Recovering from a heart attack.

I take a break from my usual advice, consulting, strategies, tactics, and research on the current excesses in our economic system that allows lying and stealing to be covered and allowed as “capitalism.” Stealing is not capitalism. The sanctity of the contract requires consent. Homeowners had no idea about the true nature of their transactions with entities posing as lenders. Thus there could be no consent.

OK. I said I was taking a break to discuss recovery from a heart attack.  As most of you are already aware, I had another one on June 2. It was a surprise to all concerned — including doctors who administered 30 minutes of CPR. Thank goodness it did not result in broken ribs, which is often the case. But it did leave me with a bruised chest, legs, arms, neck, shoulders and back. And it reminded me that death is Nature’s way of telling you to slow down.

After the major medical intervention, I woke up feeling extremely fragile, vulnerable, and confused. For one thing, seeing myself in a hospital room with my daughter standing over me along with my cardiologist was a surprise. For another, the news that I had suffered a “massive” heart attack and was lucky to be alive was something that I had difficulty processing. What were they talking about? The last thing I remembered is that I was going for a follow-up appointment to my primary care physician. It was now 2 days later.

My strength and stamina were virtually zero. Despite them saying I was a miracle man for surviving, I did not feel like a miracle. I was in pain from head to toe.

After 9 days, I was discharged and my daughter drove me home. I have lived with her since 2016 when doctors told me to stop going to court. At first, I required help doing virtually everything. My brother is a cardiologist in South Florida. He told me to get over the despair and depression that comes from such fragility and that I would noticeably improve daily. It was difficult to accept his optimism. As for what appeared to be memory loss, he said to think of it as a concussion. At first, you might not be able to remember your own name. It was never that bad for me but it was disconcerting.

Then there was Lasix, which every patient recovering from a heart attack is required to take, at least for a while. This essentially drains fluid out of the body to reduce the pressure in the heart. It also drains out all the electrolytes leaving the patient dizzy, disoriented and foggy. I learned that the intake of this or any other diuretic must be timed properly, monititored closely, and offset by well-timed rehydration.

I had to use a walker to get around the house until suddenly, I didn’t need it anymore. Each improvement step was a surprise and jolted me back to the reality that I would get better instead of the “all is lost” mentality plaguing me.

Most of all, many things that most survivors experience that are not described by the doctors. In our hypervigilant minds, this leaves us wondering whether the latest pain, symptom, or event is significant. I found that reading a book written by a psychologist who had done a phenomenal amount of research helped me “know” what was in store for me. The book is “Thriving with Heart Disease,” and the author is Wayne M. Sotile, Ph.D. It has great information for both patients and caretakers.

I am now entering the phase of cardiac rehab — 1 1/2 hours every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I wanted to rebel against this regimen. But I cannot deny that my mental, emotional and physical stamina needs building. This is the test. I will find out just how much better I will get and maybe a clue about how much longer I will live.

Speaking of which, about 100 people have now asked whether I saw the light or experienced what others have described as a death or near-death experience. My answer disappoints everyone. I recall nothing from the experience. I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the afterlife.

I will continue to add to my body of work on this blog. There are literally thousands of articles — many of which are in-depth — about the alleged “mortgage meltdown.” I, of course, contend that the explosion in derivatives had nothing to do with the creation of loan accounts and everything to do with creating and selling unregulated securities — all in unmonitored securities accounts.

For their part, homeowners failed to receive compensation in their essential role of executing documents that memorialized transactions that never happened. Thus was born the “virtual loan transaction” (hereinafter VLT), which had no analog or support in statutory or common law, replacing the traditional transactions that created an asset on the books of the “lender” (and its successors upon sale of the unpaid loan account).

VLTs are neither enforceable nor legally subject to recognition. They’re legal nullities. And there is plenty of statutory and common law support for that proposition. The conveyance of a mortgage, either originally or to a successor, is always a legal nullity if it does not also transfer the unpaid loan account receivable owned by the seller (i.e., the underlying obligation).

I will continue to oppose the efforts of those who want to chalk the resulting slaughter of homeowners as judicial corruption. The premise is false, and while it might have some value in generating donations and in providing a vehicle for venting frustrations, it diverts energy from real tasks at hand: sharpening the language of the statutes and winning these cases one case at a time, as I have done for 16 years.

I will also complete the writing of my book on the crisis, including how-to information on the successful defense of foreclosure and some proactive measures that homeowners can take that will not be dismissed out of hand like the current attempts to bring wrongful foreclosure actions against false claimants with no claim.

And I will be developing an up-to-date forms library for pro se homeowners and their lawyers. That is already in the works.

