Katherine Ann Porter, champion of homeowners and consumers, is running for Senate. If you care about foreclosure fraud you should support her bid for Senate

see https://livinglies.me/2017/10/11/katherine-ann-porter-author-of-2007-study-revealing-the-destruction-of-notes-is-running-for-congress/

It is no exaggeration that Katie Porter is why this blog started. While at the University of Iowa, she conducted a study with startling revelations. The discovery that original promissory notes were destroyed most of the time made it possible for thousands of homeowners to defend their homes from false claims seeking foreclosure successfully.

As a protégé of Elizabeth Warren, she directly influenced political campaigns and legislation after the study was complete.

After Katie Porter revealed that at least 40% of the promissory notes were destroyed and that the lawyers and “Servicers” seeking foreclosure were relying on images created by machines to produce a faux original promissory note, Elizabeth Warren drilled representatives of agencies and banks to reveal that the figure was over 95%.

As a House of Representatives member, her questions to agency representatives and private companies were an unparalleled display of 5 star cross-examination skills. Wall Street fears her.

She is climbing the political ladder, and we should help her for ourselves and our children and grandchildren.

In the monetized political environment we have allowed to flourish, she will always need money to battle those with bottomless pockets who will throw everything they can at her to prevent her from becoming  Senator. Let’s make them fail and make her a winner once again.

Go to https://katieporter.com/

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