Court is Not a DYI Project

Simple answer: pro se litigants can win and do win.  But they mostly lose and they lose because they know nothing about court procedure. Competent trial counsel knows his or her way through the treacherous waters of litigation. Homeowners want the courts to do the work but that is not their job.


The cost of hiring competent trial counsel is high. So the question becomes whether the retention of the house, the life-style, marriage, family, and the equity is important enough to fight for. If you are going into a battle you send warriors, not untrained ill-equipped troops who merely hope that being on the right side of history is enough.

2 Responses

  1. Honestly – courts ignore procedure for these cases. They will abuse. They will find loopholes and technicalities to avoid issues. Yes, we need attorneys, but we need big and powerful ones that have lobster dinners with judges. May one of these big powerful law firms step forward for the little guy homeowner in 2022. That, in itself, would be a win!!

  2. Courts do not care. They work for money. Judges do that money tell them to do. Its not about Justice.

    Its all about robbing poor Peter to be able to steal more from rich Paul

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