The laws of men on Wall Street are pushing out the laws of the country. It is time we pushed back. There are no laws of men — not in this country!

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Fighting ghosts is challenging but not impossible. Ask anyone who has been required to deal with what they thought was their loan account and you get the same answer. You never get to speak to anyone in charge of anything. YOU CAN USE THAT AGAINST THEM.
Remember always that you are not dealing with people. You are dealing with a computer that is designed to run independently of human intervention, thought or decision making or authorization. And THAT TOO can be used against them.
But it allows for deniability because when it comes to any one specific event the claim can be made that no human did it. Yet the law specifically holds such acts to be legally the responsibility of humans who engineered the scheme, which in this case would be the investment banks.
That computer will send out instructions to a law firm to initiate foreclosure proceedings. the law firm has no way of knowing where those instructions originated. And it doesn’t ask because it has been told not to ask.
The computer decides when the lawyer should start and who to name as creditor and who to name as servicer. These are just predetermined names — not companies tasked with performing any functions or activities.
And the computer will decide what figures to use and it will provide access to forms prepared according to algorithms for the computer to create notices, and even fabricate documents sent to third parties to pretend they are authorized signors who in turn take people off the street and have them sign, not knowing what is in the document or even just getting them to allow their signature to be used on documents they will never see much less understand.

3 Responses

  1. Computers do not operate on its own, maybe only in Isaak Azimov books.

    Computers also need people to originate this operation, create these programs and control them.

    We must go after people who are behind the scheme. And these “fintechs” are Black Knight former Lenders Processing Services, Inc who STILL operated DocX,LLC and CoreLogic.

    And people who manage and promote this scam

  2. Seems that all foreclosures must be reversed and homes returned to lawful owners..

    The Government knows that it means…And keeps this fraud covered.

    Not for free, of course

  3. Seems the simple phrases “reliable evidence” and “valid transaction’ in the National Mortgage Settlement possibly others and CA Homeowner Bill of Rights should be referenced from the start.

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