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  1. Summer — did not say the boat story was rightly applied by government
    – they were wrong. Wall Street should not have been bailed out – they did not have to do. The bail-out caused devastation for the victims. They concealed. Logic was off. And they had to keep interest rates low because they were wrong and concealed. And, as to your other post — there are many types of investments tied to foreclosures. Who checks these judges financial interest?

  2. Anon,

    Your Boat example does not apply to Wall Street Banks.

    In America they save those who can DESTROY more people, so their belonging can be looted and distributed between the gang.

    The Government saved Wall Street owners – who repeatedly collapse American economy since they formed Federal Reserve in 1911 during a very secretive meeting between Sen. Aldrich, father in law to John Rockefeler, banker John P. Morgan who facilitated 1907 crash which helped to destroy his competitor Knickerboker Trust (compare to Lehman Brothers’ collapse in exactly the same way); Rockefellers and Rochchlds families, bankers Sachs, ect Same families, same conduct.

    Rockefellers own Chase and Citi; Morgans own JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley; and they control Federal Reserve as their common fund

    Based on history, they collapse American economy every 20 years, and every crash is accompanied by some “unrelated” natural disasters

    In 1918 it was flu pandemic

    In 1930th is was Great Depression when Franklin Roosevelt bailed out Federal Reserve owners with everyone’s gold.

    In 2001 it was terrorists attack on WTC (built under David Rockefeller’s leadership btw) when on American market was dumped unprecedented amount of money while everyone’s attention was diverted

    In 2019 when the Scheme collapsed, it was COVID which conveniently destroyed over 450,000 baby boomers who will not claim pensions stolen by Wall Street Banks owners

    American Government promotes the biggest slavery every existed- Wall Street owners collect money from people which they not loaned to them.

    Unpaid labor, tax-free revenues plus free homes on top of it,

  3. Wall Street’s scheme with “mortgages” without lending money and foreclosures without any debt – would not be be possible without FULL judicial support.

    These are JUDGES who broke and bend every law in the Country, including Bogus Settlement – who are zealous enablers to the biggest financial genocide in the Country.

    For example, crooked Judge Robert Senechalle in Chicago lied and criminally concealed material evidence from Court records to cover for Big Banks.

    Crooked Judge Patricia Spratt (wife of even more crooked Federal Appeal Court judge William Bauer) who paid $25,000 to convicted in bribes Isaak Carrothers for his aunt’s Judicial seat, deprive litigants from access to Courts and deny them due process and justice while she is so incompetent that cannot even recognize which case is in front of her.

    Crooked Judge John C. Curry (who lies to be a “corruption fighter”_) is known as very lenient to Big Banks. Curry also is not shy to deprive people from access to justice by threats and oppression.

    Crooked Judge John C. Griffin who was lying in my face and fixing cases for his parties of interest, found it to be “exciting opportunity” to handle 25,000 foreclosures per year as he said in the video posted below. Griffin, who first stole judicial seat from someone who is not as corrupt as Griffin, now serves as “Honorable Ret. MEDIATOR”

    Judge John Griffin Explains Judicial Elections

    Still surprised why your mediation is a circus?

  4. This is just peachy, and has been happening all across the country for over a decade. Bottom line is this — the government “bailed out” the “scheme” without investigation. The government “settled” for money that never even went to homeowners for help – (see CA and NJ) as required under those “settlements.” There should not have even been help to homeowners — the fraudulent “loans” should have been negated for —Simply – FRAUD. The government was sleeping. Well maybe not sleeping, maybe just covering up out of fear. And, the consequence goes on and on and on. With all coverups, there has to be scapegoats – which is the only justification for no criminal prosecution. THE BOAT Story — I tell it over and over as stuck in my head from decades ago. I never forgot it. Five people are in a boat, the boat is sinking. Only one person can be saved. Who is saved? The answer was – the person who can save MORE other people. The other 4 people are left to drown. We are the ones that drowned. The “more” others saved was by manipulation of interest rates for the economy and settlements that did nothing to fix the fraud. What goes up – must eventually come down. Matter of time. So those “others” – will soon cry. We already drowned. Not much else to lose – unless we keep going. Movements today to rightfully correct the wrongs of the long past. What about the wrongs of the more recent near past? Anyone discussing – other than here? I may have missed it.

  5. Shared the Bulldog site with others. . .

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