Heart Attack Message

For obvious reasons, I need to keep this short.
On June 2, 2022, I suffered a massive heart attack. It is known in the medical community as the “widow maker,” because the immediate consequence is the cessation of blood flow anywhere in the body. It is death. I was fortunate because when it occurred, I was already on the operating table for a related procedure.
It took 20 minutes of very aggressive CPR to (a) keep blood flowing and (b) re-start a normal heart rhythm. It was and remains a nightmare scenario for both members of my family and the excellent team of doctors who saved my life at UF Health in Jacksonville.
The events that followed fall into many categories. The bottom line is that I am left in a very weakened condition that affects every physical aspect and movement of my body and my life. As my body recovers from the heart attack and the CPR used to save my life, I must also endure the lingering mental, emotional and cognitive effects.
My recovery and rehabilitation are likely to span 4-6 months — although the bulk of the improvement may be apparent within 2 months.
All of this has vastly reduced the amount of productive time I have to spend on writing, analysis, and performing services. Based on the consensus of doctors, it appears that I’ll be running on most of my cylinders within a few weeks, but I will be slowed by my temporary disabilities. And I will be constantly fatigued by mental or physical effort.
None of this changes my overall plans. 16 years ago I did everything I could to alert the public to the largest economic crime in human history — luring homeowners into executing documents that failed to comply with law, failed to disclose the real terms of the deal, and failed to adequately compensate and protect homeowners for their involuntary participation in an illegal unregulated securities scheme.
My job would be done if everyone had reached an understanding of the scheme. But that is not the case. So I will continue as long as I can.
Everything I have to say, and all the proposed strategies and tactics I recommend to beat back the banks flow from one simple premise: when put to the test, the law firm representing the “lender” cannot and will not corroborate the asserted or implied right to enforce anything. It is all a sham. Even under court order, the lawyers cannot do it, the “lender” cannot do it, and the “servicer” cannot do it.
So the obvious answer is to put these actors to the test, knowing they will fail. That is how I win, it is how dozens of other lawyers have won and it is how every homeowner can win against these actors.

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  1. Go slow young man… I also suffered the ole widow maker and was without Oxygen for almost 9 minutes. It caused a stroke in my spine and paralysis from the knees down. I also was lucky enough to contract the rarest nerve disease on the planet. The acronym is CRPS… Look that shit up and you will see why I pretty much stopped posting 5 years ago.

    I hope you mend quickly. 2 stents and 22 pills a day is all I need to keep me going..

  2. Prayer! Don’t rush yourself! You have helped so many people including me.

  3. Neil – praying for you for the strength to fully recover. Take your time and pace yourself. We all here owe tribute you for helping give us the strength and courage to carry on. .

  4. Neil,
    I am glad that you had tremendous expertise to see you through this, and hope and pray that you recover fully. I truly appreciate all you have done, and the knowledge you have imparted on us all. I also commend you for your unwavering pursuit of both the legality and moral righteousness of assisting and educating those who have been harmed and continue to be harmed by financial fraud.

  5. Neil – we’re not going anywhere – we’ll be here when you’re ready to fire up the engines!!! Take care and just be still and rest!! If I can be of help, give me a holler! Sincerely, Deby

  6. Did you get the Bi o wea pon?? the V a c ine? that is the cause of what your talking about! Ck out Rumble for info

  7. Health first my friend. Take your time and heal well.

  8. Speedy recovery, Neil. There is still work to do and we need you.

  9. I am praying for your full and complete recovery. God Bless.

  10. Praying for your healing, restoration and renewal!!🙏🏿🙏🏿 I have
    been following you for 12 years now. GOD’S GRACE and your
    keen analysis and advice has kept me in the fight for 8-plus years now!!


    Michael B in Atlanta

  11. We are all sending u healing thoughts and it. Will help , you ain’t done yet ! Smile , have your family nearby ,

  12. Get well soon, Neil! We pray for you.
    Your strategy works,!

  13. Hang in there Neil! A speedy recovery! A friend of mine had the same medical issue a year ago. The biggest issue is psychological. Very good nutrition is really important. Thanks for being a great patriot and helping people. The country needs you!

  14. God’s strength to you Neil!

  15. You are in my daily prayers Neil…

  16. I’ve been supporting you every step of the way for the past sixteen years as well!!

    Keep us posted to your recovery and don’t spare the lather on what you need to do to get healthy again.

    remember, everything you do with your health will ultimately come to us as a challenge as well!

    Good Hunting and Great Luck!

    Keith Pillich from Buffalo!

  17. Get well soon, we all pray for you

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