Virtual Loan Accounts and Virtual Creditors Have Now Graduated to Virtual Land and Virtual Mortgages

Some people are going to lose a great deal of money because they pledged real money for fake land and fake mortgage loans. It has already been happening in the lending marketplace under fake claims of securitization.

I have heard and seen people point to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as proof that the metaverse proposed by Facebook will have some enduring value. They may be right.

But it seems much more likely that the speculative fever that fueled the rise in BItcoin will surge again in the metaverse only to crash because underneath it all there is, well, nothing.

It’s true that money is just an idea. But once it is accepted as currency for all transactions public and private it is probably going to last a very long time. Any attempt to dislodge it will be met with robust resistance.


Moving forward, prospective clients can use the TerraZero website to explore metaverse land listings, then finalize the brokerage process with the company. TerraZero holds the virtual land as the registered owner until the loan is paid back. Each transaction is collateralized with the underlying virtual real estate, which is represented as an NFT.

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