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Regular people think that going to court is winning a point and finding vindication in the judgment of the court. But lawyers know that going to court is all about keeping in control of the narrative.
So it should come as no surprise when people feel railroaded because they know or understand that the opposition has no case against them. They still lose. Why? because they lost sight of the real prize: just winning. Not vindication and not a judgment that puts the opposing lawyer and client in jail. Just winning.
Winning is all about what lawyers call the prima facie case but only lawyers understand the true nature of every prima facie case. It is only the case that has been pleaded in allegations of a well-pleaded complaint that asserts a short plain statement of ultimate facts upon which relief COULD be granted.
Notice the word could is not would or will. It is could because without proof the prima facie case fails and judgment is entered for the homeowner. And that is what you want, right? So the goal of every foreclosure defense attorney is to interfere with the ability of the foreclosure mill to put on a case.

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  1. Second, you need a Judge with personal integrity who is not a part of bankers family, who did not took hundreds of thousands “donations” from Big Banks and their lawyers and who is willing to obey the law.

    And THIS is the huge problem to find such Judges.

    Practical hint: never go to the Court before you make a full research how JUDGES before whom you will appear obtained their jobs. No further explanations will be needed in whose favor these judges will rule. Its all about money. And Wall Street Banks have all the money.

    JUDGES rebelled against the Constitution to enable Wall Street’s Ponzi Scheme converted American Courts and housing market into a criminal mess.

    Almost ALL foreclosures during last 25 years are a blatant theft of homes from people who performed unpaid financial services for Wall Street Banks’ owners – plus delivered them their wealth as tax-free revenue. (“Mortgage” payments are merely involuntary gifts from homeowners who were fooled to believe that someone “loaned” them some money.

    JUDGES decided to make an extra tax free gift to Wall Street bankers by stealing homes from families.

    Look how these Judges obtained their jobs – via personal connections and “donations” from lawyers who represent Big Banks.

  2. First, we need lawyers to take these cases. They headed for the hills quite some time ago, and we are left with lousy case law because of their disappearance.

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