight. PennyMac may get to make certain entries which in turn are tested by Black Knight and PennyMac may get to print out copies of reports that are produced by certain algorithms at Black Knight but PennyMac has no role in creation or maintenance of business records on Black Knight, who in turn does not do anything for trusts because it has no contracts with trusts. it has contracts with investment banks. Notice how they are keeping the agreement between PennyMac and Black Knight a secret. Also note that the agreement names Fidelity Information Services, Inc. an Arkansas corporation as the principal and PennyMac is referred to as “client”.

No one can show that Black Knight is actually supposed to be servicing for the trusts that own the mortgages. They work for the big banks, not the trusts. There’s a lot of other data not controlled by Black Knight, and it’s mostly under Chase’s control.

When you’re in court, and the so-called servicer is trying to show payment records, remember two things. First, they didn’t get those records from their own company’s system. Second, the records don’t show everything, like payments made to the creditors, which means they’re not complete. Incomplete records shouldn’t be used as evidence.

If you don’t challenge these records, the court might just accept them, and that can lead to people losing their homes when they shouldn’t.

The real players, the big banks, and Black Knight are often not mentioned, but they’re the ones who are actually in control. And as for PennyMac, they’re just working under Black Knight’s shadow, not really servicing the loans themselves.

Black Knight sued PennyMac not just to protect their own secrets but to keep the whole system under control—the system that tries to keep it unclear about who owns what loan. This lawsuit was really about keeping their power and keeping the data from spreading out, which could show how messy and confusing the ownership of mortgages really is.

Here is some useful information about Black Knight brought to us from one of our avid readers and contributors to our blog; “summer chic”. This may be useful in drafting complaints:

*Black Knight is a renamed Lenders Processing Services/DocX who forged millions of assignments which were filed in Courts around the Nations to steal homes from American families.

*Bill Foley (FNF) , owner of LPS, DocX, Black Knight, ect. continues its illegal practices as of today while deceive borrowers with bogus Title Insurances.

*Speaking about monopoly, Mr. Foley owns majority of US Title Companies. *PennyMac is a renamed Countrywide Financial

*Caliber Home Loan is a renamed Countrywide Financial

* HomeXMortgage is a renamed Fremont Loan and Investments

*Matrix Private Capital is a renamed Lehman Brothers

So, it’s all coming out—what my mentor Neil Garfield had been saying for 14 years is right there in Black Knight’s lawsuit. They’ve got this high-tech system that they keep under lock and key, and they don’t let just anyone use it. But let’s remember, the big picture is about how all this secret keeping and data control is used to maintain a system that can often be unfair to homeowners.


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But challenging the “servicers” and other claimants before they seek enforcement can delay action by them for as much as 14 years or more. In addition, although currently rare, it can also result in your homestead being free and clear of any mortgage lien that you contested. (No Guarantee).

Yes you DO need a lawyer.



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  1. Yes, we provide evidence by using forensic audits and other tools to help our clients document illegal and fraudulent assignments frequently. Call our office and we can discuss your case. 844.478.6774 Lance

  2. Thank you Summer! We appreciate your valuable contributions to our blog. Lance

  3. Well here in New Jersey, CENLAR FSB actually used a expired power of attorney to show its authority as a servicer, and denied prosecuting the foreclosure on behalf of the US bank trust

  4. Rushmore Servicing aka Mr. Cooper aka Nationstar.

    It’s an absolute House of Cards Ponzi !!!

  5. Thank you, Lance! Here are updates: globally and (from my situation)

    Black Knight since September 5,2023 is owned by Intercontinental Exchange, Inc who since June 17,2016 owns MERS.

    ICE also owns NYSE where they can make any company “an issuer” and “seller “ of any fake securities

    Big Banks and many pension funds are shareholders of ICE, so, when you appear before the judge, keep in mind his pension is in hands of ICE and probably his personal finances too

    Black knight fna LPS/DocX, now dba ICE operates fully automated racket system called Mortgage servicing platform where BK is basically admitting to do ALLoperations – from originations to disposition

    Banks don’t need apparent servicers, and they don’t use them, only as names on their letterheads generated by fintech companies ( Fiserv is the second largest,

    ICE very likely owns Computershare , too

    ICE owns Sumolifije, LLC who files fraudulent assignments and other forged documents with Recorders

    PennyMac Loan Services, LLC is a fake company registered by Countrywide’s President Kurland as a single member LLC to rent this name to investment banks, hedge funds

    PennyMac Loan Servicrs is NOT a real corporation like banks promote it to the public. It’s merely a name! Similar to fake company America’s wholesale Lender which was not even registered as a corporation, it was a trademark

    PennyMac Financial was formed by Bank of America via hedge funds Black Rock and HC capital (has ties to Harvard university) to be used as their cover up, but Kurland ‘s gang wanted a layer of corporate protection for themselves, so they created PLS as a fake “servicer” who was promoted by Wall Street media into a “big market player” while PLS is nothing more than a name on the piece of paper

    Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC is also a fake company whose name is rented by Ocwen Financial to banks, hedge funds and fintech

    Rushmore Loan Management is also a fake company operated by Lehman Brithers executives via its Roosevelt (as I recall) hedge fund

    Caliber (countrywide) was reincarnated by Bank of America via hedge fund Lone Star, it was transformed to PHH which is now operated by Rithm Capital controlled by BANA executives

    In my bankruptcy case Trustee Rodger has no idea who receive my money in his office, who distribute them and who is the final recipient of my payments

    After long battle, trustee’s office gave me copies of cancelled checks where “recipients “ were Pennymac Loan Servicing, LLC ( different fake company) and All Other Payees Allowed

    In March 2023 when Credit Suisse collapsed PennyMac financial was moved under Apollo Management hedge fund and I think this is Apollo who currently uses PLS on their letterheads

    Judges of course block any discoveries because they know that I will find – lack of any money loaned and a bundle of criminals who operated under fake corporate identities

  6. Hi,
    Is there a way we can prove that the MORTGAGE ASSIGNMENTS are fraudulent?
    That would be excellent,
    and we could even attack completed foreclosures.
    Any Ideas???

  7. Does anyone know if Mr. Cooper/ Nationstar is involved with this? Wasn’t Nationstar part of Ocwen at some point? We have MC as the servicer, and am concerned as they recently experienced a cyber attack that shut them down for several days.

  8. Thank you for this clarification on PennyMac, Black Knight. Trying to resurrect my case where both PMac and Chase claimed to be owner of the mortgage after purported unlawful transfer.

  9. Thank you Lance for continuing Neil’s amazing heroic work. It is reassuring to know the light is still holding its own as we wait for the truth to come out. We will prevail eventually.

  10. Thank you Lance!

    Has anyone come across Selene Finance as “Servicer”?

    I have Selene Finance as “Servicer” for Wilmington Savings Fund Society d/b/a Christiana Trust. Neil wrote in the past about the fake, potentially non-existent Wilmington Savings Fund Society d/b/a Christiana Trust.

    Thank you in advance!!!

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