Voting is your duty as citizen

We actually only have one job to do as citizens of the city, state or country. It is to vote on candidates and issues. The ContraPoint to this essential job is that the main incentive for anyone who is elected, is to be reelected. They all talk about Service but what they mean is you serving them. And there is no better way to get elected or reelected then to make as many people as possible afraid of the other candidate. And if that doesn’t work, they will do everything and anything to stop those people who might vote for the other guy or gal.

People know where I stand concerning Wall Street claims, especially claims of foreclosure of supposedly securitized debt. Some readers are asking me for guidance as to which party (Republican or Democrat) they should vote for within the context of the fraudulent claims for Foreclosure. I would like to answer “neither one.” But then that would be encouraging people to violate their only duty as citizens.

So I suggest you vote for candidates who are most likely to be acting in favor of consumer rights (regardless of whether they are true believers or not). I have said before on these pages that I don’t believe that conservatives conserve anything and I don’t believe that liberals have liberated anyone. These are all labels. And if you look closely at fraudulent foreclosure claims, you will see that they too are all based on labels and not on merit.

There are very few candidates who are willing to run against the banks because they are getting money from the banks for their campaigns. So you need to be persistent in your questions and research. You need to know what they are actually going to do for you. You also need to know what they are going to do to you.

Generally speaking, what they are going to do for you is the content of their speeches before the election. And generally speaking, what they will do to you will be their record of action in voting or taking executive action. Like everything else their decisions will be mostly informed by what is most likely to get them reelected. Just like with fraudulent foreclosures, my guidance is that you should not take any candidate at face value.

Neil F Garfield

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