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Anyone who participated in the 9/29/21 CLE Webinar “Examination and Challenge of Assignments of Mortgage” must have come away with at least this takeaway — the devil is in the details.

And as I repeatedly suggested in that 2-hour CLE webinar (now available on-demand at, it is only by coordinating the work of private investigators, forensic examiners of documents, and legal practitioners that homeowners actually prevail in litigation.

If there are two people that understand the intersection of these skills better than nearly anyone else, it is Bill Paatalo, Private Investigator and Charles Marshall, Attorney at Law.

Bill Paatalo joins Host Charles Marshall on the Neil Garfield Show today to break down with Charles a recent case handled by Bill on the invesitgation end, in which Bill was able expose a major deficiency in the servicer/lender’s case.

Additionally, Charles will address the latest on the Covid front, including updates on how foreclosures and unlawful detainers are heating up in California and elsewhere due to the lifting of the various moratoriums.

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