Fla. R. Civ. P. 1.115 Conflicts with F.S. 679.203

F.S. 679.203:

a security interest is not enforceable against the debtor or third parties with respect to the collateral and does not attach unless: …

(b)  Value has been given… [e.s.]

Fla. R. Civ. P. 1.115:

(a) Claim for Relief. A claim for relief that seeks to foreclose a mortgage or other lien which secures a promissory note on residential real property, including individual units of condominiums and cooperatives designed principally for occupation by one to four families, must:

(1) contain affirmative allegations expressly made by the claimant at the time the proceeding is commenced that the claimant is the holder of the original note secured by the mortgage; or
(2) allege with specificity the factual basis by which the claimant is a person entitled to enforce the note under section 673.3011, Florida Statutes. [Editor’s Note: No such allegation is ever present]
(b) Delegated Claim for Relief. If a claimant has been delegated the authority to institute a mortgage foreclosure action on behalf of the person entitled to enforce the note, the claim for relief shall describe the authority of the claimant and identify with specificity the document that grants the claimant the authority to act on behalf of the person entitled to enforce the note. The term “original note” or “original promissory note” means the signed or executed promissory note rather than a copy of it. The term includes any renewal, replacement, consolidation, or amended and restated note or instrument given in renewal, replacement, or substitution for a previous promissory note. The term also includes a transferrable record, as defined by the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act in section 668.50(16), Florida Statutes.
(c) Possession of Original Promissory Note. If the claimant is in possession of the original promissory note, the claimant must file under penalty of perjury a certification contemporaneously with the filing of the claim for relief for foreclosure that the claimant is in possession of the original promissory note. The certification must set forth the location of the note, the name and title of the individual giving the certification, the name of the person who personally verified such possession, and the time and date on which the possession was verified. Correct copies of the note and all allonges to the note must be attached to the certification. The original note and the allonges must be filed with the court before the entry of any judgment of foreclosure or judgment on the note.
(d) Lost, Destroyed, or Stolen Instrument. If the claimant seeks to enforce a lost, destroyed, or stolen instrument, an affidavit executed under penalty of perjury must be attached to the claim for relief. The affidavit must:

(1) detail a clear chain of all endorsements, transfers, or assignments of the promissory note that is the subject of the action;
(2) set forth facts showing that the claimant is entitled to enforce a lost, destroyed, or stolen instrument pursuant to section 673.3091, Florida Statutes; and
(3) include as exhibits to the affidavit such copies of the note and the allonges to the note, audit reports showing receipt of the original note, or other evidence of the acquisition, ownership, and possession of the note as may be available to the claimant. Adequate protection as required and identified under sections 673.3091(2) and 702.11(1), Florida Statutes, shall be provided before the entry of final judgment.
(e) Verification. When filing an action for foreclosure on a mortgage for residential real property the claim for relief shall be verified by the claimant seeking to foreclose the mortgage. When verification of a document is required, the document filed shall include an oath, affirmation, or the following statement:

“Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have read the foregoing, and the facts alleged therein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.”

Does anyone get it?

Law is made by the legislature and enforced by the courts. Here the courts have passed a rule of civil procedure that completely overturns the legislative requirement that the enforcer (a) must have paid value for the underlying obligation and (b) is the real claimant (no substitutes).

No court possesses jurisdiction or authority to pass any rule that conflicts with statute.

By focusing the judge’s attention on the note the Supreme  Court of the State of Florida has provided an illegal mechanism for sidestepping a restriction on a foreclosure that has existed for hundreds of years.

As a result we have substitutions upon substitutions of nominees and intermediaries all playing their part to force the sale of property and use the proceeds or the title to their own benefit without crediting any legal claimant or creditor.

Is anyone out there listening?


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But challenging the “servicers” and other claimants before they seek enforcement can delay action by them for as much as 12 years or more. In addition, although currently rare, it can also result in your homestead being free and clear of any mortgage lien that you contested. (No Guarantee).

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2 Responses

  1. Neil is correct on all of this, but Summer is also correct. Courts will avoid upholding the law by whatever means possible. They will claim did not plead right, that you are default so does not matter, trustee does not need to name a trust, or make up their own scenario. That is the way the cookie crumbles.

  2. Yeap, threspassers of the law are Judges. It is not a secret to anyone who have eyes to see and ears to hear.
    Judges disregard all laws; judges allow forged documents to be filed with the Court. Judges accept all false statements. Judges deprive people from due process rights. Judges even conceal material evidence then they need to cover for their banking cronies crimes.

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