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Despite the unrelenting press releases often carried by print and digital media, foreclosures are spiking. Wall Street is in the midst of an all-hands-on-deck PR offensive to convince everyone there is no problem.

Homeowners, like in 2008, will be caught in the crossfire of well-organized illegal enterprises if they don’t get ready for action. Some are lulled into complacency by moratoriums (expired), forbearance (a cruel trick), or even modifications that contain unenforceable provisions to waive homeowner rights and the requirements of law. Those agreements are lures to get homeowners to agree to a virtual creditor instead of a real one, thus enhancing profits and doing nothing to reduce debt.

Bill Paatalo joins Host Charles Marshall to discuss the coming foreclosure tsunami, which looks to finally start landing in a big way in October or November. The major solution for homeowners and those whose houses have gone to sale, is to seek safe ground now or shortly, rather than waiting for the inevitable. In both judicial and non-judicial foreclosure states,  homeowners can retain foreclosure defense attorneys–defendant’s attorneys against judicial foreclosures in judicial foreclosure states, plaintiff’s attorneys in non judicial foreclosure states like California.

Today on the Show we will discuss strategies to deal with this latest situation, where the national foreclosure and eviction moratoriums expire in days. The key for homeowners and other impacted is to start early and play hard. Even as the prep period for early is going down quickly, getting an attorney in place, and a financial, forensic investigator like Bill Paatalo, is key to potentially winning the long war with the banks.

Bill will discuss in part an unlawful detainer case he is handling where per usual well crafted and imposed discovery is pinning the opposition down, in this case, Chase Bank.

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  1. Most of the time, it is the foreclosure mill attorneys who manipulate and twist the law – always looking for loopholes. Sometimes, the “Bank” (yeah right there is no “bank”) does not even know what the attorneys are doing. Ethics – is gone. The “law” is a game – at the people’s expense.

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