Homeowners Alert! You Are Corresponding With Machines, Not People.

Most people do not spend their time keeping up with advances in technology. When it comes to their front door they know it has arrived.

For about 12 years I have been telling people that there is a “high probability” that no human is making any decision and no human is doing anything with respect to their alleged loan account. The only exceptions are (1) a lawyer appearing in court and (2) a robowitness appearing at trial knowing only the content of a prepared script.

When homeowners write to the company that has been named “servicer” of a receivable account due from the homeowner they normally think that someone reads what they wrote. And the response, if any, appears to have been written by somebody.

Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence, particularly with language have now stepped over the line from “highly probable” to complete certainty. Nothing you write to them is read by a human being and nothing written back to you is written by any human being or even approved by the human being. The advantage, when you are running the largest economic scam in human history, is that no person can be accused of doing anything because, in fact, they didn’t.

People ask me  questions like “Why are they doing this?” Embedded in the question is a belief that some human intelligence is calling the shots. No, it is all machine-driven. No investigation or assessment is ever made with respect to forbearance, modification, workouts, or anything else. The declaration of default you receive is not a decision made by any human representing any company.

And when you get statements or other pieces of correspondence, and the body of the message is under a letterhead like, for example, Ocwen, that is not the entity who sent it and it is not the entity on whose behalf the message was sent.

To get more information I strongly recommend you read a recent article in the New York Times. Here is the link: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/04/15/magazine/ai-language.html?referringSource=articleShare


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  1. This is also true when communicating with the credit bureaus and the CFPB. The CFPB, in my opinion, is useless and is even worse than the 3 credit reporting agencies! No one is listening and no one cares, it’s just what’s in the machine!

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