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You can have this done for you by a competent forensic investigator or you can do it yourself using  FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests and other means. What is clear is that the procedures for QWR and DVL do not produce answers, although they do provide the foundation for lawsuits for statutory violations.

Here is an example of a homeowner who is relentless and aggressive in pursuing state and federal agencies to do their job — i.e., stopping foreclosures for profit. If a foreclosure is not intended to pay a creditor with an unpaid loan account receivable, it isn’t a foreclosure and the lawyers and their various clients and participants in foreclosure schemes have no right to the remedy.

The biggest problem I have is not just convincing government agencies but rather convincing homeowners that their homes are subject to a lien that is either partially or entirely invalid and that there is no legal creditor authorized to collect any money from them. In turn, homeowners regularly walk away from their homes leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars in nest-egg capital behind.

Here is only one example of how Wall Street is pulling the wool over the eyes of homeowners, lawyers, judges, and agencies of  Federal and state governments:

Covius is a branch  of Covius Holding who owns Covius Solutions who owns  Nationwide Title Clearing Corporation (NTC) who massively forge and falsify documents used by Wall Street Banks and their Servicer William P. Foley Black Knight, Inc (former Lender Processing Services) who give  instructions to Covius cartel via secured messages from secured message centers (similar to MI DIFS Zix Message Center owned by Zix Corporation, UK controlled by Goldman Sachs via chain of sham conduits who send me absurd runarounds on behalf of DIFS) .

This is  a typical mafia-styled structure based on a chain of nest-doll entities to make investigation more complex and almost impossible for common homeowners.Authorities and Courts are apparently instructed to refrain from any  investigation and ignore customers’ complaints even though it violates Agencies own settlements with criminals who promised to stop their crimes after returning  a fraction of stolen money. An example is FL AG settlement with  NTC which NTC has no intention to adhere.


On May 30, 2020 Covius Solution via NTC  forged and recorded in Barry County MI fraudulent Assignment of my alleged “Mortgage”  purportedly prepared by Dave LaRose (who did not prepared or reviewed it) where Intercontinental Exchanges, Inc acting as MERS hired  robo-signer Justin Borkowski (NTC employee) who [never] appeared before robo-signer Notary  Vicky McCoy who executed and notarized assignment of Mortgage (without Note) from Perl Mortgage, Inc (dissolved since 2019) to PennyMac Loan Services, LLC (fake Servicer without servicing functions) by attaching electronic stamp with “Vicky McCoy” signature prepared by someone else.

Covius Document Services, LLC, is a registered in Florida, California and Michigan Corporation, who repeatedly send me unsigned Notices with demand for money for unknown to me parties from P.O. Box 9109 Temecula CA rented by Covius.

The P.O. Box 9109 in Temecula CA was registered in the name of PennyMaC, but Covius is  the company using it on behalf of Franklin Credit Management Corporation  — all concealed by use of the name PennyMac who did nothing and probably was contractually barred from receiving or directing mail that was sent to that box address.

There was most likely a standing forwarding order to yet another PO Box, but I can’t know that without asking.

As its name implies Franklin Credit Management Corporation acts as a credit processor and director of assignments of credit collection functions on behalf of an undisclosed entity that is a sham conduit for an investment bank. 

All correspondence under name “Penny Mac” is coming from at least 15 (fifteen)  different companies, none of whom have any relationship with PennyMac. One company prepare billing statements mailed to me by another company instructing me to send my payments to PO Boxes in Dallas TX or Los Angeles LA rented by unknown to me parties. My checks are collected by three different companies – Exela, Regulus and Transcentra hired by unknown to me parties. [e.s.] My money are processed by unknown to me company whose employees receive secured instructions via secured website operated by unknown to me parties to deposit them to shady credit union in California for unknown by me beneficiaries. Notices are coming from two Servicers: Covius Document Services LLC  and Franklin Credit Management. Escrow reviews conducted by another unknown by me Company. Taxes are paid from my escrow by CoreLogic, Inc who cannot identify who hired and authorized them to pay my taxes. Home Insurance is paid from my escrow by Third Party Payment Processing company whose identity everybody refuse to disclose. Tax Forms for IRS are prepared by another Company and mailed to me by another company. Correspondence is coming from an array of companies  from across the Country. Employees with whom I speak on the phone work for various call centers or companies which I don’t know. [e.s.]

This means that (a) PennyMac was never performing any functions relating to administration, collection or enforcement of any alleged loan account and (b) the representation that PennyMac was working for a creditor who had the right, title and interest to administer, collect and enforce a loan account due from me  was a false representation. 

 This is a standard practice for organized crime and a standard legal practice developed by Goldman Sachs under the label of “laddering.”

Covius is hired by unknown to me authority to demand from me payments for unknown to me parties.

My attempts to obtain validation for this “debt” always failed, in the most hostile manner. When I asked local Title Company Bell Title to provide me a copy of wire transfer receipt from my alleged “Lender” Perl Mortgage, Bell Title  employees said that they are prohibited to talk to me about it and called police to escort me from their office. Thus, I conclude that here was no “debt” to begin with.

All my payments are diverted to unknown to me beneficiary by unknown to me employee George Fazio who receives secured instructions from someone’s  secured message center  where someone instruct Fazio to divert my payments to someone’s account enduing 6811 at Financial Partners Credit Union without reducing any principal or interest on my alleged “loan” and without any credits to my escrow account. See work log attached.

No money paid by me is going to any creditor who maintains a loan account receivable owed by me and which remains unpaid. This information is required to be disclosed under both TILA and RESPA. I have asked for that information in accordance with both statutes. The recipients of my requests have failed or refused to respond. This gives rise to an inference that they are not “servicer” and they are not “creditors.” [e.s.]

Accordingly the duty to investigate and prosecute if necessary arises for any government agency receiving this information. 

George Fazio is unknown to me and there is no record of his employment with any of the parties who have been named as servicers or creditors. Forensic examination suggests that Financial Partner Credit Union is a sham conduit for money laundering. The significance of these issues is as follows: experts in the securitization of debt have suggested that (a) no loan account receivable currently exists and (b) all claims based on the existence of the loan account are false — including but not limited to the right to administer, collect or enforce any alleged obligation owed by me. The payments I have made are not being processed by the apparent “servicer” and instead are being processed by unknown parties with whom I have no contractual or other relationship. This means that despite implied representations to the contrary, there is no way of knowing — despite my continued inquiries — who is disbursing money (if anyone) to an alleged creditor. And that means I have no way of knowing if my loan account is being reduced by my payments. 

All efforts to identify the owner of account 6811 have failed. This corroborates the conclusion by experts in the securitization of debt that the money is being laundered and diverted to investment banks that have no interest or risk of loss associated with any alleged underlying obligation, legal debt, or promise that I had issued to a third party.

I have concluded that the investment banks entered the lending marketplace without any intent to lend money and without any risk of loss on transactions with consumers who were falsely identified as borrowers. Investment banks were successful at creating an infrastructure in which they retained control without ownership or any legal responsibility to comply with law and in so doing were able to convert standard underwriting fees of 15% to profits of at least 1200% without ever crediting any loan account.

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