There is an Orwellian atmosphere that has developed around the lending industry and the foreclosure industry. In a world where homeownership is supposedly encouraged, information about maintaining homeownership has now become banned from Facebook — unless of course, the information comes from the banks and deals with forbearance or modification agreements that serve to solidify the fake foundation for present claims.

Facebook is now the witting or unwitting accomplice to the campaign of disinformation that has been in operation since the early 2000s. Perhaps this time it will explode in their face and in the face of the investment banks that are still currently hiding from view. The facts remain the same despite all current efforts to squelch the message (and the messenger):

Most claims of administration, collection and enforcement of mortgage “loans” are factually false. 

The law in every U.S. jurisdiction has the same safeguard adopted from the Uniform Commmercial Code Article 9 §203: Only a claimaint who has paid value can use legal process to enforce the lien. 

The securities firms who call themselves “investment banks,” acting through intermediaries, win by using presumptions of fact. Homeowners win by testing those presumptions. 

The curent Facebook algorythm blocks information that helps consumers to protect themselves against predatory tactics by securitization players and foreclosure players — affecting not only public perception but also the perception of the judicial system and law enforcement. 

The Webinar on Wednesday reveals the strategies and tactics that can be used by attorneys for homeowners in defeating claims against their clients.

So now the fight is out in the open. The banks pounced on the one phrase “Keep Your House” and have blackballed its use on Facebook. And Facebook complied without any review of the content of the posts that merely provide information or guides to homeowners seeking assistance or knowledge about foreclosure and provide registration details for the upcoming webinar.

An interesting sideline is that the working title for my upcoming book is “Keep Your House”.

So what is obvious is that the investment banks regard my posts as a threat to them and they’re right. I wish to stop them from conducting fake foreclosures using fake documents, false intermediaries, and sham conduits.

The problem I face is that Facebook instantly takes down any posts that are presumptively categorized as “disinformation” but it has no apparent way to instantly review such decisions even when they simply contain the innocuous words “Keep Your House.”

That phrase “Keep Your House” in particular is a target of the banks. They have an interest in the concealment of the factual basis for claims to administer, collect or enforce “loans.” And the last thing they want is a surge of homeowners contesting foreclosures — and winning. So Facebook procedures are aiding and betting that concealment. 

I have started the “review” process with Facebook but meanwhile, my efforts to promote the webinar on Wednesday have been partially thwarted by this most recent attack from the banks. It’s OK. I am accustomed to being attacked. And I find it heartwarming that they made the effort to slap down both my extensive pro bono work on behalf of homeowners and the webinars. The old expression comes to mind: “If you are getting a lot of flak you know you are close to the target.”

I’m a lawyer and financial analyst, not a bomber. But I am clearly over the target and the banks are getting nervous — for good reason. This is Act 3 of my long-term bid to upset their applecart.

Let the games begin.

Neil F Garfield. September 27, 2021



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  1. Hammertime — the deals were done LONG before Trump took office. I agree Mnuchin was bad decision. But, the culprits had already done their damage. Extremely difficult, if not impossible, to fix the damage done by the list Poppy gives. May I add Paulson, Holder, Bernanke, and Geithner to the list – all in the know but covered up. For the party that seems to care about the “world” — they tossed homeowners to the street. VERY STRANGE.

  2. The Dictator Sleepy Joe appears to be barely alive. Most recently Biden’s “press-conference” was paused several times due to his obvious missteps.

    Today they announced Biden’t cancellation of meeting with Obama in Chicago.

    I doubt in Biden can leave his bed without helps from several caregivers. They merely show Biden’s pictures via media, but otherwise Biden appears as real and as functional as Lenin in Mausoleum on Red Square

  3. “The Munchin” has nothing to do with this, IMHO…you got Clinton, Bush, Obama, Yellen, Greespan, Pelosi, Newsome (nephew of Pelosi) Schummer, Nadler, Schiff, DiBlasio, Whitmore, Cuomo, the list is long and not very distinguished…all want trillions of dollars for social equity, the green new deal. AND nothing for homeowners, every day people who make this entire “globe” function, the ones who pay all the freight. Then hundreds of Billions for social programs…for many who haven’t put one penny into the system.

    These people were around long before Trump. He’s gone and they are squandering every penny for their own agenda. They are giving us all “the middle finger” folks…

  4. Meanwhile Trump had Minuchin for 4 yrs and now he’s multiying his theft. Challenge ur local officials and go to the top no matter what party.

  5. Elections should matter…these fossils have been in office for decades and are the reason the system is the way it is. Intentional…these people are creeps, Communist’s at heart. Censorship is everywhere…Pelosi said: “Capitalism isn’t working, we must change it”…it’s working just fine for her. Capitalism with no regulation and oversight is certainly a problem.

    shushuuu007…they are completely changing the USA, by design. The Dictator-Sleepy Joe has signed over 50 Executive Orders…no meaningful legislation has been passed by Congress. They sit silent! Now they want the IRS to monitor any transaction over $600.00, while the money launderers, thieves, scammers, continue to lie and deceive an entire country of decent citizens.

    Not one of these creeps follow the law, as written. “Rules for thee, but not for me”…right now we do not have a country. Where is the outrage? Our Constitution is being used to clean fecal matter..My $.02 on the matter.

  6. shushuuu007 – never seen you here before. Good post!! I don’t care about stealing election – they will cry wolf all the time no matter what. I do care about what Biden and Obama and Clinton – and Bush – and Harris, and others – did with the “CRISIS” bail-out. I care that these loans were not mortgages. I care that these people are victims. I care it was covered-up. I care that no one has addressed. I care that it continues to date. I care that all are silenced. I care. To silence voice is horrific. Thank you.

  7. PLAYING WITH WORDS just got worse….corrupt Biden and partners in crime club members….BUT… in the process of being removed. Corrupt agencies and those who’s hands are in the pot….in case you have not been awake. Sh…. is hitting the fan big time. IF THEY STOLE THE ELECTION OVER AND OVER AGAIN, WHAT ELSE DO YOU THINK THEY ARE INVOLVED IN?

  8. Oh wow — and what else has FB done? Including to young girl images and their well-being? FB –get real. Don’t let anything derail!. This is no longer America. America is gone. The bogus money trail has to STOP. Or, we are all doomed.

  9. Say ‘keep your homestead’ instead

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