Mental health epidemic: Doing nothing because we are “mental”

One of the stupid issues is that we know there is a mental health epidemic fueled by loneliness, terror and anger. Yet somehow, the media seems surprised or even outraged that our politics consists mostly of yelling at each other as if that ever changed anyone’s mind or it ever produced anything of value.

We know such behavior, hate rituals, and a society hell-bent on marginalizing mental health issues is bad for all of us. But we keep doing it. The currency is everyone’s imagination that if we yell louder, it will all go away or that we will at least somehow feel better for yelling. Are either of those hopes true?

We are lonely, and we are vulnerable because the system has turned away from governance and away from the general welfare to being all about money.

The sole thing that everyone across the world agrees upon is that money is the most important element of life. While there is a certain inevitable truth to its utility, the obvious result of thinking that money is an end unto itself leads to mean-spirited, anti-people practices by government and businesses.

As long they do it to make or save money it is good, regardless of how many people are miserable and die.

We saw this vividly when the foreclosure storm started in 2006. People were dying. They died by suicide, suicide by cop, etc. The entire government went to work prosecuting the illegal criminal behavior of the actors in a very dark play. 1 person went briefly to jail, and the rest went free. After all, it was “capitalism,” which is good, right?

When the governments of all the states and the Federal Department of Justice settled, they got the players to agree to stop using false, fabricated, forged documents — without admitting they ever did it. The players did not stop and even increased the use of false documents without effect. No foreclosure based on false documents was ever overturned.

“Doing it for the money” seems to be a get-out-of-jail-free card. Now and then, there is a prosecution of someone in order to throw the media and the public off the scent. Madoff was prosecuted for pretending that there were accounts when he was just spending money. Death and destruction went to that family in what was called the “largest economic scam in history.” ($60 billion).

Meanwhile, Madoff “coincidentally” was prosecuted at the same time that it became apparent that literally $80 trillion dollars had gone through an illegal securities scheme that could only survive by allowing actors to enforce it as though it was legal.

COVID, mortgage meltdown and mean-spirited practices combined with reckless indifference have all made us feel overburdened, isolated, and extremely vulnerable. The institutions that people were expecting to protect them failed in most respects, although the vaccine for COVID-19 did save millions of lives.

We need to treat the mental health crisis as an emergency that is equally important to climate change. If we don’t get our act together, our inclination to hate each other will reach critical mass, and someone somewhere will push a button that will end our run.

Just as importantly, the causes of mental illness of every type should be addressed. We have a social compact in our U.S. Constitution supposedly for the “general welfare.”

Certain functions are obviously for the general welfare and, therefore the province of government. Police, fire, and health is among those. Making sure the economy is running smoothly by making sure that people at the bottom rung are able to spend money with vendors is for the general welfare.

So the goal ought to be as follows:

  • Police is about safety (not social work)
  • Fire is about prevention, rescue and mitigation of damage.
  • Healthcare is about health (including social work)
  • Basic income is about maintaining a floor under our economy.
  • Justice is about law and not politics, religion or ideology. It is about facts.

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  1. So since 2010 I been complaining to every Fed Gov agency about Wells Fargo Bank and asking how could they not process the required HAMPs protected by TAR and foreclosure using ROBO signed fraudulent documents to foreclose? The answer all along was that they could not.

    Even as the Dept of VA refuse to do an after action review of Veterans foreclosed when the DOJ settlement Independent Foreclosure Review Board did find that the banks did not process these loan for the VA HAMP and instead foreclosed.

    The foreclosure would not have taken place had the modification been granted and the Dept of VA would not have shelled all that monies to purchase home from the lenders and pay out the insurance claims from the VA Guaranty Fund!

    However when you don’t have personnel at the VA that cares it will take a decade or more to finally get someone come in and help like the new head of the CFPB who heard the complaint that people have been sending since the agency was started.

    Something that Neil said that I reported to the CFPB was the auditing of the mortgage servicing accounts and sent to then the customer activity account statement from Wells that did not add up!

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