Investigation of Credit Reporting and Verification of Credit Reports Shows Fabrications At Every Level

It is no surprise that Black Knight, previously known by other names including but far from limited to DOCX and Lender Processing Systems, is one fo the central control entities for the Wall Street investment banks in what is generally referred to as “securitization” schemes in which false claims are made regarding the securitization (sale) of unpaid loan accounts.

Summer chic has done an incredible amount of in-depth research that adds meat to the bones of homeowners defenses and claims.

In this case she provides a step by step guide to understanding the whole process of how negative credit reports containing false information are sent to what appears to be third-party companies posing as credit reporting agencies.

Both the reports and the verifications (required by law upon request of the party claimed to be a debtor) are false because there is no unpaid loan account receivable owned by the company on whose behalf the report is made. Frequently there are other false statements such as criminal records that are nonexistent ($3 million verdict for homeowner).

Hence the credit report is the utterance of a false instrument, based upon information the CRA knows to be false, the use of it by any creditor or prospective creditor is unlawful because most users know the information is false, and all of that is happening “in-house.”

Namely Black Knight performs or manages each and every function of receiving, collecting, processing, reporting, payment histories, reporting negative credit events essentially to itself.

The net effect of this is that it raises interest rates for the so-called “debtor” and even eliminates the homeowner’s prospect of getting alternative financing — something that Wall Street is dead set on blocking.

Imagine what would happen if homeowners were able to obtain alternative financing to submit an offer to pay off the entire balance as demanded or a fair settlement amount.

Every such closing is subject to due diligence on the title chain and the credentials of the designated creditor. Nobody wants a satisfaction of mortgage from a party who does not own the underlying obligation that is alleged to exist. Such an instrument would be void.

Such investigations would result in the revelation that the party demanding payment was not entitled to receive it. And the securitization infrastructures that support infinite revenue and profits would collapse.

The further implication is that virtually all hoemowners whoa re making or who have made payments according to a schedule presenting to them at closing, would have a valid claim to recover the payments made on the same principle.

Neither the “servicer” nor the designated “creditor” had any right to receive such payments nor any authority to execute any proceedings or documents concerning the payments received from homeowners (or the sale of their property) or any right, title or interest to any debt, note or mortgage.

And if further investigation were permitted by the court, it would be discovered that there is no lending party anywhere in the securitization infrastructure or in what is presented as the lending infrastructure.

There is no party that is owed any money at the  close of the transaction cycle with the homeowner. They have all been paid from the sale of securities — payments that were not credited to the nonexistent loan accounts mostly because Wall Street was allowed to do that under current accounting rules. So they received the payment but did not credit or even notify the homeowner.

Hence we are left with a transction in which the illusion of a debt is created, administered and enforced by central control entities like Black Knight, who performs most of these tasks for most of the securitization schemes.

The  fabrication of documents, fake “Business records”, and false implied claims of economic loss serve as one of the sources of titanic bonuses distributed on Wall Street because collections from homeowners have no place to go.


From Summer chic: We all owe her a deep debt of gratitude because she is relentless and accurate.

I continue my research on “credit reporting agencies” which are nothing but a scam to cover up the involvement of our old friends – Wall Street Banshists, Foley, Gravelle, Cogburn, etc

 “Transunion”‘s letter  was sent to me by Exela TEchnologies who used one of its FINTECH companies HOVServices

“Equifax” letter was sent to me by FIS Output Solutions, which is a branch of Fidelity National Information Services – which is located of course at 601 Riverside Dr. Jacksonville FL and more known as Fidelity National Financial /Black Knight.

The individual who registered FIS Output Solutions is hard-working lawyer Michael L. Gravelle (who has 2500+ jobs) who also registered nearly all 850+ ServiceLinks nest doll corporations across America.

The method how your information is “verified” is as following”

All “agencies” use so-called E-Oscar system which is a Trade Mark for Online Data Exchange LLC, which is located in Jacksonville Florida and its “parent” is listed TransUnion – while I think its Black Knight

Inline image

The system primarily supports Automated Credit Dispute Verification (ACDV) and Automated Universal Dataform (AUD) processing as well as a number of related processes that handle registration, subscriber code management and reporting.

While the system called “E-Oscar”, the email extensions for its employees are “newmtgservices”


In other words, all “furnishing” is coming from Balck Knight and all verifications are conducted by Black Knight and its numerous FINTECH companies. ”


“Agencies” names are used as a cover up.


Every claim must start somewhere. So if the proposed claim is based upon written instruments, it begins with attaching those instruments to the complaint or producing those on request. If the written instruments are prepared in the manner set forth by an applicable statute or if the instrument was prepared in accordance with custom and practice it is (and must be) taken as presumptively true.
This is why I have developed an extremely focused defense narrative and strategy. The information needed to rebut the presumptions raised by fabricated documents in foreclosures during the 1999-present era is not available to the homeowner or defense counsel — even when court orders are issued requiring that such information be produced for inspection and that questions (interrogatories) be answered.
Of the hundreds of strategies that I have reviewed and analyzed, the only one that works most of the time is steadfast, aggressive, persistent, and even “litigious” efforts to enforce compliance with the statutes and court orders.
Of all the cases I have won, and of all the cases that other lawyers have won, it seems that the main factor was and remains the reluctant willingness of the trial judge to sustain objections from the homeowners and overrule objections from the lawyer representing the foreclosure mill.
This is a prolonged effort. It is a ground war. While it is possible to achieve this goal only at trial, the judge is far more likely to consider the objections raised (foundation, hearsay, relevance etc.) if the homeowner has properly litigated discovery questions in the foreclosure action or in the lawsuit to enforce rights under the FDCPA, RESPA, and FCRA.
Such litigation shifts the focus away from the homeowner getting a “free house” and toward the enforcement and respect of the powers of the court. In contests between lawyers and judges, the judge almost always wins.
The question of whether the homeowner should be able to plead affirmative defenses or counterclaims for compensatory and punitive damages is not addressed her. Remember that affirmative defenses are generally not subject to being barred by the statute of limitations.
But I reiterate that I am absolutely certain that under existing law and precedent going back hundreds of years, the homeowner is entitled to be paid compensatory damages for being involuntarily drafted in the position of an issuer, without which the extremely profitable securitization practices could not have occurred.
The world is waiting for an enterprising large law firm to take on this herculean task that so far, every one of them has been too intimidated to undertake.

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  1. Another, good ole boys club. Pay to play. Far too many mistakes on these reports. Extremely difficult to get an accurate report. System is top heavy with the corporations and buries the average consumer.

  2. May 4, 2022 SEC filing –> “Black Knight, Inc has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE). ICE owns large financial exchanges, such as the New York Stock Exchange.” See this link:

  3. Excellent discussions Neil and Summer Chic!!

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