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You have often heard me speak about how the foreclosure mills want to talk about the note but foreclosures are about the mortgage or deed of trust. Those are governed by two sets of rules or laws that were adopted in all U.S. jurisdictions from the Uniform Commercial Code. Article 3 governs negotiable instruments which usually include promissory notes. Article 9 governs the enforcement of security instruments which usually include mortgages or deeds of trust.
Tonight Florida attorney and trial lawyer Randy Ackley joins us to discuss his views on how these rules and laws should be considered and argued in court.
Randy Ackley is a licensed attorney in West Palm Beach Florida who has been litigating the defense of foreclosure cases and related matters for many years.
I consider him to be a good trial lawyer with considerable experience in complex litigation and I have worked with him in the past. Randy worked as a senior litigator with Tom Ice who broke through several cases exposing the fraud and corruption of servicers and the players who assist in making claims for foreclosure.
He has worked for disaster relief organizations in many international locations and is an ardent and effective advocate for homeowners and consumers in general.

2 Responses

  1. Excellent topic Neil — and, from attorney who attended seminar – this is a #1 one issue that is not addressed in courts. Leo – -they sue on the “note” — which, never legally existed. And, let me proclaim — IF you are paying – only the mortgage matters – because ONLY the mortgagee can file satisfaction/discharge/cancellation (which are all bogus for a decade or more). The problem is that “the paying” does not matter because it was already placed in default before any payments were ever missed. End result? You cannot discharge/satisfy/cancel anything of record. No authority, no mortgage, and no note. That is because nothing valid existed in the first place.

  2. Usually they do not sue on the note.

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