And on a more selective basis, I will provide service and assistance to individual homeowners and a few attorneys left who are willing to believe that consumer defense can be accomplished successfully and profitably for lawyers.

That’s my current status. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Dear Neil,
    Greetings from El (Hell) Centro, CA (near San Diego), Was on your blog site and today noticed the heart attack post. OMG! I am so glad to read that God agrees with me or maybe I sure say I agree with Him……He/we need you here, Neil. So please take care of yourself and , may I suggest adding Q10 (a vitamin) to your healing regimen? I highly recommend it and it’s great for the heart). You mentioned your brother is a cardiologist in Florida. I have a cousin, Fred Yturralde, from El Centro, CA, who’s a cardiologist in Florida. Boy, that would be interesting if they knew each other. My prayers are also with you and for you. Sincerely, Sandy Boman
    PS I would really like to talk to you when you feel better.

  2. Thank God you survived! You are the number one hero in the foreclosure war against homeowners by Big Banking. There is no other place to get the truth about this from anyone as knowledgeable as you are. Your devotion to this work and your plans to finish your book and provide even more help to homeowners, even as you face recuperation is courageous. It shows what a lion’s heart you have in the face of your recent health issues. I admire you and my prayers are with you, Neil.

  3. Thanks for all you have done–and are miraculously continuing to do–for homeowners!!! You are greatly appreciated, your blog is a treasure trove of help for homeowners and our nation, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for you! Take care of yourself, eat healthily, get fresh air/exercise, and get enough rest!

  4. You, Sir, are amazing. Please take care. Strengthening the Pro Se’s ability to fight this slaughter is the only way to go. The power of politics will smother anyone who gets in the way. The professionals succumbed. The biggest stick the H.O. has in their fight (IMO) is to continue to pay the real estate taxes and homeowner insurance on their property as they continue to dispute the alleged debt. Criminal actions are etched in stone regardless of the lack of due process on the part of our gov’t and judiciary. This is so sad, be well Neil and thank you for your self-sacrifice. 😢🙏

  5. Neil, thanks for being tough and never quitting. We’ll all pray for you. Get well; we need you.
    Boston, Mass.

  6. Please take care of you first and foremost. You have already helped a lot of people. Do not overdue things. I wish you a fast recovery God bless you and all you j=have done for all of us.

  7. I hope that God extend your life not only because your are a law professional helping the poor communities with trouble of foreclosure and homeowners victims of predatorial lending practices. Right now Blue Hub Capital alias Boston community Capital bank, alias Aura mortgages, Inc. defrauded and deceive homeowners with the tale of helping repurchased their houses and re-sale to them with hiding casuals called SAM or Sharing Mortgage Appreciation, where there was no word to the victims of that practice; homeowners find out when later wants to refinance to even get a better interest rate or take equity or money from the property to any project as repairs, help kids with college, pay debts, etc., then their calvarium begin when as conditional to get their funds is pay the share appreciation mortgage, which is about 60 or 60 percent of their equity accumulated in their homes. All this is never mentioned when they offer to help get your home back, at closing jus they put you 300 plus pages of closing documents and none conversation of if , or if we need a lawyer to review those documents,! people at that time in foreclosure was not only desperate, but scare, not English skills sometimes or education, some are immigrants, seniors and take advantage of that is very low!.no word to a lawyer presence or review such documents before signed. Times later One find out that if we not paid this Blue Hub Capital a 50* bank/investors lending. and now we are in court trying to get owner homes to only one mortgage. Can you tried to help please! NACA and people from the communities are helping! We are all over from Massachusetts, I am from Jamaica Plain and fell into this trap! image people desperate in 2008 watching the market blown and those people thinking doing that to poor homeowners in foreclosure, it is outrages, despicable, no justification more than greed!

  8. I am so very happy and thankful to your daughter and doctors for keeping you grounded as you make the way back to a full recovery and a better life. You are truly blessed and may your blessing continue to multiply.

  9. Thank you for all you have tried to do for us no-longer-homeowners and for those who have not yet been foreclosed upon. The situation desperately NEEDS to be blown apart and the faulty securitization exposed en masse. Otherwise, it is a trickle of only a few wealthy homeowners who have any hope of ever getting justice. The rest of us are just going to be victims of fraud and theft, seems like. But many of us appreciate your efforts, and you will be in our prayers. Take care of yourself – get well and back on your feet again. I hope you will feel more like yourself soon.

  10. May god be with you, and in you!

    Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do!

    In gods name, amen.

  11. Praying for a great and speedy recovery.May God grant u a long life and your brilliant mind continues to help the unfortunate.I followed your publishing since u began posting.God bless

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