Paatalo: If you don’t think judges will listen, think again

Skeptics often confront me to say that judges refuse to listen to their arguments.

My response is always the same.

But nobody likes the answer.

Judges will listen if you have something relevant to say, and you are saying it in proper form and in a timely manner. Both homeowners and lawyers fail to present appropriate arguments because they insist on admitting to the existence of a nonexistent debt. The rest is a “yes, but” defense that rarely produces anything other than frustration.

Bill Paatalo, a licensed private investigator and a long-time (14 years) contributor to foreclosure defense and forensic analysis has once again presented yet another example of what happens when a homeowner is willing to assume nothing and presents the argument.

Here is his blog article:

If You Don’t Think Judges Will Listen, Think Again

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