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Homeowners Don’t deserve to receive correspondence stating that they’re delinquent or in default from someone based on an unsigned letter that is sent using the letterhead of a company that is only pretending to be a servicer but fabricated by a company that never appears in the chain of title for yet other companies (investment banks) that never appear in the chain of title.

And they especially don’t deserve to lose their homes to players who have weaponized widespread ignorance of the facts and court procedure to illegally force the sale of homesteads.

The problem is that most homeowners believe they DO deserve this and they are reluctant to give up that mindset as a betrayal of core values of homeownership, mortgage ownership, and personal responsibility.

This attitude also pervades the law profession because if the client doesn’t believe in the defense, why should the lawyer?

The mission of our broadcasts on radio, the articles on the livinglies blog, and the appearances in TV and seminar videos is to disabuse homeowners of their erroneous notions of fair play and morality. It is not moral or fair to steal someone’s home for profit.

So tonight, listen up! Tune into our next radio broadcast starring Charles Marshall a descendent of the 4th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and a long line of jurists and lawyers. He will tell you about the current climate and context for foreclosure defense that works. AND remember in today’s business contest, virtually all foreclosures should not work.

Homeowners must come to believe that they are entitled to defend their property and that there is nothing wrong with doing so. That is the American system. and to realize that rebelling against the status quo of submitting to unfair business practices and unfair and illegal litigation practices

The latest trends of 2021 will be addressed today, with a focus on non-judicial foreclosure states and actions, in the following legal areas:

– civil litigation state,

– litigation Fed,

– appellate practice both state and Fed,

– unlawful detainer practice, aka post-foreclosure eviction lawsuits,

– bankruptcy practice.

All to be examined through the lens of Covid impacts both State and Federal, including the latest re foreclosure and eviction moratoriums.

Quote from Charles Marshall: “Mike Tyson, the prize-winning boxer said, ‘Everybody’s got [obviously referring to his boxing opponents] a plan until they get punched in the mouth’.  As applied to attorneys defending homeowners against illegal and immoral foreclosures —the better man sticks to his plan, more or less, if it is working and well-founded, despite being punched in the mouth by the opposing lawyer.”

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  1. Charles is such a brilliant attorney – but can someone please professionally mic him – invest in a headset or microphone that his voice can actually be heard and to not keeping moving around or away from the mic – so much of what he wants to convey or teach is not heard because of an electronic/technical issues – Charles please ask someone to set you up with a decent headset/mic – we lose valuable teachings because you can’t be heard or your words are ‘lost’ in the wind or something. . . Thank you!

  2. Ian — very astute as to the mainstream media presentation to the public. This is what we were all told – and Rick Santelli was one of the worst.
    This was all concocted to cover the government’s failure to regulate, and to cover for their solution of banks bail out. Settlements came without investigation. The media’s presentation destroyed. Were they idiots? Or, controlled by Hank? I recall being told by MSCBNC that Hank was in the waiting room — and he was going to speak. Hank never spoke. So why was he in the waiting room?

  3. Fred Schneider, to you and all the other US Marines, thank you for your service.

  4. I didn’t know that Charles Marshall was a descendent of John Marshall, who, along with Ben Franklin, founded my alma mater, Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster PA in 1787.
    But regarding the post, after hearing the mainstream media refer to homeowners as “deadbeats”, who were “usig their homes as ATMs”, and who “bought too much house” , thousands and thousands of times, over many years as an explanation of the “ subprime mortgage crisis”, it comes as no surprise that they believed themselves to be at fault . Such is the power of propaganda, it becomes the truth.

  5. You all need to contact the CFPB and anyone at the government level who will listen and actually take action. ALERT THE PUBLIC that anyone checking their chain of title and finding reference to MERS should immediately cry foul and seek help that the government owes us ALL AMERICANS to know the truth!!!
    Semper Fi.

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