TUESDAY NIGHT! NEIL. BILL and CHARLES TOGETHER: Panel Discussion on Mission, Goals, Strategies and Tactics 3PM PST 6PM EST

Our Apologies. Due to unknown technical difficulties, the show was unable to broadcast. Here is the new information:

Tuesday LIVE! Click into the


f/k/a Neil Garfield Show

with Charles Marshall and Bill Paatalo

Or call in at (347) 850-1260, 6 pm Eastern Tuesday

So behind the scenes, I have been having extensive telephone conversations and email correspondence with Bill, Charles, and other parties interested in the content and the radio show format.

Tonight Neil, Charles, and Bill will all be on the same show to discuss what is next in the fight against foreclosures and defamation of homeowner titles.

We will also be discussing various proactive undertakings by homeowners and their lawyers to (a) fend off fake foreclosure claims, (b) seek the return of money (disgorgement) unlawfully coerced from homeowners and (c) seek the award and payment of compensatory, statutory, punitive and exemplary damages against those who fraudulently present and pursue fraudulent claims and who abuse legal process.

The Wall Street banks are now locked into their own lies. It is time to take advantage of that and use it to best advantage homeowners and consumers generally.

Fundamentally we are talking bout ways to motivate homeowners to obtain a return of what has been taken from them — a legitimate business investment in their homes, fair terms on real loans with real lenders, and participation in the force-placed securitization schemes as co-issuers of instruments that were eventually converted and sold to investors as huge profits.

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  2. Great topic but unable to get on either on computer or telephone

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