I just can’t resist.

If breathing was declared mandatory by any government in the world, there are people who would hold their breath in protest. Taking medical advice from such people might be hazardous to your health. Of course, you would not receive any advice because that would require exhaling, which would be breathing.

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  1. Summer – CORRECT. Brian Tracy — incorrect. This is about survival — not “Ideas” or theories that have no merit. Even if you are correct — you won’t survive. So no good. Because the alternative is WORSE. The end of civilization and economy as we knew it. People are already dying. Young included. So — keep pushing — will put us so far back – we will never recover. Buy hey — it always about “ME.” And, “my” own ideas. Don’t worry about anyone else — not your problem. Until it comes KNOCKING at your door. The Reaper. And, Reaper will always be waiting. Vaccine or not. Just a little sooner without vaccine. But thanks anyway. Oh – Vaccine does NOT inject the virus. Other vaccines do — not this one. So — your stockbroker tip — well — questionable. But what else is new? Unvaccinated — destruction — mutations keep going. But — in the eyes of stockbroker tips –= Who cares? Not me — I won’t get it. Until you do. Thanks.

  2. Neil ,

    I’ve been away for a few months ,, I hope this doesn’t mean that you took the experimental gene therapy drug intentionally mis-labeled as a vaccine. If you have then you must know that you WILL be getting Mad Cow disease as your cells DNA has now been altered to have them create the CYTOTOXIC spike protein which cruises through your body and easily passed into the brain.. This is the very definition of a PRION DISEASE..

    The immediate problem is that in EVERY animal test since 1999 that if the animals lived they were pathogenically primed and died upon re-exposure to the pathogen that they were supposedly immunized against due to ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) ..

    This isn’t curative medicine , it’s planned genocide.

    The best and only advice I’ll give you is DON’T GET SICK … that’s not meant to be a joke ,, any coronavirus will trigger a cytokine storm that you will not survive…

    Oh , and since you’re a lawyer.. you might want to read the 2013 Supreme Court decision in Myriad Genetics where the court decided that if you take a dna altering drug you become OWNED/PATENTABLE and that you are now a “trans human” and no longer have a claim on “human rights”…

    You may be an expert on Wall Street trickery but I’ve been following this technology since 2001, my uncle was a Pfizer scientist and I was tipped off to follow this as I was a stockbroker….

  3. Why those who build their career on lies to customers every day (employees of alleged “Servicers” snd Black Knight ) do not protest?

    Tolsdted (Wells Fargo) just posted that she is not obligated to testify against herself in 5 million fake accountants. But why employees of Wells who were fired for Toldsted’s crimes did not protest?

    How about millions fake foreclosures, hundreds of millions fake “loans” and an Army of Liars who promote this fraud to the customers and homeowners.

    Very few robo-signers stepped out to testify in 2008-2011

    One (or more) who did – Tracy Lawrence – “committed suicide” just before her trail testimony.

    William Foley’s mob (former Lenders Processing Services, now Black Knight) can walk away from any crimes.

    And the Government covers

  4. And, we should have protested 13 years ago.

  5. Problem is not just the government. It is people who never think anything bad can happen to them. So — they just ignore the problems of others until problems come knocking at their door. Then they are shocked. That is for EVERYTHING.

  6. Blocked now?

  7. I second that, van Eck

  8. I second that, Van Eck…

  9. Amen to that.

  10. With a little bit of luck, the personnel on Wall Street would be the ones that would do the Protest. That would be appropriately Darwinian. Solve a lot of problems.

  11. Have we quantified the experience and expertise of the people “speaking for OUR government”…all book worms, from elite universities. Just saying…a lot more to discover about COVID mandates and the efficacy of said vaccines. Non medical expert here, and by no means imply there is not a grave medical situation. Just questioning the government bureaucrats spin on everything.

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