Notice of Temporary Absence Due to Medical Emergency

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Mr. Garfield has had a medical emergency requiring his absence from the blog and his work. If you are researching resources for Foreclosure Defense, you can continue to research using the search bar on the homepage. Mr. Garfield hopes to be back to work sometime next week.

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  1. Get well soon, Neil,!

  2. Feel better Neil… you got this.

  3. Best wishes and prayers for Neil!!

  4. Get better better Neil – let us know how we can help you for a change!

  5. Neil. Get well soon !!!

    Health is Wealth.

  6. I will pray for Atty Garfield and will have prayers said for him. He has dedicated his career to helping people such as myself who have been unfairly treated by banks etc. May God give him a speedy recovery in Jesus Name. Amen

  7. Praying Neil is ok and a speedy recovery!

  8. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

  9. Wishing him well, hope he is back to feeling good and being healthy, real soon!

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