Attacks on me are mounting

There is an old expression that the more flack you are getting, the closer you are to the target. The banks are getting nervous —- finally. Their response has been hiring several unqualified independent contractors to post negative remarks about me or my blog or services. This has resulted in many of my readers prompting me to post a defensive statement, which I think is unnecessary — but here it is. —

Attacks on me ALWAYS come from people without credentials, experience or training in investment banking and accounting — all of which are in my resume.

In 17 years since I began publishing and appearing on radio and TV, no affidavit has ever been filed stating that my conclusions are inaccurate or wrong. My deposition was taken in 2008 for 5 1/2 days 9am to 5PM by 16 banks and 16 law firms.

No additional attempt has ever been made to depose me.


Every conceivable question was asked about my assertions regarding the lack of any substance to claims of “Securitization,” the role of MERS, and the ability of any named claimant to qualify as a beneficiary under a deed of trust or the successor mortgagee under a mortgage, in addition to title issues.

None of the questions resulted in any grounds to attack my assertions of fact.

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  1. Lot of us out here appreciate what you do. Already receive your email. I was a knowledgeable poster on msfraud. Lost all the way to the Supreme Court. 6th Circuit of Appeals wouldn’t hear me. Supreme wouldn’t allow my in forma pauperis. This started in 2007. I filed against Litton in 2006. Been around a while.

  2. Excellent response. Yes, the banks are running scared because their Ponzi Scheme is being exposed by legal facts and their faulty accounting that is being facilitated by bad actors in the legal system. This fraud is so transparent and maddening however, keep exposing the truth!

    Question aside, with the implementation of the CBDC system how does that impact mortgages, specifically payments of loans? Will this again raise the question of whether a loan does exist and is it accurately recorded on the bank’s financial statements as a debt? Will mortgage payments be allowed to be paid in Bitcoin or CBDC?

  3. May our Lord GOD protect yo. Criminals do not like lose.
    Criminals pack weapons. Criminals do not abide by laws. Do not inderestimate the pure evil you are dealing with. GOD Bless you this holiday weekend. You are one in a much more than a million. Thank you for your sacrifice.

  4. The truth always prevails!! Thank you for your perseverance and sharing all of your expertise, knowledge and experience.
    You are greatly appreciated!

  5. You have always been my superstar!

    Four requests please!

    1. publish that 2008 deposition on your website so we can read how bad they treated you back then and who of those 16 banks are still in business.

    2. publish an updated self written comment deposition to what you would say today if you were deposed again to answer the same questions.

    3. Have you ever seen any one in any state convert an arbitration award for damages from a wrongful foreclosure by a state or federal judge?

    4. Have you ever seen any State protect an Arbitration Award and offer an automatic conversion into a state judgment for damages?

    Keith in Buffalo

  6. True definition is NARCISSISTS! Not you THEM..your a true warrior!! Don’t ever give up what you believe to be right!!

  7. Screw them . . . your work speaks for itself; anyone who takes even a cursory deep dive into your articles, reports, etc., can easily see the sense they make – your proverbial breadcrumbs always end up a full loaf . . .!

  8. We do So Appreciate your insight, information and Courage. May our Lord God Himself protect you and continue to Inspire you,

  9. Keep up your good work Neil. We all need to be kept informed.

  10. Did you ever oost the transcripts of those depositions?
    They may be educational to a lot of people

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