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If you learn anything it should be this: cases are not won or lost based upon the merits of each side. They are won and lost based upon perception and procedure.

Everyone already knows what I have been teaching for decades, Winning cases is about working the system not about being right. That is exactly why hardly anyone trusts the system or lawyers or judges for that matter.

But other than a few courageous homeowners, everyone seems to forget that simple proposition. And so because they believe that the entire foreclosure scheme for the past two decades has been one elaborate fraudulent scheme they assume they have a right to win. And they think the lawyers and courts should admit that the scheme is fraudulent and basically mostly a PONZI scheme.

There is no such thing as a right to win. There are only winners and losers who know how or who don’t know how to work the system.

The problem for homeowners who seek to fight is that there is a nearly religious belief that this is about being right rather than undermining the right of anyone to initiate foreclosure procedures against them.

They want to prove their opposition to be wrong. It is not enough for them to prove there is no claim against them and so they go on to lose and prove the erroneous proposition that homeowners cannot win. They can win and they do win.

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  1. So in the meantime just say no to all the brilliant convincing ideas from the slave masters that keep you oppressed, shackled and enslaved in your best interest. They can’t do shit unless you consent. Silence is consent STAND UP ***GET LOUD*** CALL THEM OUT*** This is your life your planet your home and even though they claim they do they do not have privilege above you unless you hand yours over.

  2. Lets get real if Larry Dubin a well seasoned 80 year old attorney could not successfully “work the system” than what makes you think we the average home owner can? Does Mr. Dubins case represent a system we would like to continue to cultivate and fortify through “working it”

    Ten years into owning my home it became a strangers investment in debt that he arranged prior. He arranged a guarantee for me to fail and invested in his plan that was based on my demise without me knowing. A plan where he would profit immensely using my name, my identity (signature) and I woukd lose my basic needs for survival so he could have more than he needed in wasteful greed and self selected superiority.

    My agreement was not with him nor did I know what he had planned. He established a foot hold far in advance giving him the lead position and left me having to do 100X the work to flush out his intentions and protect myself from motives securely hidden. The court has never protected me. Work the system you mean do 100X the work only to be barely recognized as a human being with a voice consistantly ignored. You cant work a system in your favor when it is loyal to the crimes and criminals succeeding and most who were honest choose to join them when you can’t beat them….crime pays.

    The entire structure must go it is too infiltrated and saturated, wriddled with criminal corruption and there is absolutely no way to fix it. Beyond reform it is too far gone. To many years and to many judges, lawyers and corporate controllers chose deception for profit. the majority are unable and incapeable of honesty and integrity. This is a battle of good v evil to let each of us choose where we stand. Its bigger than the Supreme Court or International Courts who fail at their purpose. There is this other aspect of justice called UNIVERSAL LAW. You can not dodge UNIVERSAL LAW no matter how crafty your ego thinks you are.

    Trump stated 80% of the governmental authorites in control of all aspects of our country were dirty. To take them all out at once would mean complete disaster to all of our structures. Its a slow procees and the criminals need replacements. Let it implode upon itself (as it is organically) because it is unsustainable. Working the system is not the answer. Let it fall and we build brand new, begin again.

    Immigration hearings are backed up 2 years. Covid foreclosures are only beginning can’t you see the chronic defects in an unsustainable sytem obsolete and doomed to fail. Dont work the system contribute to bringing it down so it can be replaced. Keeping a fully dysfunctional, defective, failed systyem of justice alive is cop out full of he same excuses used every day in its daily practice in the court rooms….the dysfuntion perpetuates more dysfunction and will never stop if you consent to “working this system” you are part of the problem not part of the solution.We need a new system…imagine that!

  3. Justice is the name of the system. Justice defined in the dictionary states “the quality of being fair and reasonable” and “the administration of the law”. The entire concept is deceiving to the homeowners, public and pro se litigants because the lawyers know what you know and we do not. We expect fair and reasonable and administration of the law based on the facts and truth. When that is not how it works. Its more like a game where cheating is allowed and the best cheater wins. To me the truth is more important than how it is you get to it. To lawyers and judges like you say “working the system” is your approach with enphasis on fowling the opponent out and finding defect in their acts. When a legitimate look right into the facts should end the dispute instead dirty ball ensues in a battle of wills, egos and power trips of who is craftier, who is superior and who can zoom who out of the game. When a homeowner looses after submitting the facts that go ignored and is treated without value or worth there is no amount of “knowoing how to work the system” that helps or justifies the mistreatmen in what is defined as a process based on “the quality of being fair and reasonable. I do not want to “work the system” I want the system to work for me and the facts and truth alone should define the outcome not who is the best cheater that can fowl the opponent out of the game. I believe the entire system should crumble and we start beginning a new system. You can explain and excuse this one all you want but the bottom line you cannot ignore is IT IS NOT WORKING. You can ignore reality but you can not ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. Old school mind sets are becoming obsolete lets expand and grow beyond that instead of expecting what is impossible from defective archaic corrupt and obsolete lets grow into truly fair, just, honest and systems of integrity that actually operate the way they are described and intended to operate. No old school excuses accepted here. I call BS.

  4. Disagree with this — not the homeowners who must come to terms with existing law – it is the U.S. Government. Homeowners know the law perfectly well. Laws have been distorted and manipulated. And, Summer – may be so, but try to tell the government that. There is government stamp — “APPROVED.”

  5. The entire “home lending” in America for the past two decades has been one elaborate fraudulent scheme and basically mostly a PONZI scheme.

    Wall Street turned everything upside down. Homeowners are renters who pass all their money to unknown “landlords” – including escrow money – with interest while maintain all properties at their own expense.

    Mortgages are not about lending money to home buyers, its about obtaining free services and free money with interest from people under glimpse of “repayment of debt” which did not exist from the origination.

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