The four key rights of Homeowners in Foreclosure

Hello, Lance Denha esq. of Livinglies here again to help you in the fight against illegal foreclosures. Homeowners often find themselves overwhelmed and uncertain about their rights. The complex legal processes can leave homeowners feeling powerless and isolated. However, it’s crucial to remember that you have rights as a homeowner, and understanding these rights can make a significant difference in your foreclosure defense strategy. In this blog post, I will explore the four key rights of homeowners in foreclosure, empowering you with knowledge and guiding you towards effective solutions.

Right to Due Process:

The cornerstone of our legal system, due process ensures that everyone has the right to a fair and impartial hearing. This fundamental right applies to homeowners facing foreclosure as well. Lenders must adhere to specific legal procedures when initiating foreclosure proceedings, including providing proper notice, allowing sufficient time for response, and ensuring accurate documentation.  By carefully reviewing the documentation surrounding your foreclosure, you may identify errors, omissions, or even instances of fraud committed by the foreclosing party. Armed with this knowledge, you can mount a robust defense and contest the validity of the foreclosure, potentially derailing the entire process.

Right to Verification:

Did you know that lenders are required to provide proof of ownership and standing before foreclosing on your home? As a homeowner, you have the right to demand verification of the debt and the lender’s authority to foreclose. This means that, through knowledgeable skillful practice,  you can request the production of original loan documents, including the promissory note and mortgage deed as well as other documentation, to ensure the legitimacy of the foreclosure action and whether they have to right to pursue such foreclosure action by demanding proof of payment of the underlying debt associated with your loan transaction. And if they fail to provide this proof do not stop demanding and more important challenge their ability to the court to continue to pursue your foreclosure based upon their intentioned acts of making up excuses for failure to provide.. If the lender fails to provide satisfactory verification, it will weaken or even nullify their position and strengthen yours.

Right to Defend:

Foreclosure is not a foregone conclusion. Homeowners possess the right to mount a strong defense against the foreclosure action. Each state operates different from a procedural standpoint so understanding procedure and the manner in which to introduce, challenge and question evidence brought forth can be the key to stopping them dead in their tracks. Challenging the lender’s legal standing, raising affirmative defenses, or highlighting  lending, servicing, assignment and accounting practices practices can significantly impact the outcome of your case. Educating yourself with the kind of information we provide here at and engaging a knowledgeable foreclosure defense attorney in your area can help you navigate the complexities of the legal system, identify potential defense strategies, and present a compelling case on your behalf. Some of our consulting services to support you and the Attorney’s who represent people in your situation can be found here:

Right to Appeal:

Even if a court rules against you in the initial foreclosure proceedings, you have the right to appeal the decision. Appeals can provide an opportunity to present new evidence, challenge legal errors, or expose unfair practices. Bringing forth your claims are key components to challenging decisions made in the lower court. Time is of the essence in filing an appeal, so it is vital to consult with an attorney promptly to assess the viability of your case and initiate the necessary steps.



Foreclosure can be a distressing and uncertain time for homeowners. However, understanding your rights can provide a firm foundation on which to build a strong defense. By asserting your right to due process, demanding verification, mounting a robust defense, and appealing unfavorable rulings, you can navigate the foreclosure process with confidence and increase your chances of protecting your home. Remember, seeking professional guidance from credible sources like us as well as experienced foreclosure defense attorneys is crucial to a successful outcome. Remember, you are not alone in this battle—stand up for your rights and fight to protect your most valuable asset: your home. Lance

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  1. Thanks for the comment. Yes we are working with Attorneys in every state that follow our methods because we perform litigation support for them on behalf of our clients. It’s not a big list but they are our trusted partners in this fight.

  2. Hello Lance! Simply put, and to catch you up to speed, there are many issues. For starters – 1) No attorney wants to take these cases. 2) The crisis explosion made private-label ‘mortgage’ backed securities (PLMBS) defunct – as no ‘secured’ mortgage ever actually existed. 3) government blamed the homeowners. 4) Few modifications were given as – really – there was no mortgage at transaction to modify! 5) Nothing funded for PLMBS. 6) There are no attorneys to take these cases – Why? No precedent law. It is about what was called – ‘alternative loans’ – and deregulation. How about a state by state list of attorneys willing to fight foreclosures that should never occur? Oh — don’t forget about the fees! How and why do they even occur? And how did those fees make a default before any missed payment ever occurred? Thanks!!!! Much Luck!!!!

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