New Partner joins my Living Lies Team

Hello everyone,

I am thrilled to announce that I am welcoming a new partner to our fight against illegal foreclosures throughout the United States. As many of you know, this is a battle that I have been waging for many many years, and I am excited to have found someone who shares my passion for justice and who will help us take our efforts to the next level.

Our new partner Lance Denha esq., brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, having worked for years in the foreclosure defense arena. He shares my commitment to challenging the banks and financial institutions that have been exploiting homeowners and profiting off their misery for far too long. Together, we will be able to mount an even stronger defense against these unlawful and unjust practices, and help more families stay in their homes.

I know that many of you have been following my work closely and have been inspired by the countless success stories that we have achieved. We have helped families who were on the brink of losing their homes to fight back against the banks and win, securing their homes and their futures. But there is still so much work to be done, and having a new partner by my side will only make us stronger.

I can’t wait to share more details about Lance with you in the coming weeks. I can tell you that this is a person who truly embodies the spirit of our mission. He is committed to fighting for justice, standing up for homeowners, and taking on the big banks and financial institutions that have been exploiting our communities for far too long.

So stay tuned, and get ready to join us in this fight. Together, we can make a difference and protect the rights of homeowners across the country. Thank you for your support, and I look forward to continuing this journey with all of you by my side.


Sincerely, Neil

5 Responses

  1. Sorry . . . UofMichigan and law school in Miami . . . that’s okay too!

  2. PS just noticed Lance is from UofM – my school too!!! Hurricanes look out!

  3. Neil – so glad you found a kindred spirit who knows the unique wrongs in these cases – perhaps you can send us a note regarding what you and Lance require to get your assistance, etc. Still the architect of my own legal design . . . your articles are like wine – getting better each and every day – just let us know how we can be of support and get you guys rolling into justice!!!! Sincerely, welcome aboard Lance!

  4. Hi Neil, yes, I do follow you – daily – and have so for years. Congratulations to Lance. I wish you both immense success. Not only are we fortunate to have you but now a passionate partner in illegal foreclosures as well. Fantastic!!

    All my best,

    Janet Montgomery

  5. Oh, happy days!!! So glad we found you both! As we are currently in the early process of unscrupulous behaviors, we are willing to be the basis for a class-action suit against Navy Federal Credit Union — or — against the whole industry! We can’t imagine how many lives were destroyed by this greed and deception. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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