It’s fraud when people do it but not when banks do it.

In a land supposedly subject to equal protection under the laws, the reality is far different. The use of fraudulent documents to defraud banks lands the perpetrator in prison and all his assets seized.


But when banks and their self-appointed servicers do it, they promise not to do it again, keep doing and then pay a fine equal to around 0.1% of their illegal windfall profits.


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GTC Honors, Inc. presents Foreclosure Defense Webinar
Wednesday, September 29, 2021 at 3 PM EDT (2 hours)
“Examination and Challenge of Assignments of Mortgage”
Presenter Neil F Garfield, MBA JD
Florida BAR CLE Approved Webinar 2.5 credits
(Credits for Garfield Seminars are usually accepted by other states)
Homeowners may attend without CLE credit
Live and On-Demand


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